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What does the child dream about in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Lofa

For many people, life changes dramatically with the appearance of a child in the family. We become not only happier, more cheerful, but also more responsible.

Why dream of a child, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

A child in a dream can become a very symbolic sign to those who are striving for change, trying to change their character, achieve success, embodying new ideas. A small child may reflect the character of the dreamer: modesty, shyness, naivety, helplessness.

What does the child dream about in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Lofa

Children are the personification of our true experiences, thoughts, emotions. This is the moment when we quickly begin to distinguish between good and evil, to fear what is really to be feared.

To feel like a baby in a dream means to be aware of your weakness, confusion, professional inexperience.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

A child in dreams personifies the genitals. I dreamed how to babysit with a baby — in reality you have a tendency to self-satisfaction. A crying or laughing child symbolizes orgasm.

Happy and ruddy guys around you point to pep and respect for their health in reality.

To save a child from the threat of life means to mature for a serious relationship and create a family. The kid in this case shows the natural desire to have heirs.

Gustov Miller

A beautiful, joyful and happy child in dreams is a symbol of goodness, love and prosperity. A good sign for the dreamer, aspiring to a life full of events.

This means that there is a goal for self-realization, to prove what you really stand and deserve. Through this approach, you will achieve a lot and will be rewarded by fate for work and diligence.

What does the child dream about in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Lofa

There was a teenager walking around on his own — in reality, this is a reflection of your stubborn and independent temper. You hold only your own opinion and do not draw conclusions about people or situations on the basis of someone’s gossip and loud statements.

To care for your own child, who has a little cold — in reality, the troubles will be in small trouble, which your own child will prepare. At the same time, his state of health will be strong and vigorous.

Weeping offsprings personify troubles and sorrows.

A series of adversities can comprehend the whole family. If you see a child seriously ill, this is a sign of a real threat to your heir.

It is necessary to spend the maximum amount of time with him, then it will be possible to remove the danger in time.

Play intellectual or active games with your son — to achieve high results in your career or professional sports. For a woman, such a dream can mean deception and hypocrisy of the one whom she trusted for a long time. To take a child in his hands, who has a high fever — to mental suffering and moral trauma.

The higher the temperature on the thermometer, the longer the stressful situation that you cannot influence will last.

Children surrounded in a dream — get ready to solve serious problems that will require a lot of strength, patience and time. To realize oneself as a baby — to gain real glory for oneself the fame of a frivolous person who is not used to taking responsibility for his actions.

Such behavior can provoke disrespect from others.

To them, you will appear to be a small person, incapable of a successful, independent life.

Dreamed a lot of crying children — a sign of danger on a global scale. This threatens a man-made disaster, various natural disasters and the outbreak of war between states.

Disabled and mentally retarded children in a dream personify the bad habits and the addictions of the dreamer, which significantly affect not only his health, but also the morale of others.

Seeing sadness and grief in the eyes of your own offspring is to abuse excessive pressure and influence on them. They are depressed because they cannot take independent steps without your reproaches and remarks. Criticism should always be relevant, cautious and delicate.

Otherwise, she will discourage the desire to fully develop and be happy.

The search for children in the forest speaks of confusion in life. The dreamer is in a difficult situation and cannot make the right decision to avoid adverse consequences.

The way out of this situation can be quite close.

Reach out to your intuition, experience and common sense.

Playing with a child, going through different board games, means looking for a job that you like. You are absolutely not satisfied with the existing source of income. He does not bring you moral satisfaction and decent reward.

Such a dream speaks to people of creative professions about spiritual crisis, the search for ideas, inspiration.

What does the child dream about in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Lofa


Positive interpretation is reduced to the appearance of the child. The more cheerful and happier the baby, the greater the chance of success and prosperity.

To dream of a dirty, thin child in the arms of a fallen woman is a sign that you are driven not by love and creation, but by a craving for enrichment and consumption. This situation can be corrected only by a meeting that will be fatal for you.

You can drastically change the worldview, values ​​and approach to life.

Watching the game of a healthy and smiling tomboy is a happy omen. On Earth, a favorable time for peace and quiet will come, in most countries hunger, poverty and epidemics will recede.

People will forget about the war and start thinking about offspring. A child running barefoot on the ground personifies the renewal of all living things, a new generation of humanity.

Felt in the dream of yourself as a child — this suggests that you come to the point where you should reconsider your view of certain things. It is time to think, feel and do otherwise.

Lost and looking for a way out — try to gain faith and hope in your own strength.

David loff

For women of childbearing age, dreams of children are a reminder of maternal debt. This may reflect the period when you are required to take care and attention to loved ones, relatives.

Such a plot to sexually active men is a harbinger of all kinds of unrest and anxiety associated with paternal obligations.

A child in a dream is the embodiment of our experiences, a heightened sense of justice, fear. On such days, a revaluation of values, enlightenment, may begin.

To see oneself as a small and defenseless creature is to experience power and pressure from an authoritarian personality.

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