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What dreams of butter — dream predictions

Why dream of butter? The authors of different dream books have different opinions on this.

Let’s try to figure out how to correctly interpret such a dream. Try to recall the night vision, which appeared to you in the realm of Morpheus, in all details and look for a suitable interpretation.

What dreams of butter - dream predictions

Interpretations of popular dream books

The authors of various dream books have different opinions about what butter can dream of. Interpretations may differ depending on how fresh the oil was, how it smelled, what you did with it in the realm of Morpheus — ate, bought, treated someone.

Therefore, try to remember exactly what happened in the dream and look for a suitable prediction.

Interpretation of Miller’s Dream Book

Psychotherapist Gustav Miller believed that the butter seen in a dream could mean the following:

  • Butter is fresh, looks very nice, and I want to try. Such a dream is a dream to the realization of all the plans. What you dreamed about will come true. You will also be healthy, financially prosperous, there will be enough time for work, personal life and self-development.
  • A stale, old, tasteless butter is dreaming that you will also be able to achieve your goals, but you can achieve results only at the cost of incredible effort. We’ll have to work hard to fulfill all the plans.
  • Does your dream of selling butter on the market? In real life, make a small profit. Trifle, but nice
  • If a woman dreams that she uses oil for cosmetic procedures, it means that in real life she is frivolous, lives for one day and is under the power of emotions, and not of reason.

What dreams of butter - dream predictions

Interpretation of Freud’s Dream Book

The famous psychotherapist treats dreams in terms of relationships with the opposite sex. His interpretations are as follows:

  • If in a dream you see how an outsider smears butter on bread to make a sandwich, in real life you will soon meet a very attractive young man. You will establish a pleasant communication, a relationship filled with love and mutual understanding will be established.
  • If you dream about frozen butter that you are trying to spread on bread, but you have nothing to do, then problems will arise in the relationship with a partner. You are too cold to him — try to give more heat, care and attention, then you will avoid conflicts
  • If you dream of a “sandwich falling butter down,” or you drop a package of butter on the floor, then in real life you will have to feel guilty. You are not offended from the evil of your loved one, saying a bunch of unpleasant things. Try not to offend your partner, otherwise quarrels cannot be avoided.
  • Dreamed how to buy butter in the store? This means that in real life you are already guilty in front of your partner and are trying in every possible way to make amends with gifts. But it does not help — he needs your attention and kind words, not attempts to cajole

Interpretation of the esoteric dream book

In the esoteric dream book there is only one prediction: if you dreamed butter, you will be safe in real life. Everything will turn out to be extremely successful, you will be financially well-off and lucky in your personal life.

What dreams of butter - dream predictions

Interpretation of the English dream book

The authors of the English dream book shared the following interpretations:

  • Butter is almost always a dream for good events. Very often, it foreshadows a great fun — perhaps you will come to a celebration, a major event. You are waited by joyful and very positive emotions.
  • If butter dreamed of one of a pair of lovers, then the wedding will take place soon. Your relationship will move to a serious level, you are ready to marry, raise children and build love for many years
  • If butter dreamed of a litigant, he would win and be compensated for the damage caused.
  • If oil dreamed of when your close and loved one is far away from you, wait to see him soon. He will again be with you, and you will carry the relationship through life

Also, butter can promise a solution to pressing problems, troubles go away, nothing threatens your well-being.

Interpretation of the French dream book

The authors of the French dream book share both favorable and unfavorable predictions:

  • If in a dream someone brings butter to you as a gift, then the case whose outcome really excites you in real life will be completed successfully and with great benefit to you.
  • If a married woman dreamed butter in a dream, it is likely that she will become pregnant in real life.
  • Melted butter dreams to a big tragedy — you will lose a loved one, and for a very long time you will not be able to accept the loss
  • If you buy a package of butter — wait for trouble, great grief will happen in your life, to avoid which will not work
  • Dropping butter on the floor — to improve the material situation. You will finally be able to pay off debts, get a promotion. You may receive an expensive gift or become a wealthy heir.

See in the video, what else can you dream about butter:

The interpretation of the Assyrian dream book

The authors of Assyrian dream book give a very laconic interpretation: in their opinion, butter dreams to partnership, long-term friendly relations or the emergence of a new business partner with whom you will profitably cooperate.

These are interpretations set forth in the most famous and popular dream books.

By the way, if you dream about not just butter, but a whole plant for its production, this is an extremely favorable sign that foreshadows great luck in all areas of your life. Good luck will accompany in everything — both in business and in personal life.

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