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What dreams long hair — interpretation of the dream

Girls often face one interesting situation: why dream of long hair? Various dream books and interpreters explain these dreams differently and it all comes down to the fact that it is necessary to take into account many aspects that influence the final conclusion.

In this article we have collected for you the most accurate interpretation of dreams about long hair. Carefully familiarize yourself with all sorts of variations and characteristics of such dreams, and you can get the most accurate prediction that was transmitted to you in an encrypted form by your subconscious mind.

Try to remember your dream in detail, so as not to miss important details and not distort the omen given to you. Using the information received from our article you can protect yourself from mistakes and troubles and change your life for the better.

Female dream book: long shiny hair in a dream

Comb long and thick hair — to frivolous acts. If they fall out at the same time, then you will soon repent of your mistakes and regret your deed.

  • If you saw long hair in a dream, admired it and stroked it, then this is a real sign of change with positive dynamics on a personal front.

Long curls in a beautiful high hairstyle in a dream symbolize a successful course of affairs. Soft and gentle, but very long, which are pushed in a dream — a sign of a happy and kind life.

Such a dream is a rarity, if you had a dream, you should not tell anyone about it.

  • Long, but gray in a dream warns us that in real life we ​​should expect unpleasant news. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream

Interpretation from Gypsies

If the hair in a dream to the waist is beautiful and curly, then this is a good sign, a precursor of an emergency road or a journey, but not for business, but for rest, that is, the trip will be entertaining.

Combed long hair in a dream — this means that in reality you have a friend who you can trust, he will not let you down. If the hair is not combed, with split ends, then do not avoid a quarrel with a close friend, maybe you even quarrel with him forever.

  • For a man to have a long head of hair in a dream means to lose heart or to be deceived, to be timid when dealing with a female.
  • To dream that long hairs fall out of one’s head, one by one, hair falls out in a dream — this is bad. Expect financial losses, setbacks associated with exhaustion.
  • Long gray hair means an approaching ailment.

Dream Aesop

  • Long, beautiful hair falling from the shoulders is a strong symbol that cannot be ignored if you see it in a dream.
  • Dreamed straight hair — good news. Curly hair and wavy strands do not carry anything good and are interpreted by the writer as a violent manifestation of energy.
  • If a girl came to her in a dream, her hair grows and it can be seen with the naked eye, then, unfortunately, the dreams and goals that you have planned yourself cannot come true. Perhaps you should dream of something more affordable.

A little girl, who weave braids, knowingly came to your sleep. This is a symbol of your care for children, most likely, at this stage of life, you make long-term plans. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream

The dream of psychologist Meneghetti

Beautiful and long curls symbolize grandeur, grace and attractiveness. But if in a dream you see dirty curls, dandruff or lice, then you should get rid of negative thoughts, let out stagnant energy.

The psychologist also called such dreams a sign of empty eroticism.

In a dream, losing long hair is a sure sign that health is gradually leaving you.

Dream Miller

Long hair on the body and head is a sign that the one who has been offended at you before will be able to find strength and forgive you.

  • The hairy body, under the arms and in the groin, which the woman sees in her dream became a sign that she would lead an inappropriate lifestyle.
  • Golden strands — your favorite person will be able to protect your honor and dignity. Red hair — changes in personal life. Chestnut prieska — in the career will change.
  • Flowers in long hair — to the coming troubles, but the dreamer can be transferred quietly. If a boy or girl sees his parents with long hair — a sign of long years and a happy life. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream


The correct interpretation of such a dream may be different:

