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What dream wasp for dream books and basic values

In order to understand why a wasp is dreaming, let us examine the properties of the insect and the characteristics of its behavior. Wasps do not bring benefits to man, they are considered pests, they are annoying and vengeful, persistent, adore sweets and alcohol.

The wasp is a predator, even the larvae of the wasp are predators. The bite is extremely painful, the insect secretes a powerful neurotoxin, which in nature paralyzes the victim and causes severe pain. In addition to the sting in the tail, the wasp can bite and just powerful jaws.

Wasps love to build nests near human dwellings, in attics, under roofs.

They can arrange a nest in an empty room, in the closet. There are cases when insects arranged a nest under the hood of a car.

For primary construction it takes only a few hours. Disturb the hornet’s nest — guaranteed to become a victim of an attack.

To get rid of the wasp nest in the house you need to call pest control with special equipment.

In areas of biting pests poison cyanide — only this deadly poison can harm them.

In general, the appearance of a wasp means serious aggression.

Someone warlike tends to hurt you, take away your sweet tea or beer, make a nest in your bed. Due to the frenzied activity, indestructibility, fearlessness, your tiny opponent has quite good chances.

What dream wasp for dream books and basic values

What does a wasp mean in a dream by common meanings

  • Human interaction with wasps is limited to only several forms — attack, flight, attempt to outwit the wasp, nest attack, wasp hounding, wasp bite, bite treatment.
  • If wasps in a dream attack you — this is a reason to maximize caution, do not trust anyone. It is quite possible that the security service is investigating you, and it would be better if your documents were in order. Do not fuss, do not twitch, proceed carefully, quickly, carefully, without unnecessary talk, pick up all possible tails and inconsistencies.
  • Attack of insects on a neighbor — another person becomes the object of attacks. Assess the degree of danger before engaging in protection. The attack of the wasps is not the attack of the snails, most people will happily assign you the role of a target and step aside.
  • Someone is trying to redirect the attack in your direction — they are trying to blame other people’s misfortunes, problems, deficiencies.
  • You just see an insect that is busy with its affairs. For example, peacefully crawling on your window sill, reflecting on where you hid the jam. Such a dream means danger, a hidden threat. If you do not immediately take the most stringent measures — soon you will face the extremely unpleasant consequences of this seemingly peaceful and harmless invasion.
  • If a wasp bites you in a dream — you will have hard experiences. To treat a bite, to pull out a sting, to put compresses means resignation to fate. If you do not wish to be treated, get angry and keep moving, despite injuries and burning pain — you are persistent in your opinion. You have a good chance of winning.

What dream wasp for dream books and basic values

What dream wasp for dream books

  • Dream Miller pays special attention to the wasps, who are ruthless to your enemies. And to colleagues, if they tag to your place, or to the place that you would like to occupy. If in a dream you see the attack of insects on your enemies and envious — your position will be strengthened. But sincere friends and sympathizers will be less. If an insect bites you, you will have to become a victim. Do not forget about the extreme selfishness of the insect. There is no benefit from it, and the poison is very active. Allergies can even develop to specific toxins, bites in the tongue, and the larynx can sometimes be fatal due to a strong swelling of the tissues.
  • A swarm flying past warns you of the danger of your position. If you stay in the same place — you are in danger. Get moving. And preferably vigorously.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation treats the wasp and the desire to destroy it with fear of new relationships. You can not decide on the contact, because you are afraid of injury, are not willing to trust people. Potential partners seem to you poisonous and annoying insects who are looking for how to harm you. The second interpretation of the insect bite, Freud considers the hidden desire for homosexual communication. Fear transforms into bite sensations.
  • An Asian dream book believes that wasps are a kind of instrument of divine justice and are necessary for the direction of fools. The skin of fools and stubborn people is thick, for their admonition requires radical measures, but so far without self-harm. It is assumed that the person who saw the terrible warning in a dream will be filled with gratitude and understanding and will refuse the chosen destructive path. The battle with insects looks ridiculous and obviously losing. Even Jackie Chan will lose to a targeted swarm of angry wasps. In a dream, this means the futility and danger of decisions made.
  • Dream Wanga with great approval for the destruction of insect nests. In her opinion, this means eliminating the causes of conflict and promotes peace and tranquility. Bites mean trouble.

What dream wasp for dream books and basic values


To see a wasp in a dream is to see a dangerous and implacable enemy. Sleep deciphers the details of the behavior of the enemies — are they ready to attack. The appearance of a wasp in a dream is already a bad sign, but also a warning that you have invaded a foreign territory or violated someone else’s interests or have resources that detractors would like to seize.

An unpleasant feature of the wasps is their fearlessness, like most insects. The wasp will gladly sacrifice life for the pleasure of stinging you.

This feature must be remembered before getting involved in martial arts.

What dream wasp for dream books and basic values

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