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What dreams of clean, clear water on the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov

What dreams of clean, clear water. The dream book will help us to understand this.

General interpretation of sleep

Clear water is a great sign with a positive color. This is claimed by almost all interpreters of dreams. Even to drown in it does not bode well for anything bad.

On the contrary — it is to overcome obstacles with the subsequent improvement of the financial situation. For a complete and accurate explanation of the visions turn to the dream books.

Interpretation of various dream books

What dreams of clean, clear water on the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov

Small Veles dream

  • She foreshadows you good luck, good health, pleasant dating.
  • Wash it, bathe in it — promises a serene life, freedom.
  • To drink it from a spring is grace and health.
  • We saw her in the glass — his wife will be bat spouse.
  • Drops of clean water — cash income.
  • Raging water in the river foreshadows insane, but pleasant events.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

Visions with such water are harbingers of well-being, satisfaction.

The dream of the sorceress Medea

  • It symbolizes the temperamental relationship, sexual energy.
  • Pure, clear water — for fun, romantic relationships.

Dream for the whole family

  • Seeing her is a positively colored sign.
  • Immerse yourself in seawater or in the ocean — to get unique emotions.
  • Enter the mountain river with clear water — to the surprise of your sweetheart.
  • Thrown into the mountain stream — to an affair with a long sequel.
  • Plunged into it completely — you expect an unpleasant incident.

Dream Esoteric E. Tsvetkova

Drinking it — to good luck and enjoyment in life.

Female dream book

  • To see such water promises fun, satisfaction, stability in finances.
  • Drinking it foreshadows the successful achievement of their plans.

Children’s dream book

Such a vision is a symbol of health, recognition, spiritual chastity.

Family Dream

  • Swim in it is a positive sign. This foreshadows a serene, prosperous life. All your plans will be translated into reality. Be prudent, do not commit negative actions in order to preserve this prosperity.
  • Swam together with a stranger of the opposite sex. This is a romantic relationship. Love will be mutual.
  • In a pure reservoir were together with persons of the same sex — it promises reliable friends.
  • Being in a pool in which there were a lot of people. You will take part in a serious event. There you will show a good side.
  • In it to dive — feel the full moment of good luck and happiness.
  • They looked from the depths of the clear waters towards heaven. Means to dream about your future. Your plans will come true if you do not turn from the path of their implementation.

What dreams of clean, clear water on the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov

Ukrainian dream book

  • Visions with clear water promise prosperity.
  • Flooding with clean water. To the obstacles that you easily get around.
  • It flows in front of you — to the good news.
  • Drink it — to well-being.
  • It is so clean and transparent that the bottom is visible — unfortunately.

Dream Dream Prince Zhou-Gong

Deep huge river with clear and clear waters predicts great happiness.

Old Russian dream book

Such water promises you life filled with prosperity and joy.

Natural sources of clean water in a dream

  1. River. It flows slowly, but its inner power is felt. Talking about your plans for the future. You have enough energy to realize the most ambitious plans. No one can prevent this from happening.
  2. A spring with clear water symbolizes reserves for creative ascent. For single people, this promises mutual love.
  3. Lake — a chance to show their abilities. The bigger it is, the stronger the effect will be.
  4. Little stream — to the joyful communication, pleasant dates.
  5. Puddle — do not expect troubles, they are not expected.
  6. The Vast Ocean — suddenly find yourself in a talent, which was not suspected.

Water tanks

  1. Such water in a glass communicates with a friend, support in a difficult situation.
  2. A bucket with her — unexpected financial income. Possible cash gain.
  3. A full bath is a great sign for sick people. This foreshadows a speedy healing. For the rest, health promises.
  4. Water flowing from the tap — trust in solving your own intuition.
  5. Pour it from somewhere. All obstacles will pass you by.

Wash with clean water

  • To deliverance from evil thoughts, spiritual cleansing. It’s time to start a new life. Take up any business. You will succeed.
  • Wash your hands with it — you have a good opportunity to carry out your plans.
  • During the wash washed away the dirt — to the cash income.

To see animals in such water

  • Observing of floating fish in it predicts a monetary income.
  • The animals, seen in the water, symbolize a serious event that will happen in the future.
  • Young girls — is a harbinger of a desired pregnancy.

About the vision of clean, clear water with blue tint

  • To see such a source means that there is a period of luck and success in your life.
  • Bathe in it — the higher forces are favorable to you. Catch the moment. Make the most cherished wishes come true.
  • Drinking it is a message about your writing skills. Try it in real life, you should be able to do it. Write, create.

Emotional state in a dream matters

While dreaming with pure water, you experienced a feeling of satisfaction, inner comfort. Happiness has filled your soul. This foreshadows good events.

Business people this bodes for success in business. Things will go uphill.

What dreams of clean, clear water on the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov

Interpretations from other sources

  1. Such water in a dream — to peace, the desire to create.
  2. Dreams at a young age for girls can predict future children. If she caught fish in clear water, then their number will talk about her children.
  3. A negative color will have a dream in which the fish were dead. This heralds a frustrated pregnancy, the inability to give birth or a sick child.
  4. Water you cannot control is the source of your fears. In the end, this leads to anxiety and feelings. Such dreams reflect the unbalanced psychological state of the dreamer.

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