  1. Hair is a symbol of vitality, energy, power of thought and masculinity. Curls on the head symbolize the higher forces and inspiration, while the wool on the body personifies the lower forces of mind and body. Hair, in a dream beautifully framing the human head, means the basis of symbolism, i.e. your wisdom and vitality. In the religion of many nations are considered the accumulator of cosmic energy that feeds the human head, and curls growing on the crown were considered to be the center of concentration of his life force. It is believed that the soul dwells there.
  2. If they are taken down by a woman, then the meaning is different. Since ancient times, the curls, loose on the shoulders, expressed the sexual appeal of a free woman, and those hidden under a headscarf or other headgear — modesty befitting a married woman. Therefore, if you dream of long and loose hair — you want love and are ready to openly show your sexuality.
  3. Color — you should pay attention to such a dream only if the color in the dream was different from your own. Red color speaks about deception and insidious plans, warns that you should not trust the people around you too much.
  4. Gray hair color in the dream book dreams of poor health, unpleasant gossip about you.
  5. Light color dreams of wealth and prosperity.
  6. Brown hair emphasizes the nobility of your character
  7. The unusual color to see in a dream suggests that in the near future you will have the opportunity to declare yourself.
  8. The hair on your legs is dreaming of a long trip. For a girl, such a dream means that in a relationship with her husband she will be the leader and will command everything in the family. On your feet — if you are known for your high self-esteem, then this dream warns you that your business reputation may suffer. Do not be rash. Long, black, noticeable hair on the legs of a girl in a dream means that in reality she will become a victim of someone’s mockery and evil jokes.
  9. What dreams you have where you cut your hair — to disappointment and loss, to cut off the hair of someone in a dream — to big profits. For guys, such a dream foreshadows military service. To cut off the hair of your girlfriend means that in reality you should not listen to her advice, she will not tell you anything good. To cut strands in a dream with scissors to someone — you will achieve great success, your desires will come true.
  10. Gray hair on the head — to find and throw it off — you reject someone’s wise advice. Gray hairstyle on your head — you have matured and smarter, you are ready for new life stages, do not forget to develop yourself. Also, gray hair on his head predicts that soon you can become a grandmother or grandfather. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream


What does this symbolize?

  1. «Hair stood on end» — fear, horror, surprise.
  2. «Not one hair did not flinch» — confidence, self-control, courage.
  3. «Seven spans in the forehead» — very clever.
  4. “Holding the line” is an extremely dangerous position;
  5. «Being on the line by …» is very close.
  6. «Tear your hair» — great sorrow, suffering.


  1. If you dream that a woman combing her hair in a dream — she will commit frivolous acts, in which she repents.
  2. If you dream of stroking someone’s hair in a dream — to a good turn of heart affairs, to the appearance of a worthy lover.
  3. If you dream of a beautiful hairstyle in a dream — a sign of a successful turn of affairs.
  4. If you dream of a lush hairstyle on fluffy soft hair — to boundless happiness.
  5. Why dream too short hair — a call for thrift in order to avoid misfortunes.
  6. untied hair — to failure.
  7. What dreams of flowers in your hair — the approximation of trouble, with which you, however, can easily cope.
  8. A man who saw in a dream his thinning hair, waiting for failure and poverty because of their own generosity.
  9. If you dream of graying own hair — a bad sign.
  10. On the other hand, snow-white hair promises comfort to the dreamer, pleasant trips and meetings. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream


What Dreamed about Hair — dream interpretation:

  • Your state of health, as well as self-esteem.

Gypsy Sleepbook

Hair what they mean and why dream:

  1. Black short and curly hair dreams — mean grief and unhappiness;
  2. Sleep smoothly combed — foreshadow friendship and end disasters;
  3. Disheveled dreams — foreshadow boredom, sorrow, insult and quarrel;
  4. They dream of casually falling on their shoulders — they signify the death of a relative or friend;
  5. In a dream, not being able to distinguish one’s hair from others is a sign of litigation and lengthy work;
  6. Having a hair as long as a woman’s in her sleep signifies faint-heartedness, timidity and deceit from a female;
  7. Why dream of your hair longer and blacker than usual — it means the multiplication of honors and wealth; dreaming that they crumble, foreshadows ruin and poverty;
  8. To see in a dream that the curls are whitened means perfect exhaustion of strength, decay of the estate, and sometimes illness;
  9. Seeing a woman without any hair foreshadows hunger, poverty and illness;
  10. To see a man bald is a sign of abundance, wealth and health;
  11. Scratching hair in a dream is a sign of decoupling a tangled case; weaving into a scythe foreshadows that you will confuse any business and end up in prison for debts;
  12. To cut another foreshadows profit to the one who is cut the hair;
  13. According to the dream book, to cut oneself foreshadows unexpected sadness and annoyance, and sometimes misfortune, poverty and even illness;
  14. Hair smearing lard signifies an insult from others; To smear them with lipstick or what spirits to drench foreshadows honor and respect from others;
  15. What dreams of getting out of the head is a very bad dream and means leaving us in trouble and misfortune by our relatives and friends;
  16. Seeing the strands growing on the arms, legs, chest and face, foreshadows unexpected happiness, multiplication of wealth and recovery of the state. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream


