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What do the spoons dream of in Miller, Freud, Hasse, Longo

Spoons in a dream — what it can mean, we interpret according to dream books

In dreams, all objects, phenomena and creatures have their own symbolic meaning. Even ordinary cutlery, seen in a dream, can tell something about a person’s subconscious or his fate. The question of what spoons are dreamed about is quite appropriate, and, oddly enough, every dream book gives many answers to it. Analysis of the details of sleep will help you to choose the correct interpretation of your night vision.

According to the basic interpretation, seeing the spoons in your dream is a good sign: it foreshadows the dreamer a comfortable home, material stability and well-being in the family, peace of mind and tranquility.

Such an interpretation is valid in the case when the cutlery seen in the dream was whole, in good condition and pleasant to look at. If the spoons were unsightly, the value of sleep also becomes unfavorable. Dirty, broken, bent, or holey spoons warn the dreamer about unpleasantness and difficult situations.

If a sleeping person in his dream feeds a baby with a spoon, this is a symbol of the need for a permanent solution of everyday tasks. A person who observes such a night vision successfully copes with taking care of himself, loved ones and other household chores.

To dream of spoons with a set of forks is not the most favorable omen, foreshadowing unexpected troubles for the person who saw him. Problems can appear both in the environment and in close family circle.

A dream in which a person has to wash cutlery, means correcting the mistakes of the past in reality, and not only your own. Their consequences can be destructive. Only perseverance and willpower will help to return to a calm rut of life.

For lovers, a dream in which two teaspoons were seen promises well-being, long and happy romantically relationships with wonderful prospects. It is possible that soon they will have a joint family life.

A dreamed teaspoon can symbolize the dreamer’s great ability to enjoy even the smallest joyful events. A person who has seen such a dream is able to admire the natural beauty and enjoy simple human communication, which allows him to live happily.

If the cutlery, dreamed of the dreamer, were very small — such a dream foreshadows family replenishment. According to another version, such a dream is the personification of the ability of a sleeping person to manage even small material goods wisely.

Watching in a dream a tablespoon — in reality have a deserving hospitality. Also, such a dream may portend unexpected guests or the appearance of parasites, ready to sit on the neck.

See a lot of spoons — to a beautiful life, devoid of problems, troubles and shocks. The ideal time to implement the old ideas. Right now you can not worry about the future and not look back.

Treatment of spoon material

The interpretation of night vision largely depends on the material in which the spoons were carried out in a dream. Wood, black and precious non-ferrous metals — everything has its sacred significance.

  • A wooden spoon speaks of the inability of the dreamer to match his objective capabilities with desires. He also talks about greed, indecision.
  • Tea cutlery, made in gold, is a good omen, predicting the person who saw it, luck, well-being, improvement of the material condition. There may be pleasant surprises in other areas of life.
  • A silver spoon dreams of a sudden invitation to a grand celebration, of crucial importance to the dreamer. Do not miss the opportunity to acquire useful influential acquaintances.
  • Aluminum or iron spoon symbolizes a quiet life period, without problems and turmoil.

To see a spoon in your dream is a good omen, foretelling satisfaction to the dreamer in the course of everyday affairs. If the cutlery in the night vision was lost by the dreamer — in reality he would be suspected of dishonest deeds, bad intentions. Stealing a spoon — in real life is not the best way to treat close, home people. They may experience discomfort due to the dreamer’s extreme nagging. Dirty spoons predict deception.

According to the dream-book developed by the famous psychoanalyst, spoons are a phallic symbol, as their length exceeds the diameter. This cutlery, appearing in a dream, symbolizes dissatisfaction with the sexual life.

The interpretation here depends on the state of the spoon: clean cutlery speaks of abundantly accumulated sexual energy.

A cutlery falling to the floor foreshadows the exposure of the secret carefully kept by the dreamer. A few spoons — foreshadowing, predicting a disease. Let it not be too heavy, it’s still worth taking care of your immune system.

If a sleeping person in his night vision had a chance to break an aluminum spoon, then in reality it is depressed by the long-term preservation of the secret, which he longs for, but cannot share with anyone out of any fear.

Such dreams, according to this dream book, speak of wealth and prosperity — a person who has dreamed a dream with a spoon will never experience need.

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