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What dreams about the jewels of the dream books of Vanga, Miller and the Hasse medium

A shiny bracelet, necklace or ring in a dream always pleasantly surprises both the dreamer and the man. The jewels, which undoubtedly pleased you, should surely immediately be remembered.

Try not to forget the details of the dream, remember the distinctive features of the decoration.

The decoration does not always foreshadow the wealth and human viability. It is advisable to recall the type of decoration and what actions you performed with a wonder before making rash conclusions about it.

Jewels in a dream men mark a promotion and honor, to see jewels in a dream for a girl, basically, means to get a tempting offer.

What dreams about the jewels of the dream books of Vanga, Miller and the Hasse medium

Specific cases, the interpretation of a certain type of sleep with the decoration

What dreams a precious wonder from sleep to sleep, depending on the situation, the dream book will give you the answers:

  • Jewelry with stones. Large, shining stones on your precious gift signify prospects at work. Only by taking a difficult step will you be able to grab that crane in the sky that promises you this dream;
  • Silver jewels. Silver predicts the dreamer longevity and strength of spirit. In many cults, silver and silver color are associated with evil spirits, and more specifically with protection from evil spells;
  • Expensive gold ring. Yes, dear reader, the cherished ring means exactly what you thought — marriage. Perhaps the hand and heart will be offered to your loved one, friend, acquaintance;
  • Dear ring. The ring in a dream is a symbol of the authority and influence that you have been seeking for so long;
  • Necklaces. Dream interpretation ambiguously interpret this dream, in which the dreamer receives a decoration on the neck. Most likely you are climbing out of your skin, in order to please someone from your environment, which does not lead to success. The second probable message of your subconscious is some kind of problem or feeling of guilt that prevents you from going higher. It entangles you like a jewel on your neck;
  • A whole box of jewels. In the jewel box there are hidden the dreamer’s values. If you managed to get (or just see in it) paired jewelry from the box: wedding rings, earrings, two bracelets, then the family hearth is what you truly want. If ordinary values ​​are lying in the box, then you are absolutely not inclined to start a family and pay more attention to your own needs and ambitions;

What dreams about the jewels of the dream books of Vanga, Miller and the Hasse medium

Now the dreamer needs to remember what actions you performed in your dream with the decoration found. The jewels themselves can tell a lot, but the interpretation can change drastically with these details:

  • Trying jewelry in a dream. Trying on a ring, a ring, necklaces and any jewelry in most cases symbolizes envy of someone. Also, you often pursue selfish goals while communicating with the opposite sex;
  • Buying jewelry. They did not give you jewelry, and you did not find them on the street — you honestly bought them. In reality, you do not often can find the strength to deny yourself the purchase of another bling, do not be embarrassed. A man who bought jewels should keep himself in hand, since discord with the second half or in family matters is quite possible;
  • Fake. Fake jewelry predicts getting a knife in the back. It may well be that you are blatantly lying and shamelessly hiding it, which is what the subconsciousness warns in such a dream;
  • Choose a jewel in a dream. If you just walked back and forth, choosing a beautiful trinket and not buying, then you go to success. Sleep symbolizes harmony and material wealth;
  • Found jewelry predicts you meet with the love of his life. Young girls will meet a rich and wealthy boyfriend. For dream-men who find jewels, such a dream foreshadows promotion and material well-being;
  • Communicate with the jeweler. Your friends are mostly cold with you, disingenuous. You should turn your attention to another company — perhaps your attention is already sought.
  • Collecting jewels or a great find. Collect jewelry in a dream or accidentally stumble upon a huge number of them in a dream, predicting that you will make frivolous acts that will not give you peace of mind;
  • You have inherited the jewels. Your wealth will be one level higher, which, however, will not make you happy;
  • See the jewels on yourself in the mirror. You will satisfy ambition and most likely receive a promotion;
  • Get the jewel as a gift. You will receive a tempting offer or you may be deceived. It should be careful;
  • The jewel sits perfectly on your friend. To see jewelry on a loved one is a sure sign that you will receive news from him, a dreamer can be put before some fact and he will have to make a choice;

What dreams about the jewels of the dream books of Vanga, Miller and the Hasse medium

Interpretation on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Prince Zhou-Gong and others

  1. According to Miller, a dream with jewels is always a threat to your position. Whether it is a tempting offer or secretive deception. The subconscious, according to Miller, advises you to be more careful and reminds: «All is not gold that glitters»;
  2. To dream jewels in the dream book of the Bulgarian healer Vanga to tears and bitterness. However, if you find jewelry in a dream, you will see a stunning success. These are completely different portents.
  3. Zhou Gong, a Chinese colleague of the two first interpreters of dreams, warns that everything, except for sleeping with a full cup (box) of jewelry, leads to wealth, elevation of rank, acquaintances and the birth of children. However, a complete jewel box signifies squabble, quarrel, or even a radical coup in a small group;
  4. Dream interpretation Denise Lynn. Any jewel according to the dream book Denise, which you will see in a dream, will bring you a favorable effect in the future. Most often, recovery and deliverance from the disease;
  5. Noble types of jewelry are not described in the noble dream book of Grishina; there are only two outcomes of your meeting — to lose or get a jewel. Receiving the jewel signifies love and happiness, harmony with oneself. The loss of jewels leads to the loss of a loved one, wealth and happiness;
  6. Dream Zedkielya. Sleeping with ornaments always leads to the increase of wealth and wealth. You will be favored by success on business trips and trips abroad, merchants may not be afraid for the success of transactions, if they have dreamed of a precious decoration;
  7. And finally, the dream book Meneghetti. The interpretation of the Italian dream book is very different — false values ​​have entangled you and you need to think about your place in life, values ​​and plans.

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