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What dreams of a mink coat for the dream books of Freud, Miller, the Wanderer

Mink coat is an ambiguous symbol. For many women, it can be a subject of dreams for a long time. In dreams, this image does not appear just like that, because the work of our subconscious even an ordinary piece of clothing can endow with symbolic meaning.

Dream interpretation will help to understand why a mink coat dreams, if you compare with it the details of what you saw sleep.

General interpretation

A mink coat in a dream, if it was beige, foreshadows the purchase of this piece of clothing in reality. Particularly likely to perform night vision, if the dream was seen in spring or summer.

The interpretation of the night vision, in which the fur coat appeared, will largely depend on the day of the week in which it dreamed:

  • Mink coat of black color, dreamed at night from Sunday to Monday, is a warning against financial downturn threatening the dreamer. It is urgent to put in order your income and expenses and in the nearest time after this dream avoid unreasonable waste.
  • If such a dream dreamed on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, this is an unfavorable foreshadowing warning that the dreamer will soon have a tiff within the family.
  • If you had a dream in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, in which you give a fur coat to a friend, relative or partner, in real life you will have material wealth and well-being.
  • The dream in which the fur coat appeared foreshadows the appearance of a respectable and well-suited boyfriend if it was seen on Thursday night from Friday.

What dreams of a mink coat for the dream books of Freud, Miller, the Wanderer

Did you like mink coat

The correct interpretation of the dream will depend on how you relate to this subject of sleep. If you have acquired a long mink fur coat in your night vision, but it doesn’t suit you or doesn’t like you, doesn’t fit on you, in real life you are hampered by timidity and excessive shyness.

If you are a sleeping person put it on and it became hot and uncomfortable — in reality, he devotes too much time and makes incredible efforts to maintain his own comfort.

A favorable sign is a night vision in which the dreamer tries on a mink coat and enjoys its warmth and convenience. This image suggests that at the moment life circumstances are such that the sleeping person is also warm and comfortable, as was the case in a dream.

Don’t expect anything — just enjoy what you got.

Interpretation by action

The actions of the dreamer or other dream characters cannot be left unattended if you want to get a reliable interpretation of the dream.

If a woman in her dream was presented with a mink coat of white color — in the nearest time after this dream she would meet an interesting person, a relationship with which can reach even before marriage.

The more expensive and well-made the dreamed fur coat, the happier and happier the marriage will be.

For a man, the dream in which he tried on a man’s fur coat was a favorable sign that foreshadowed the profit from his occupation. A less kind sign is a dream in which a male dreamer tries on a woman’s garment.

In this case, the dream personifies employment is not his own business in real life or an attempt to build from himself what a man is not.

What dreams of a mink coat for the dream books of Freud, Miller, the Wanderer

A dream in which you had the opportunity to sew up or otherwise repair a mink coat indicates that in real life in the near future you will have to build relationships in the family circle. Let it be a difficult step, but later everyone will appreciate your wisdom.

Watch from the side and do not touch

Night visions in which a sleeping person never touched a mink coat, but only watched her, also have their own interpretation.

In such dreams, the dreamer can see these clothes in a shop window or as an independent image of their own.

Auspicious sign is a dream in which a white mink coat appeared, luxuriously sewn and expensive. The dream foreshadows a rich and happy life for your pleasure.

It is especially nice that such a dream also says that the envious person will not surround the dreamer — his well-being will bring only good.

Admire the beautiful mink coat — in real life, indulge in idleness, relaxation and enjoyment, as well as sweet laziness. The main thing — do not stay in this state for too long, so that the surrounding events are not out of control.

What dreams of a mink coat for the dream books of Freud, Miller, the Wanderer

An adverse sign that is a warning is night vision, in which a sleeping person watches an unsightly mink coat, peeling off and old, or wet and stained.

Such an image warns the dreamer against erroneous actions in a financial direction. At the moment, to open a new business or advance your career is not the best period.

It is necessary to wait a little with similar steps.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

According to the interpretation that the famous psychoanalyst included in his dream book, a mink coat is a symbol of complexes and inner experiences.

The dream, in which the dreamer acquired this item of clothing, says that in real life he is afraid to blurt out too much about his personal life to others. It is worth thinking that this part of your being may simply not interest anyone.

A dream, you were wearing a fur coat, personifies the inability to relax and be liberated to engage in sex. Perhaps the point is in your complexes or in the fact that you cannot make sure that nothing distracts you.

Dream Miller

According to this dream book, a mink coat, as a rule, is a dream of too ambitious and self-confident individuals. Also, this image can serve as the personification of deception and hypocrisy.

If in a dream a naked man appeared in such a fur coat — beware of traitors.

If you yourself dressed in a mink coat — the interpretation is rather simple — get ready for frosts.

If this item of clothing was on someone of your relatives, it will soon get warmer.

Dream Dream

In this dream book, the interpretation is divided into two parts, one for men, the other for women. A weak floor mink coat in a dream foretells the appearance of a rich and influential suitor.

For a man, this is a less favorable sign that promises monetary turmoil.

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