In the everyday sense?

This symbol contains the meaning of power and energy, carries knowledge and speaks about the character of the person who owns the hair. Previously, neither men nor women cut their hair; it was believed that they were given by God and protect people from harm and evil forces.

According to legends, long hair escorted bad energy straight into the ground and did not allow it to enter the human body. The beauty of the girl was her spit.

By the type of hair, they judged the character and character of the person: it was believed that straight, soft and obedient belong to people with appeasable character, and curly heads give bully-sticks, revelers and robbers. No wonder the people talked about the wavy — «lush curls.»

Thus, the characteristic of the person passed to the characteristic of hair.

  • To dream of a girl whose hair grows literally in front of her eyes — to an impossible dream; on your way a very stupid person will meet; to the money.
  • To see in a dream that your curls began to curl up — to serious changes in your life; to change attitudes; familiar people will no longer recognize you; you change for the better; a sudden change in character will entail a change in relationships with others.
  • To see a little girl, which is braided in a braid, — cares for posterity; you make long-term plans; your children will bring you joy and tranquility; stop worrying and rest with your family; take care of the dowry for your daughter; your child has a long way to go. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream

Seeing your hair gray-haired — honor or reverence; to cut hair is a betrayal, deception, coupled with the loss of money and time; shaving them — detrimental businesses; see head lice — poverty; thick to see — joy; reported — joyful news; burning — profit.


  • A symbol of greatness for a man and life beauty, grace, grace, attractiveness for a woman. Biologically denotes health, strength, charm.
  • If the hair is seen together with its figure — this indicates the significance of this person. If the hair is dirty, with parasites or not a natural color, or if they are seen separately from the face, body, the figure is always a symbol of frozen negative psychology or empty eroticism.
  • Losing hair means loss of vitality.

  • To dream beautiful, lush hair is a symbol of future entertainment and pleasure. You will be surrounded by attention, you will be sought by numerous representatives of the opposite sex.
  • If you see dull and thinning strands, it means that you need to be very careful and picky when choosing a partner.
  • Sharp hair in a dream — to loss and separation. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream


Loose, long hair dreams of traveling and a long journey. Gray hair — to minor troubles.

Comb in a dream — to the great changes in life. To braid a pigtail — to overcome a barrier with obstacles.

Baldness dreams of losing a friend because of betrayal on his part or treason.

The long hair of Tsvetkov is interpreted as a long road, if they are gray, then there will be trouble on the journey, if they turn gray before our eyes, the dream will not come true soon. Itchy head due to the fact that the hair grows — to changes in life.

The fall of long shreds Tsvetkov’s dream book is interpreted as the loss of friends.

  • Long — long road;
  • gray — trouble;
  • turned gray — after many years;
  • scratching — a change in life or loss through deception;
  • especially if you fall out — losing a friend;
  • braid — care;
  • a haircut is a betrayal, betrayal, as the interpreter of dreams reports.


