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What do parents dream about in the dream-books Tsvetkov, Medea, Esoteric

Dreams with parents — alive and deceased, all interpretations

For most people, parents are the most expensive people. Our first memories are connected with parents; they were the ones who taught us to live in this difficult world. These people gave us life, and took us by the hand along its quaint, winding roads.

These people can not appear in our dreams just because they are a very powerful and ambiguous symbol. Find out what the parents dream of, help the dream book and the restoration in memory of the details of night vision.

Night vision, in which the parents of the dreamer swore, symbolizes that in real life the dreamer, in order not to disturb the family idyll, does not express his opinion, does not defend his interests, adapting himself to the household.

Divorce parents — not the kindest sign of those that can be seen in a dream. He foreshadows a cardinal misunderstanding on the part of the environment to the person who saw him. If you avoid condemnable and generally controversial acts, such troubles will not happen.

A wonderful omen is a dream in which a person sees a parental wedding. It means that in reality the dreamer’s parents seem to be experiencing a second youth — they are happy, full of energy and love for each other.

A bad sign is a dream in which drunken parents appeared. Such a night vision speaks of the swagger and idleness of the dreamer, and also urges him to stop this way of life, to take himself in hand and be more practical.

Unpleasant omen — the parental home. It promises a bad news to the person who sees it, and it can also mean that the dreamer has forgotten about his family and devotes little time and attention to it.

In general, the deceased parents in a dream — surprisingly, a good sign. But as in all dreams, the interpretation of such a picture depends on its details:

  • If the deceased parents dreamed were in a bad mood — sad, sad, crying — this dream suggests that the dreamer is doing something wrong. And his wrong behavior upsets his relatives.
  • If the parents are happy and joyful, and at the same time they praise the dreamer, this means that he is on the right road, and only luck is in front of him.
  • Deceased parents, if in reality a sleeping person has recently lost them, do not foretell anything in their dreams — such dreams only express the dreamer’s melancholy and sadness.
  • For newlyweds to see the late parent in the night vision is an excellent omen: it indicates that the family approves the choice of the dreamer and gives his blessing. Also, such a dream promises a happy and long marriage.
  • The death of parents, oddly enough, is a good omen that promises them a long and happy life. Do not worry about them — will live to gray hair and die from old age, and not from a painful disease.

A good sign is a dream in which the parents of a sleeping person enjoy each other’s company. Such a picture portends positive changes in the dreamer’s personal life. If he is already a family man, a new, happy phase, full of support, love and understanding, will begin in his marital relationship.

If the young lady saw a night vision in which her parents gave her advice and admonitions, they should definitely listen to their words in a dream. Such dreams often become prophetic, and following the advice received leads to the happiest events.

A dream in which drunken parents swear, behave not in the best way, foreshadows the disease and weakening the body of a sleeping person. Parents dressed in black foreshadow the onset of the black line. In the period after such a dream, it is worth avoiding new people in your environment, dubious and suspicious situations.

If at the same time parents were sad, in mourning, it is worth being especially careful not to plunge into a difficult situation.

If the girl in her night vision are the parents of her former young man — the interpretation of sleep depends on the mood they have been in:

  • Kind and funny — a dream means that the separation has passed without undesirable consequences and negative emotions;
  • Evil and grumbling — in past relationships, many mistakes were made that a girl can repeat with a new partner;

For a young man, the parents of the former partner are also interpreted in two ways: if they were friendly with the young man — good luck expects him, but if they were angry with him — it’s worth to be wary of long-distance trips, business trips.

If you believe the interpretation, which leads this dream book, parents who died and appealing to the dreamer, predict incredible news. There is another version of the interpretation of sleep with parents — if you yourself became a father or a mother in a dream — the dream foreshadows the return of what has long been lost, whether it is material wealth or a project.

Parents, being in dreams, reflect those qualities that the dreamer learned from them. If relatives dreamed in a pleasant atmosphere and were calm and happy themselves — this is a good sign that promises well-being to a sleeping person. If deceased parents threatening the dreamer came to sleep, they do not approve of his behavior and warn him of worsening circumstances. Talk with deceased parents for support and help.

Parents symbolize the initial life situation. If the dreamed relatives were young and cheerful, this suggests that the dreamer initially received a lot. Sad and old relatives say that the launching pad of a sleeping person was not the best, but he still rises above the parents.

If the parents scold the dreamer — in reality he too cares about their opinions, if they praise him — he acts only of his own will, without listening to anyone’s advice.

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