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What dreams about the head of the dream books of Freud and Miller

The work itself and the boss for the dream book is of no interest. Much more important is the plot of the dream itself, with the participation of its leader. Therefore, before you start looking for information in snolocovateli, it is necessary to recall the dream in detail and detail, associate it with moments occurring in real life, and then answer your question: “What is the dream of the boss?”

What dreams about the head of the dream books of Freud and Miller

Conversation with the boss

Dream interpretation give different interpretations of this dream. One interpretation states that the dreamer may encounter great difficulties at work.

If he does not cope, then he will fall heavily in the eyes of his leadership. But if the obstacles can be overcome, then an increase is inevitable.

The second interpretation of this dream is a long trip.

The head is scolding you

This dream symbolizes serious problems. But they can be associated not only with work.

This may be a problem in the family, your feelings about your social status and more. But at the same time, dream books mark you a slight increase in salary, if you saw this image in a dream.

Chief is crying

Such a very strange dream shows that in the near future you will take his place. But that option is not excluded that the manager himself will simply be transferred to a higher position, or he will retire. This is not the worst outcome for both of you if you respect your boss.

The same outcome of events awaits you if in a dream the boss is presented in the image of a sick or tired person.

Naked leader

This dream is often seen by people who have just settled into a new workplace. It means that subconsciously the dreamer feels superfluous in the work collective, and the feeling of awkwardness is similar to how to see his boss completely without clothes.

This image is strengthened several times, if you had sex in night dreams with your leader.

But also this image can personify your desire to achieve career success by all means. Dream books advise not to rush, otherwise the rush can go to the detriment of the dreamer and his career.

Everything has its time.

Cuddle with the boss

There are several strong competitors at work who can either try to encroach on your place, or those with whom you will need to fight for a promotion. Such people can take advantage of your kindness and naivety, so you should always be on the alert and not disclose your soul to everyone in a row.

Another interpretation of this image: hug the head in a dream — to the fulfillment of desires in real life.

The boss kisses you

This dream does not mean anything good. It portends a severe reprimand or even dismissal. Dream Interpretation recommends avoiding controversy and being more compliant.

And also to adequately assess your ambitions and not to undertake the work impossible for you.

Love affair with the boss

Such a dream comes workaholics. It is necessary to allocate a lot of time to rest and to communicate with their loved ones.

After all, excessive love for work leads to health problems.

Drunk leader

If you happen to see your boss drunk in night dreams, then subconsciously you feel superior, and you may also have a considerable influence on the leader in the future.

Such a dream marks the speedy rise of the career ladder.

Boss pesters

Such a dream is often a dream for women, who in real life see not only their boss, but also a successful attractive man. Sometimes sympathy can be mutual and give rise to a strong love affair.

Chief died

Many people would certainly like this to happen in reality, but this is unlikely to happen. And this image is exactly what it carries: you have a complicated relationship with your boss and team. Sometimes there is no choice but to be fired.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to defuse the situation in the workplace, and among the new team and in subordination to another leader, you can achieve considerable success in your career.

Head office

This dream marks a career success. Of course, you should not qualify for the workplace of your boss, but in the near future your salary will definitely increase.

I dreamed of a new boss

If there was no old boss at your workplace in your dream, but someone else was in his place, then in the near future a lot of responsibilities will fall on you.

Your future career growth will depend on how well this work is done.

See the boss in a dream myself

This dream symbolizes your ambitions. With high-quality and conscientious work, you will be able to fully realize what you see in a dream.

What dreams about the head of the dream books of Freud and Miller

Dream Interpretation: chief — Miller’s interpretation

  • To dream of a boss in a dream is a dreamer in search of a reliable and long romantic relationship. It symbolizes that he is tired of freedom;
  • If, in a dream, the leadership entrusted you with an important assignment, then in reality you will achieve success, both in your career and in a love relationship.

Dream Interpretation: Head — Freud’s interpretation

  • For a girl, this dream is a symbol of the fact that in her leader she sees a potential sexual partner;
  • For a man, you see in your boss a strong competitor, a willingness to compete with him for a place under the sun.

What dreams about the head of the dream books of Freud and Miller

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