In night dreams:

  1. If in a dream you have long and thick hair, then such a dream promises you wealth, strength and power.
  2. Carefully smoothed dreams — to a new friendship, good relations with people.
  3. What dreams of bad, liquid or shaved bald — to the loss.
  4. To be bald in a dream is a contradictory dream: either to great need, or to extraordinary wealth.
  5. If you have a dream of an unnatural color — for vanity, variegated — for well-being, red — for deception, mockery, fair-haired — for peace and joy, black — for profit, ashen — for sorrow, gray ones — for longevity, happiness and honor.
  6. To comb your hair in a dream is the harbinger of health and success, tearing on yourself — to the loss, to see on the head to burn — to profits and successes.
  7. If in a dream your whole body is covered with thick hair — the dream promises wealth and good luck, if your hair is sparse — anxiety, the danger of falling under the influence of others.
  8. What dreams on the chest — to health, the hair on the palms — to trouble.
  9. Beautiful curls you have in a dream — to love, ugly or dirty — to the bad news.
  10. To dream of your hair curly — for the upcoming changes, combing them — for new hobbies.
  11. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream


Grow — profit; to cut — to the disease, to go to the soldiers, you lose the case in court, misfortune, betrayal, loss; combing — for good, love, wait for a guest, freedom, soon marry to go (to the girl) // grief, road, husband will beat (married), loss; wash — well, respect; hand hair is wealth; white hair — do not rush, joy; gray — wealth, honor // jail, grievous loss, efforts; thick — to fame, strength, wealth; long — to good, a long journey; oil grease — joy; smear with sewage — contempt; curl — wedding (young) // treason (male), family trouble (female); last minute — profit; confused — shame; lying — thin times; climbing, falling out — bad news, loss, poverty, illness; thin — to higher prices.


Dream Interpretation: Hair — interpretation of the author

  1. If Dreams Hair on body — Passionate, unreasonable impulses; wealth; spiritual degradation (less often).
  2. Weave in braids — Fortunately, to honor; seeing lice in hair is a lot of money; scratching — losing money.
  3. Tear on yourself — Great sorrow.
  4. What dreams of confused, disheveled — Confusion in the head, chaos, failure.
  5. What dreams thick in a dream — you will have good glory.
  6. Hair oil butter — for joy.
  7. To be confused is shame; scratching means freedom; to have long is good; cut yours is a misfortune; climbs in a dream, falls out — anxiety and bad news.
  8. Scratching long braids — dishonor; wait for the road.
  9. As a black braid or a whirlpool dream, then this person will be a profit. Have white hair — no need to hurry.
  10. How dreams that cut a tuft, there will be some loss.
  11. Combing you wash a whirlwind is good: respect and honor from people. Loose spit — the road.
  12. If you dream that someone has cut the braids, — she’s gone with the man.
  13. Scythes — guests from the road. Scratching braids and looking in the mirror is a change of life.
  14. For a girl, she will get married and then somewhere far away.
  15. How gray-haired to see yourself is a prison.
  16. Cutting the spit in a dream is a great shame.
  17. To tear out the shred from the head — to the loss of respect.
  18. What do the curls dream about — in general, based on their appearance — health, strength, life energy of the sleeper, his state of consciousness, in the next interpreter of dreams you can learn a different interpretation of the dream book. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream


According to French judgment:

  1. Dream hair is a good sign
  2. What dreams of black, curly — a dream foreshadows sadness and failure
  3. Well combed — promise friendship and the end of trouble
  4. Tangled dreams mean troubles and sufferings.
  5. If you cannot unravel in a dream, it foreshadows worries, litigation and long work.
  6. If men see their hair as long as a woman’s, they’ll be cheated.
  7. Seeing your strands longer than usual — promises you augmentation of honors and wealth.
  8. Seeing your hair in gray is a warning against unnecessary expenses.
  9. To dream of a young woman bald — to hunger, poverty, illness.
  10. To see a bald man means abundance, wealth, health.
  11. If you dream in a dream that your body is covered with hair from head to foot — this portends a certain cowardly act to you, inability to dispose of your destiny.
  12. To see an old woman in a dream without a bald one — to poverty, illness, hunger, and a balding old man, on the contrary, — to good luck.
  13. If you dream in a dream that you can not comb, and the comb is broken, it foreshadows trouble.
  14. If you dream that you shave your head (or beard), the dream warns you about the danger of losing your condition, or getting sick, or losing loved ones.
  15. To see in a dream how your hair falls out — to the hassle and loss of property. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream


Long — long road; gray — trouble; light — joy; scratching — to change in life or loss; Vikhor — urgent order from the authorities; curl — the upcoming celebration (for singles), cooling in matrimonial life (for a woman), cheating on a wife (for a man).


