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What dreams of a wall clock on the dream and interpretations of basic values

What do wall clocks in a dream mean — interpretation by dream books

A wall clock in a dream has two main opposite values ​​- it is constant constancy and the inexorable course of time. In the deepest analysis of dreams, you can find the dream of immortality — the preservation of constancy in time. Time in a dream always has a mystical background.

For example, it is considered that the arrows stop at the time of the death of the owner or at some significant and terrifying event. There are often passages in detective stories like — “this house is always six in the morning — the clock fixed the moment when Lady Blackmoor walked down the stairs and squealed in horror.”

In dreams, such omens and mystical insights are especially pronounced. In a dream, rationality does not work and secret fears, especially the fear of sudden death, flourish in full color. Consider the dream of the wall clock according to dream books.

  • Sleep has a rare selectivity. You see only those objects that have a semantic meaning. The others dissolve. This also applies to interior items, jewelry, doors, dials.
  • If the watch is in your field of vision, it means that you have forgotten something or should hurry.
  • If the dial is of a special form, the case has carved forms, with columns or a cuckoo, which corresponds to the interior display in reality, according to the actual value, this may be a terrain identifier — an identification sign to the consciousness — yes, this is the very room in that house. In this case, the actual interpretation works.
  • If this particular part of the interior is removed, for example, a bright spot remains on the wall — this means that there is no hurry. Chances are that in this place you are no longer expected.
  • You pay attention to the arrows — a reminder that you forgot to do something meaningful.
  • The huge dial, floating before your eyes, as in the cinema — a sign that time is crucial.
  • Stopped, frozen arrows — a stern warning of a waste of time. The second meaning of frozen arrows is an ominous and instructive mention of death. Perhaps you are too cruel to yourself. If the shooter is not at all, you are free to choose the right moment and manage your time, there is no harsh need to do everything immediately. Nobody expects a dazzling result from you the day after tomorrow for dinner. Do not drive or harass yourself with unnecessary haste.
  • Remove the clock from the wall — the waiting time is over. Together with him, you complete a certain period of life.
  • To wind the wall clock with a mechanical key, distorting the weights on the chain — it is time to rest. Observe the correct mode for maximum efficiency. Relaxation, lack of control over time, free schedule are contraindicated to you. The result is a fuss and an illusion of turbulent activity that does not give the desired result. The correct mode of the day will allow you to work and relax without rush jobs and breakdown.
  • Change batteries — a sign of great fatigue. You need recharging, good rest or even treatment. You recharge with energy from your work, but it is not artificially invigorating. The body’s own resources are close to exhaustion. Tedious to walk barefoot on the beach or go to the mountains, wander through the woods — what you like best and what best of all restores strength.

  • Dream Miller warns of personal problems that need urgent solutions. Trying to break the clock, remove, reset — you are trying to fight the inevitable wrong and useless methods. As a result, there is a great danger of the appearance of problems that you cannot deal with.
  • Dream Interpretation Dennis Lynn interprets the wall, properly running hours, as a sign that it is high time to make an inventory of values, abandon false and revise the entire system of current priorities. Many dials that show different times, like at the airport or train station, show a deep confusion of a person.
  • The dream book Wanderer advises to carefully consider their actions over the future period. possible actions that will affect all your future.
  • Dream Vanga categorical in the negative assessment of the dream. The great seer believes that you are fussing too much and complaining about life. Constant regrets about lost opportunities and unfulfilled dreams fill your life, causing you to suffer.

To understand what the wall clock dreams about, you will have to understand the reality of where the problems with time are concentrated. It may be that your job is exhausting in a place where time and fuss are constantly reigning — many companies purposely support such a regime so that employees do not have time to think, but only endlessly perform new and new tasks, sacrificing personal time in conditions of acute shortage and constant shortages. Perhaps, on the contrary, you are spilled, and month after month you are waiting for a special mood, hoping to catch up at once. Maybe it makes sense to visit parents, visit friends, talk with home. You better know exactly where the tight knot, which needs to be unraveled, was drawn. Well, that dream gives an accurate reminder of this.

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