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What does pike dream about in dream books and interpretations of basic values?

Pike is a strong, intelligent and predatory fish, rather aggressive, the main predator in freshwaters of the middle zone. Legends speak of huge pikes, almost the size of a crocodile.

Middle and small pike are caught on a lure, the old fish is difficult to catch and it does not represent a gastronomic interest.

Ancient pikes appear in fairy tales, they speak, fulfill wishes and become a real luck talisman. Traditionally, pike in a dream means luck, luck, wish-fulfillment, an incredibly favorable set of circumstances.

Find out why pike dreams in dream books.

What does pike dream about in dream books and interpretations of basic values?

Basic interpretation of sleep

  • The interpretation of sleep depends on whose side you are on. If you catch a pike in a dream, you fish or take it out of the net — the dream promises rich prey.
  • Brilliant, sparkling scales in a toothy fish — get ready for a business confrontation with a strong, intelligent and domineering woman.
  • Caught fish without hard scales — the probability of the disease is high. This is a sign of reducing the natural defenses of the body. Relax, go wellness procedures, allocate enough time to sleep.
  • To catch predatory fish in clear, transparent water, to watch the pike hunt for small fish — you are sickened by pragmatism, you want to do something exclusively for the soul, obeying only the voice of the heart. You really get a lot of fun, but you can hardly create a sufficient food base. Review your attitude to work and add sanity, calculate depreciation costs for equipment and ignore outside help in calculations — this will be a real look.
  • Cooking fish soup, burgers, stuffed fish, chops — a lot of work related to sales, a lot of trouble, but also a good profit.
  • Spawn caviar — the groundwork for the future.
  • To taste tender pike caviar — you know a lot about pleasures, and soon there will be an opportunity to expand your knowledge in this area.
  • To see an ancient fish in its natural habitat — great luck is quite possible, but you will have to make every effort. It is possible that your enemies will fall victim to their own cunning.
  • Ear by the fire, in a pleasant company, means the successful completion of a complex business.
  • To hunt and fish in a mixed company of strangers — to disputes and quarrels over the division of prey. There is a risk of conflict with management.
  • Ear, but at home, pike dishes, meatballs mean a strong emotional pressure. Difficult environment requires firmness and diplomacy. Try not to succumb to and not agree to unfavorable conditions, but at the same time try to refrain from sharpness and not offend anyone.
  • Beautifully decorated fish on a large dish — to a good period of luck.
  • To swim in the river and fear that a toothy predator will grab the leg — things are bad, enemies and detractors are all around. If the fish managed to bite the finger — be careful, avoid provocations.
  • To fish and not to catch is not to do your own thing. Catch a pike in an unexpected place — in the well, in your own bathroom or in the sink — to fantastic luck, contrary to any common sense.
  • Baubles caught on snag, you have to dive — to great danger and undue risk.
  • Cut off the spoon — to a serious loss.
  • The fish tore their gear and swam away — to the complete collapse of thoughtful plans. This is a sign to think over all over again and find weaknesses, to provide for possible replacements. The idea itself is good, but you also need to catch prey.
  • If a fish has a huge mouth with large teeth and a small skinny body, it is better to abandon the plan. There are many dangers, but almost no sense.
  • Pike tails in its backwater — a warning. You enter a foreign territory with someone else’s rules. Behave politely.

What does pike dream about in dream books and interpretations of basic values?

Opinion of authoritative interpreters

  • Dream Aesop recommends to listen to the useful advice received from knowledgeable people. Less talk with strangers about your affairs and family.
  • Dream Interpretation Longo promises complete success and the absence of meaningful competition. You can frolic in the new field of activity, like a young pike among roach in a backwater.
  • Dream Vanga predicts that catching a big pike means a complete victory. If the fish speaks like in a fairy tale, you should not listen to her words in a dream, but it is very desirable to take note of good advice from the outside.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation treats the dream as follows — this is a man who, in his youth, was unlucky in love, but in adulthood there is no end of beauties who find him unusually beautiful and interesting. It is quite possible a novel in which a powerful person in reality will show himself extremely vulnerable and even ready to take a subordinate position.
  • A female dream book promises complete female happiness, consisting in business success and absolute family well-being. In addition to happiness, you will have a pretty clever girl. Pike in a dream is a dream, especially favorable for women with good business acumen. Such a dream promises women good luck in everything they do, except for winning the sympathies of those around them and envious people.

What does pike dream about in dream books and interpretations of basic values?


To see a pike in a dream is generally a good sign, associated mainly with business activity, as befits a predatory fish. You will need a good grip, strength, patience and dexterity to get your difficult prey. Sleep especially favors women.

To please pike and lure good luck, wear some shiny jewelry or sparkling accessory for the next week. Something predatory, made of genuine leather, is perfect.

What does pike dream about in dream books and interpretations of basic values?

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