Embody wisdom, intelligence and vitality. Have long, beautiful — to health, strength.

Comb hair — to put in order things and thoughts. Shorn — misfortune, loss, slander.


According to the Holy Quran and Sunnah:

  1. If you dream of thick and long in your sleep, then for young people, women and the military, this is for wealth, honor, and longevity, and for others — for grief and spiritual anxiety.
  2. If someone sees in a dream that he has fallen on his head, but not to the extent that he has a bald spot, he will get rid of duty, or will be freed from any sadness and anxiety and will experience contentment and joy.
  3. If anyone sees white among his black hair, he will have a beloved child. But, if a woman sees such a dream, then she will experience anxiety and care because of her husband.
  4. If someone sees that they are cutting his hair, he will lose the property given to him for temporary use (amonat).
  5. If one who has seen such a dream is poor, then he will get rid of need. And if someone sees that he cuts his own hair, it means that his secrets will be revealed, and he will be removed from his superiors.
  6. If a woman sees in a dream that she is not covered, her absent husband will return, and if she does not have a husband, she will receive it.
  7. If he sees in a dream that she is being cut on her head, it means that her husband will give her a divorce.
  8. If someone sees in a dream that the hair on the head of his wife is cut off — it means that the wife is close with another man.

Esoteric Sleepbook

Long — to the disease of whose. Combing, combing to the recovery of whose hair.

Gray hair falls asleep to grief, loss of loved ones; if you care for strangers you have to care for the sick. Wash everything up.

Cut the quarrel forever.

  1. If a woman in a dream combing her gorgeous hair — this promises her levity in actions, in which she later repents.
  2. A man who saw in a dream his thinning hair, waking unjustified generosity will lead to failure and poverty. Grown gray own dreams — a sad sign.
  3. Seeing yourself covered — promises you forgiveness and mercy.
  4. If a woman sees such a dream, she will transfer all her attention to her person and, perhaps, will indulge her whims to the detriment of morality. If you dream that you have black curly hair — then it promises you a seductive love trap.
  5. Golden — a sign of dignity and courage of your chosen one. See your favorite redhead — heralds a change in your relationship. Chestnut dreams — service failures.
  6. A beautiful hairstyle in a dream is a sign of a good turn in your business, but if trimmed too short is a warning: not to be wasteful in order to avoid misfortunes.
  7. Lush hairstyle on fluffy soft — to boundless happiness.
  8. If a woman in a dream sees dark and light hair on her head at the same time — this is to great doubts about the upcoming choice and the need to be careful.
  9. Confused, unselected dreams — to failure. To see gray people in a dream is also a sign of unpleasant changes, for lovers, this means the appearance of rivals.
  10. Also unfavorable dream of hair loss. At the same time, white as snow, hair promises to their owners comforting news, trips and meetings.
  11. To iron someone’s dream — to a good turn in your heartfelt deeds, to a worthy lover. Flowers in your hair — to the approximation of trouble, which, however, will not lead you off balance and not frighten.
  12. If a woman sees that her entire hairstyle is covered with white flowers — she needs to strengthen her will and prepare her spirit for various ordeal tests, which, however, will not last long.
  13. The gray hair and the young face of the dreaming person promise him trouble, loss and illness are possible if he is not careful.


