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What dreams of aquarium fish?

Multi-colored inhabitants of the water element delight the eye with reality and foreshadow joyful events in the real life of the dreamer. Psychologists have proven the soothing effects of aquarium fish on a person’s mental state. What interpretation has this dream?

What dreams of aquarium fish? Consider all the values ​​of dream books.

What dreams of aquarium fish?

General interpretation

Most dream books interpret the vision of the rainbow sea dwellers in a positive way. Fish — this is a happy change, good news and fulfillment of desires.

  • Businessmen fish promise a successful deal,
  • married woman — addition to the family,
  • for lovers — harmonious relationship,
  • to students — successfully closed session,
  • working people — receiving bonuses and salary increase.

However, this is not always the dream can be interpreted unambiguously from the positive side: in the storyline can take an unexpected direction:

  • you see dead fish;
  • aquarium fish swim in the sea;
  • the fish are in a glass jar;
  • fish trying to jump out of the water tank;
  • you catch fish with a net or hands.

The quality of the water in which the amphibians swam also matters:

  • Net clear water foreshadows joyful changes,
  • Muddy and dirty — unfavorable.

Change the water in the aquarium — a symbol of fundamental change in life.

You see jumping over the water fish — in reality, you will find a change in life, which will bring many positive impressions and fill you with joyful emotions.

Talking fish dreams to bright unexpected impressions from adventures. You will remember the experienced events for a long time.

Sleep with goldfish has a direct interpretation — your dreams will come true soon.

To have a dream on the eve of the trip — You will find a fascinating journey filled with vivid impressions, after which it will be difficult to enter into the usual rhythm of life.

Relocate marine life from one tank to another — to change your habitual way of life. Feed — to the monotonous uninteresting weekdays and hard work.

However, if the feeding process is a pleasure in a dream, hard work will bring good profits.

If the fish swim in an unexpected place, for example, in the pool — you will succeed in the endeavors. However, seeing aquarian inhabitants in the open sea is a symbol of confusion: you do not know which way to go next and what to do.

What does it mean to catch aquarium inhabitants? If you do it with your hands, there is success in your endeavors ahead.

If you catch a net, you will meet with unpleasant people.

If the dreamer sees himself in an aquarium instead of fish, we can expect losses, losses and deception.

Dead little fish promise quick trouble. All your aspirations and hopes will not come true.

An empty aquarium dreams of loss and deception: be alert.

What dreams of aquarium fish?

Interpretation of dreams about fish by dream books

Dream Miller

Dream Miller draws attention to the purity of the water in the aquarium. If the fish swim in the clear water, sleep foreshadows positive changes in life.

If they swam in muddy, littered with water objects, one cannot expect anything good from life.

Dream Miller predicts a young girl soon marriage and harmonious relationship with her beloved.

Catching fish from an aquarium — promises tests in life.

However, the tests will not be long and fundamental changes will not bring. See the image of rainbow fish — promises a joyful period in life.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova defines this dream as a good chance in life. The dreamer will open up new opportunities and perspectives in life. To see dead amphibians — to ill health.

To fish in an aquarium with a butterfly net or with your hands is good luck, for married women to be pregnant. Also, the dream book predicts success in the service field.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Freud’s dream interpretation considers that the dreamer catching fish cannot relax during sexual contact. Freud advises learning how to disconnect from problems and fully surrender to mutual feelings during intimacy.

Freud also compares the aquarium with the female womb and considers this image to be a sign of the imminent pregnancy. To see an empty container — to sterility, to see a full aquarium — to sexual pleasure.

To place fry in an aquarium, according to Freud, means the desire to have a baby.

Running adult amphibians into the water speaks of a desire to change a partner.

Break the aquarium — to dissonance in a relationship with a partner. Freud also believes that the aquarium can dream of people suffering from enuresis.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Dream Interpretation from A to Z warns about indigestion: pay special attention to your diet in the coming days. The vision of an empty aquarium promises apathy, which can turn into a prolonged depression.

Dream Dream

The dream book of the Wanderer sees in this plot a symbol of peace and relaxation, as well as a certain inhibition of perception of reality.

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