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What dreams of caterpillars on Miller, Vanga and others dream books

Scientists are sure that if all insects living on Earth are weighed, they will easily outweigh the people living next to them. And not just outweigh, but 30–40 times.

Naturally, we meet them at every step and in most cases we do not notice. But large and beautiful caterpillars attract attention, and it is not surprising that sometimes we even dream about them.

So why dream caterpillars?

What dreams of caterpillars on Miller, Vanga and others dream books

They have nothing more to do, they chew from morning to evening

Like all other dreams, dreams about caterpillars each dream book interprets in its own way, so you should choose the most realistic situations for you. If there is no kitchen garden, do not expect a rich harvest.

Wealth comes from the other side.

Although Miller’s dream book considers the caterpillars to be a symbol of lies, not all dreams are treated negatively.

You had a lot of caterpillars

The caterpillars are very voracious, and perhaps that is why modern predictors believe that many caterpillars eagerly eating a tree will definitely dream of abundance — either you will grow a good harvest by autumn, or you will improve your financial situation in the foreseeable future.

French dream book warns of possible major losses. The same suppose Spring dream book and the dream interpretation of the XXI century.

Dream Vanga is sure: if the caterpillars ravaged your garden, look for a traitor among your friends, dreamed that these insects attacked your garden and completely ravaged it — it means that the enemy is hiding next to you, disguised as a mask of friendship.

You watch the caterpillar

If you have nothing to do in a dream, watch a beautiful caterpillar, mark its bright color, ask yourself where it crawls and what it will do next, then soon you will really get a long-awaited vacation. So says the Modern Dream Book.

As you can see, his prophecies are very predictable.

Irina Udilova, in her dream book, claims that a caterpillar in a dream speaks of your unrevealed potential. Listen to yourself, it turns out you are capable of more.

A beautiful, bright caterpillar is a symbol of your inner beauty, which for some reason you hide from your loved ones. But the black, terrible caterpillar warns that a malevolent has flowed into your surroundings.

You saw a caterpillar, but you were not at all interested in it.

According to Miller, such a dream should be taken seriously, because soon you will meet a deceitful, unprincipled person. You’d better abandon new deals and dating for a while.

But the French dream book says the opposite — a very good friend will appear in your life.

If you are a young girl, behave cautiously, as you caterpillar prophesies pregnancy.

Spring dream book predicts a quick falling in love. And your chosen one will be in every sense a worthy person.

Freud’s dream interpretation warns that ill-wishers will start a dishonest game with you.

You caught a caterpillar

Dream Miller sure that you should not play a wedding in the near future, perhaps you have chosen the wrong person.

What dreams of caterpillars on Miller, Vanga and others dream books

In a dream, you crushed a caterpillar

If by chance, it is to luck. But if you did it consciously, you could harm yourself.

Big online dream book predicts that soon you will learn the name of your sworn enemy.

From dirt to Kings

The caterpillar turns into a butterfly

Get ready, there will be some global change in your life.

This may be a new job, marriage, and even a change of religion. Whatever happens, all changes for the better.

But if the caterpillar pupates in a dream, it foreshadows the exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Caterpillars crawling over your body

Take a look, among your loved ones hiding foe or envious. Do not make new acquaintances yet and try not to spend much time in large companies.

The more around the people, the harder it is for you to see the hypocrite.

Let’s give the caterpillar the wings!

Flying caterpillar

See such a caterpillar to great happiness.

Caterpillars fall on you from the branches

You are not an angel in life, it’s time to pay for your deeds.

Wang also thinks: such a dream indicates that you yourself are the main cause of your failures. Moderate selfishness and spend more time around.

What dreams of caterpillars on Miller, Vanga and others dream books

Color and size matter

What color is your caterpillar?

If it is black, listen to your inner feelings. You have not experienced anxiety in a dream, it means that a dream foreshadows wealth and power.

But if you feel anxiety, in front of you are waiting for enemies, illness or anxiety about loved ones.

The green caterpillar gives hope for the successful completion of all your deeds. But have to work hard. For example, do not dream that wealth will fall from the tree, and buy a lottery ticket.

Do not expect profitable offers from business partners, but put forward ideas yourself. Do not self-medicate, but stomp to the clinic — now is the time to take up your health closely, the disease will definitely recede.

The white caterpillar also warns of the appearance of a traitor among friends. Dream Miller adds that in addition to the betrayal in your life will begin a black stripe.

You will need a lot of effort and patience to return everything to its original place.

Big caterpillar

Freud’s dream interpretation is sure that if you dreamed about a huge caterpillar, it means that you will soon lose your spouse / partner. No, nothing will happen to him, he will simply leave.

But you are waiting for a period of despair and rethinking of their behavior towards him. If you really need this person, from this minute give him maximum attention.

At some period, the caterpillar seems to us a terrible monster, but it soon turns into an ideal of beauty and grace.

It is as changeable as human life. So after seeing a caterpillar in a dream, do not panic — a terrible insect does not necessarily predict a black line in life.

Rather, on the contrary, its appearance in your dreams makes it possible to prevent unpleasant situations and not make irreparable mistakes.

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