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What dreams of bananas woman

How to find out what dreams of bananas? Suffice it to recall the dream in detail and read this article.

I collected for you the predictions of the best dream books that I use myself.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

The author of one of the most unusual dream books, Sigmund Freud, believed that bananas are a phallic symbol. Therefore, his interpretations are mainly related to sex.

What dreams of bananas woman

Here are the therapist’s predictions:

  1. A ripe and beautiful fruit that one wants to eat, dreams as a sign that says that you are not experiencing problems in intimate life.
  2. Unripe banana, green and almost inedible, suggests that the dreamer has many unsatisfied sexual desires. If a dream has dreamed of a man, then he is unsure of himself and of his male attractiveness.
  3. Eating bananas greedily is a sign that the dreamer has a promiscuous sex life and is too easy to relate to his sexual relationships. He should become more discriminating in order not to get problems.
  4. Freud also told why women dream of bananas. If she eats them with pleasure, her partner completely satisfies her sexually. Harmony reigns in their intimate relationships.
  5. Clearing a banana in a dream — for a romantic date, which will give the dreamer a lot of unforgettable impressions. The dream reflects the expectations of this meeting and the anticipation of pleasure.
  6. Rotten or overripe, inedible fruit is a warning sign. It is necessary to consult a doctor and check the reproductive organs. Perhaps some kind of genital disease arises in the dreamer.

Esoteric dream book

The author of this dream book is Elena Anopopova. Her predictions help to better understand the unconscious person, to find out what his hidden desires are, where his potential is directed.

Thanks to these interpretations, one can develop an intuition and learn to feel the upcoming events.

What dreams of bananas woman

Here are her predictions:

  1. There is a delicious and appetizing banana in your dream — in reality, you need a more open manifestation of your sexual desires. No need to suppress them, otherwise, sooner or later, «cover» a sense of total dissatisfaction.
  2. A whole bunch of delicious yellow fruit promises to meet a very nice man, with whom you can start a fast and short-lived affair. For a long time it will not last, but it will give a lot of positive emotions.
  3. If in a dream you saw that someone is a banana aside from you, then soon someone from the surrounding men will begin to show sympathy to you. He has long laid eyes on you, but for a long time he did not dare to take the first step.
  4. A tasteless banana dreams of negative emotions that you will experience. And you will have to go through them alone, because you cannot share your grief with anyone.
  5. Exotic bananas of unusual color, which in reality does not exist, dream of conflicts and quarrels. The initiator of the scandals will be a person from your inner circle. Try to find compromises so that the situation does not reach the scale of the disaster.
  6. If a monkey was running away from you in a dream, holding a banana in your hand, you should wait for love adventures in reality. You will be captured by the turbulent whirlpool of experiences and events. Do not try to analyze what is happening, but simply succumb to the circumstances.

Family Dream

Forecasts of this dream book in most cases are related to family life and relationships with relatives.

What dreams of bananas woman

  1. Banana symbolizes your chosen one. He is reliable and true to you, you can trust him. Try not to be jealous and not suspect him anymore, to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings in the relationship.
  2. If you avidly eat bananas in a dream, then in reality you need to turn your head on before making decisions. Due to the fact that you often act spontaneously, under the influence of emotions, you risk to make yourself a lot of trouble.
  3. Rotten and inedible fruit warns: you are wasting energy and strength on a job that you do not need. It is necessary to choose another course of action, which will be more promising and will bring good dividends in the future. If you continue to bend your line, then not only spend time, but also lose a couple of friends.
  4. Walking through a banana grove is a sign that you are very lucky in love. If you have not yet met a soul mate, just express your intention to the Universe. And very soon a suitable man will appear in your life.
  5. Collecting bananas in the basket — to an incredible financial success. You have a period in your life during which you will be able to literally make money out of thin air.
  6. Banana peel, on the contrary, dreams of financial setbacks. There will be a big loss of money, so it is better to prepare a safety cushion in advance.

Female dream book

Forecasts of this dream book are for women only.

  1. Bananas dream of wasting time on a hobby or a person who is absolutely not worth your attention. It is necessary to shift the focus of attention to other, more promising activities, to get rid of people in your environment that hinder your development and progress.
  2. Also, bananas dream of great trouble on the eve of some important event. A long period of time will have to solve many small problems, which is very tiring.
  3. There are bananas with pleasure — an unfavorable sign. He says that in reality you will have to spin like a squirrel in a wheel in order to have time to deal with the burden of obligations piling on you. But do not despair — a difficult period will end quickly. Just be patient and do what is required of you.
  4. Rotten and spoiled fruits dream of either losing their jobs or the complete collapse of their business. There will be a very crisis period that can plunge you into a state of absolute despair. It will take a lot of strength to return to normal life.

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  • In various dream books, bananas symbolize either the sex life of a person, or his relationship with a partner, or the financial sphere of life.
  • To find the correct prediction, remember the dream in detail, and then select the appropriate interpretation from the list.

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