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What dreams of an orgasm on the dream of Miller, Freud, erotic

Can a physical sensation dream? Many people are sure: still!

Dream interpretation easily explains the appearance in our dreams of pain, smells … But what if you felt a real orgasm? For men, this phenomenon is more or less characteristic and is even called “emission.”

But why dream of an orgasm, this all-pervading sensual pleasure, if you are a woman?

What dreams of an orgasm on the dream of Miller, Freud, erotic

The overall interpretation of this most pleasant dream

  • If an orgasm in a dream was very vivid and memorable, it means that you love to get pleasure. Moreover, your preferences may be varied: someone “drags” from shopping, others from chatting with friends, and still others from another selfie on the background of some foreign attraction.
  • There were a lot of orgasms? Such dreams are seen by people who are not satisfied with their intimate life. Maybe it’s time to «revive» a couple of your sexual fantasies?
  • Was the orgasm long, lingering? In your life is a long white stripe.
  • On the contrary, was there sex in your dream, but was there no orgasm? The subconscious hints that you are wasting your life on an empty business. Go to something more needed!
  • If a dreamer man has sex with his pregnant girlfriend (wife), which ended in an orgasm, this means that an important idea will soon be born in this man’s head that will change the life together of this couple.

Who exactly «loved» you in a dream?

What dreams of an orgasm on the dream of Miller, Freud, erotic

  • Your favorite (“official” guy or legal spouse): a dream promises a lot of happiness. Moreover, your present life can already be called joyful and successful.
  • Your lover: in real life, you can do something for which you definitely will not be stroked on the head by your relatives. Before you decide on a cardinal act, think carefully: is it worth the discord with the closest people?
  • Stranger. If you are single and not in a relationship, sleep promises a meeting with a very passionate, ardent person. If you are “ringed”, the dream says: somehow renew your routine sex.
  • You yourself (during masturbation): you are a secretive nature, prefer not to show your true feelings to anyone. Find a person to whom it will be possible to temporarily open the soul — you really need it!
  • And if you are not satisfied? See the orgasm of your sex partner can self-denied people who think not about themselves, but only about the beloved (favorite). This, of course, is a meritorious feeling, but be careful — by trying with all your might to please another person, you can lose yourself.

How was your sex?

  • Oral: you trust your beloved (darling) more than yourself. Your couple is strong, you have sued cloudless family life until old age.
  • Anal: someone from your environment is ready to make you a very interesting, non-trivial offer. Think carefully about your answer, it depends on your future.
  • It was rape: your own life seems too fresh to you. You have been following the course for too long — it’s time to do something unexpected to surprise everyone, and first of all — yourself!

Where did it all happen?

  • In bed: in the near future your life will not change.
  • At the same time you watched a porn film: you are a very impressionable person, “all of yourself,” never hide your feelings.
  • In the car: you have a very extraordinary trip.
  • In the forest: you need privacy and rest from the noise of people around you.
  • On the beach: sleep speaks of your tiredness. Rest immediately, you’re not made of iron!
  • In the water: you will feel something very pleasant.

And how do famous interpreters see this wonderful dream?

What dreams of an orgasm on the dream of Miller, Freud, erotic

Since intimate pleasures are a very personal matter, psychoanalysts are primarily concerned with the interpretation of such dreams. And that’s what they write …

Dream Miller

  1. If in a dream you had sex and “finished” at the end (especially if your partner was a stranger, and the situation was strange), then in real life you are not satisfied with your partner or lack thereof.
  2. If the orgasm was not physical, but mental — you will meet a close comrade with whom you have not seen for a hundred years.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. According to this dream book, an orgasm is a sign: you dream of having sex with anyone.
  2. For a dream woman, dreaming can mean her subconscious dream of becoming pregnant.
  3. For a man, this is a sign of a different kind: his nature is very hot, he is constantly looking for sexual pleasures.

Erotic dream book

What dream orgasm? Such “sleepy” sensations can be experienced by people who consider their lives gray and routine. Interestingly, life itself can be very successful in this, just the man himself does not notice this because of his blues.

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