  • Combing your hair in a dream — to get rid of all worries and sorrows. In addition, such a dream heralds the fulfillment of desires, in particular the rapid and successful repayment of debts.
  • If you dream of having thick and long hair in your sleep, then for young people, women and the military, this is for wealth, honor and longevity, and for others — for grief and spiritual anxiety.

If someone sees in a dream that the hair on his head has fallen out, but not to the extent that baldness is revealed, he will get rid of debt or be freed from any sadness and anxiety and will experience contentment and joy. One white person who has seen among his black hairs will acquire children and will love them dearly.

But if a woman dreams of such a dream, then she will experience anxiety and care because of her husband. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream

  • A dream in which your hair is cut is an undoubted sign that you will have to lose the property entrusted to your care for a while. If one who has seen such a dream is poor, then he will get rid of need.
  • And if someone sees that he cuts his hair himself, this means that his secrets will be revealed, he will incur the wrath of his superiors and, most likely, will inevitably be dismissed from service.
  • If a woman sees in a dream that strangers cut her hair on her head, this means that her husband will give her a divorce.
  • If a man sees in a dream that the hair on his wife’s head is cut off, he must take note that his spouse is close to another man.
  • A woman who has seen herself in a dream with uncovered hair, let her know that her husband who is absent will soon return; in the same case, if she does not have a husband, then let her rejoice, since she, of course, is destined to find him.


Dreams of a wife with flowing hair. “So she has a secret connection, lover.” He dreams that his head is gray. — Heralds longevity and great happiness.

On the head grow two horns. — Face the competition in business. He dreams that his head is bald, all his hair has fallen out. — Herald failure in business.

  • Dreamed of falling out — Foreshadows grief associated with the death of a grandson or son. Dreams that grow back. — Herald longevity.
  • If you cut the front. — There will be a misfortune in the family associated with the household. Uncovered head and uncool. — Someone is plotting against you in secret.
  • So solves the dream book. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream


  1. Thick dreams — wealth, power
  2. Drop out — a disease, sadness
  3. Scratching is good money
  4. Shorn — the case of death in the family
  5. See how they grow — prudence in affairs
  6. Outliers — Loss of Property
  7. Sell ​​- misfortune.
  8. What dreams of redheads — false.
  9. White dreams — peace of mind.
  10. Dreams combed — affection.
  11. What dreams on the chest — health.
  12. Disheveled dreams — family troubles.
  13. Beautiful black dreams — you are loved.
  14. Braid — you tie a relationship
  15. Dye your hair — emptiness and delusion
  16. What dreams are long — you are respected and loved
  17. To scratch others — to constantly bother someone
  18. Why dream in my arms — think about the future
  19. Burn — to avoid trouble
  20. Loose hair — anxiety
  21. Wash — worry
  22. What dreams of light — appeasability and kindness
  23. Gray — long, happy life What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream


Hair (thick at home or another) — Wealth and strength; hair loss is a disease and poverty; comb — long road; shave your hair — a disastrous enterprise

Why dream in the fall?

To see yourself in a dream hairy — to profit.

What dreams in the summer?

To dream about how you are combing luxurious in front of a mirror — in reality you urgently need to do something with your hair before it is too late, this is an interpretation of what you dream at night.

Why does the child dream, the interpretation of sleep:

See your hair — See your vitality and what happens to it. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream

Dream Vanga

Dreams in which dreams symbolize tranquility, warmth and spiritual harmony. If you dream that you are very short after the haircut — this means that you can go astray.

Sweep shaved — to the disclosure of secrets or mysterious secrets.

Lush, long hair denotes spiritual growth. Very tangled symbolize distrust of people.

You have to learn to trust them. To weave into a braid is a harbinger of a long journey.

Dream Vanga says if you dream that you are sweeping — try to think about your next step. There is a chance to choose the wrong path.

To see tangled curls on a woman’s head is to change your attitude towards others. Become more trusting.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

In a dream, all actions with hair are in any case related to the sexuality of the person and his sexual organs. Longs symbolize isolation and self-doubt.

