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What dreams of a new apartment?

What dreams of a new apartment? Such a dream may puzzle the owner of his own home. However, this plot is more related to the characteristics of the dreamer’s internal well-being, his state of mind and energy balance.

When interpreting, everything will matter: the condition of the room, its cleanliness, the presence / absence of furniture and various items. Therefore, upon awakening, the dream features should be written down in detail in a notebook.

What dreams of a new apartment?

General interpretation

What story can dream in a dream? Apartments are different:

  • non-residential new premises;
  • beautiful or abandoned premises;
  • strangers or old apartments;
  • the presence of breakdowns and malfunctions in the room;
  • large or small room;
  • moving to new premises;
  • actions with the apartment.

An apartment in a dream determines the condition of the dreamer himself — his well-organizedness / disorder in life, the state of affairs and success / failure. If you saw in a dream spacious light room, expect success in the undertaking, deserved praise at work.

You can also expect a lucrative offer of a deal, a lucrative contract or cooperation.

Another interpretation is the foreshadowing of light pleasant work, which will be a pleasure and joy. but luxury apartments they prophesied evil: the dreamer does not notice important details, because of which he has to face problems and misunderstandings in his official career.

For girls on the issue Such a picture speaks of the inflated demands on his beloved or on men in general.

See someone else’s apartment — to solve other people’s problems, you will have to find out secret information about a person and try not to disclose it. Young girl dream foreshadows a quick marriage.

See old from time to time room — there will be obstacles on your way and there will be problems hindering the implementation of your plans. To succeed, you have to make a lot of effort.

Prepare for difficulties.

Unfamiliar room foreshadows changes in the life of the dreamer, unprecedented changes. What will they be?

Interpretation will depend on the condition of the room and the inner sensations of the dreamer.

If there was a comfort in the apartment, the changes are coming favorable.

If you feel discomfort, expect unkind events.

See communal housing with numerous guests — strangers will interfere in your destiny. Empty apartments symbolize the spiritual devastation and discord of the dreamer.

You’re tired — it’s time to go on vacation or change the situation for a while.

The apartment presented in a dream — A sign of good luck on the path of life. All conceived soon realized, good luck knocking at the door.

Inherited apartment talks about the upcoming troubles and many minor tedious duties.

What dreams of a new apartment?

Condition of the apartment

If you saw a dysfunctional apartment in your dream, you should remember: what exactly was damaged or broken in this room? Plot options:

  • broken floors — precariousness, uncertainty;
  • shabby or damaged walls — lack of support and protection;
  • tightly locked doors and windows — lack of perspectives in life;
  • multiple windows and doors — great opportunities in the future;
  • flooded ceilings — violation of the energy of the dreamer;
  • ceiling in the holes — to financial losses and waste;
  • empty rooms without furniture — lack of support in business.

If the dreamer plans to move to a new place of residence, the dream has a direct interpretation — the move will take place. However, how he will be — joyful or not — will tell the situation of the apartment seen in a dream.

Moving to a new place of residence

Moving to a new building is a symbol of change in life. If the room was bright and spacious, the changes are expected to be favorable.

If you have moved to a cramped, dirty room, wait for difficult times.

  • Buying a new apartment in a dream foreshadows quick money profit. You have made successful financial investments, now you have to remove the cream of profit. However, buying an apartment under duress indicates the opposite: it expects a financial failure, unprofitable transactions.
  • Apartment change in the dream foreshadows the replacement of a new partner. This may concern both the personal sphere and the business one.
  • Sell ​​apartment also foreshadows a change. If during the sale you felt discomfort, pity and anxiety, then in reality losses are foreseen. Loss can concern the financial side of life or separation from a dear person.
  • Selling an apartment with joy — to get rid of the burden of the past. You will part with unnecessary people, change jobs, leave in the past unpleasant memories.
  • Search for accommodation — a signal of the need for change in life. You are stuck in the swamp of being, not moving forward. Rent a room for housing — to a new love affair. However, for family people, such a plot foreshadows not entirely joyful events: unfounded jealousy.

What dreams of a new apartment?

Other plots dreaming

What does repair in the apartment? This story foreshadows a quick change in life. They will be favorable.

If the repair is done by the workers, soon the dreamer will be provided with free aid. If the dreamer makes repairs in someone else’s apartment, he will have to help other people.

  • Robed apartment — for the arrival of unexpected guests.
  • See fire in the apartment — to new love experiences.
  • Fully burnt out from a flat fire — to the extinction of love.
  • Flooded flat — to the difficult phase of life, however, clean water spells profit.
  • Cleaning Indoors — to trust relationships in the family.
  • See the keys from the apartment — to new opportunities and prospects.
  • Lose keys from the apartment — you miss a favorable chance in life.

What does the dream in which the dreamer experiences? fear of placing or a room in the room? This dream has no interpretation of the dream book: it expresses the secret desires and spiritual turmoil of the dreamer.

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