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What do sneakers dream of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov?

Sneakers in a dream — especially the interpretation of different dream books

Many people do not part with sports shoes even in the summer season. This is explained not only by convenience, but rather by a lifestyle, an expression of one’s own individuality. What dreams sneakers, we learn in the verified dream books.

Sneakers in a dream is a symbol of movement, dynamics, drive, positive energy, health. Since antiquity, only rich, free people could afford shoes. The slave went barefoot. So it is also the main symbol of freedom.

The dreamer is waiting for positive moments in life if the shoes in the dream were expensive, beautiful, well-groomed, and you were comfortable enough in them. This is a sign that, perhaps, you are waiting for events related to the relocation, with the change of work, place of residence. In any case, the sleeper is expected to develop forward, to new heights and victories.

A negative interpretation awaits those who have seen dirty, tattered or torn sneakers. So you should expect and prepare for a series of troubles that will bring instability and discomfort to the life of the dreamer. Wear children’s shoes in a dream — to be infantile or get into a situation that does not correspond to the age and position of the sleeper.

All shoes, including sports shoes — is the embodiment of the feminine, as well as female genital organs. The leg in this case is a phallic symbol. Foot in the shoes — a sign of intercourse between men and women. If the sneakers fit you — in reality you have complete satisfaction from having sex with your beloved.

Feel that the sneaker is great for you — doubt your own attractiveness, sexuality. You are driven by self-doubt, fear and fear of intimacy. Shoes shakes you and rubs in a dream — it means your relationship with a partner has become a burden for you, anguish and torture. But you can not decide to put an end to the relationship, in the hope that you can still make a difference.

The woman dreamed of wetting sneakers — a sign that there is a high probability of an unplanned pregnancy, which she is very afraid of. Man find a nail in the sole — do not get pleasure from intimacy. Ran into full swing in the mud — there is a risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Security measures should be strengthened and sex reduced to stable consistency with one partner.

Looking for sports shoes in a store for a long time means seriously choosing a life partner. You are not interested in frivolous, disposable sex. For you, feelings and reciprocity are important. Wipe sneakers in a dream — to be satisfied with the intimate sphere of life. You are completely satisfied with the partner, and you are not looking for connections on the side.

A man dreamed of how quickly he jumped into sneakers without stringing them up — he needs a quick sexual discharge. In this case, sex is perceived as an attempt to get rid of everyday tension, stress, emotional discomfort.

For a woman, such a vision reflects her unwillingness to have close ties with men. The dreamer is used to self-satisfaction and masturbation. The reason for indifference to the male sex may be the desire to dominate and control the situation in bed.

For those who have been married for a long time, worn out old sneakers in a dream is a hint that the couple has cooled to each other and it needs a pause in family relationships. It is not surprising if at the same time you dream of buying many new pairs in a shoe boutique — it means that you have been searching for new sensations and emotions for a long time.

Beautiful, expensive sneakers dream of big profits and new achievements. To run and feel comfort, freedom and ease in a dream means to believe in the infinity of one’s capabilities, increase self-esteem and set ambitious goals. Your ambitions and assertiveness can affect your competitors’ position. They will look for ways of cooperation and partnership with a strong rival in your face.

To dirty your feet with dirt during your morning run is a sign that you have people in your team who are ready to betray at any favorable moment. It was possible to quickly clear the boots — in time you will get rid of traitors in the close circle and avoid major troubles.

Choose, try on and buy new accessories and shoes for sports — to prepare a large project that will become a promising basis for the future source of income. The more careful the approach to detail, the more carefully you will treat all the nuances of a new business.

They dreamed about their sneakers on another person — a bad omen for those who are in love and confident in reciprocity. Your partner will let you down and disappoint you, showing your indifference and coldness. The sooner get rid of this connection, the less suffer and pain.

Career growth and pay rises promise a dream where you shoe and lace a new pair. A man promises a successful take-off in the business sphere, a woman also has new victories on the love front.

Losing your favorite pair of shoes in a dream — in reality threatens with loneliness or parting with your loved one. The reason for such trouble can be not only a rival, but also personal misunderstandings of each other. Perhaps you rushed to divorce and in the relationship remained some understatement.

Dreamed sneakers that are smaller in size and bring discomfort — it speaks of your overconfidence and levity in making serious decisions. It requires more balance and seriousness in pressing issues, otherwise the opinion of others about you will be like a very close and empty person.

Lost your lace up sneakers and fell — sleep indicates your absent-mindedness and inattention, which has a very negative effect on career prospects and income growth. This may cause ridicule and censure of your actions by colleagues and management.

Dear brand sneakers in a dream — a symbol of respectability, self-sufficiency and success. Running in such shoes in an unknown direction means feeling thirst for traveling, overcoming new obstacles.

For the dreamer, such a plot promises in the near future a high degree of concentration, self-reliance, and optimism. You are at the peak of your performance, activity. Health will glow with energy, and therefore it is necessary to act for the benefit of future prosperity and well-being.

Remove and throw boots, which left corns on the legs — it means time to move away from unwanted environments. It contributed to the emergence of bad habits and addictions. The sole exfoliates in a dream — beware of getting into trouble with those whom you sincerely trust.

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