Very short or lack of them on the head dream, on the contrary, to the lack of complexes and strong promiscuity in sexual terms. A dream in which you comb your long hair is a sign of regret for lost cases and opportunities.

Dreaming, associated with hair, Freud’s dream book interprets as follows: dreamed long — this testifies to the sexual experiences of a man or a woman. Combing them on your head is a sign that a person is disappointed with the lost moments.

Aesop analysis

According to Aesop’s interpretation, this is a rather significant symbol, it personifies wisdom, prudence and vitality.

To have in a dream long and luxurious — to good health. Combing your own means to bring your thoughts, deeds and actions in order.

Cut off — to large losses, misfortune and drug libel.

  • If you dreamed of a girl who has been growing up all the time, this sign indicates that you have an impossible dream.
  • In addition, this dream can be a warning that soon you will meet with a wise and unreasonable person.
  • If you have curly hair, this dream foreshadows good changes in life.
  • To dream of a girl with braids on long braids is a sign that you want to be useful and necessary to those around you.
  • In ordinary life, you do not live one day, for you an important point are serious plans for the future.
  • Dreaming nostradamus
  • To dream is a good sign. But this applies only to those dreams in which they are well-groomed, beautiful and have a healthy appearance.
  • If, on the contrary, they are confused and have a faded appearance — wait for many failures and quarrels. Smooth, combed symbolizes true friendship.
  • Long — to profitable profits. The dreamed increased hairiness on the body indicates material well-being and good health.
  • If in a dream you fall out badly, wait soon for a financial loss in the form of a loss or robbery.
  • If you dream that combing you broke a comb, then this dream promises some trouble. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream

Dream loft

Seeing gray hair on your head is a sign of thoroughness and wisdom. Long dream to health problems.

Combing or styling in a dream is a sign of quick recovery. If you dream that you are caring for your hair, this means that you spend too much time at work and do not pay enough attention to your friends and relatives.

Cut your beautiful and at the same time feel pity — for serious quarrels.

Black, white, blonde long in a dream

  • If a woman dreams that she is dark and light at the same time, then according to Miller’s dream book, you need to be careful in your upcoming choice.
  • Black curls mean that you can fall into a captivating love trap. If during sleep you saw a girl with light — this is a sign that your beloved is not worthy of you.
  • Whites — to good news and pleasant meetings. Golden hair is a harbinger of your lover’s deep loyalty. Chestnut curls — the failures associated with work.

Red color promises tremendous changes in relations with the beloved.

Too short dreams to rampant extravagance. Do not allow her to refrain from foreseen misfortune.

If in a dream you had an incredibly beautiful hairstyle, then fortune is on your side, and you also expect pleasant and interesting changes. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream

Interpretation of sleep

  • If you dreamed that you have thick, beautiful and long hair on your head, this means that you will have success, prosperity and fulfillment of everything that is planned.
  • If a woman dreams that her hair in a dream is longer than in reality — such a dream promises incredible wealth, an easy life and prosperity.
  • A dream in which a girl dreams long, well-groomed and healthy, foreshadow her the appearance of a faithful and honest friend.
  • If a man has a dream in which he sees a woman with long and shiny eyes, this is a harbinger of a strong deception.

Very often, men and women ask themselves the question: Why do I dream long, if in fact they are short for me? Honestly, such a dream can be interpreted in different ways.

It is necessary to take into account their color and condition.

Dreamed beautiful — evidence of wealth, good health.

Bad or terrible condition of them — do not expect anything good.

Dreams of a man

It should be said that a man rarely sees long men in a dream. In that case, when they had a dream — you need to be prepared for the fact that the chosen one of the man has plotted some insidious plan of deception. True, this concerns not only the second half.

Also can deceive those women with whom the man works.

  • A man who sees long, uncombed hair from his wife should think about his attitude towards her. Most likely the feelings of the couple cooled down a bit.
  • Also, it may indicate that the wife appeared someone on the side.
  • If a man combs the curls of his wife — to a happy family life. What dreams long hair - interpretation of the dream

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