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What dreams of death — interpretation of the dream

How to determine why dreams of death, and whether to fear such a dream? Let’s try to understand with the help of forecasts of dream books.

I analyzed and collected the best predictions that will help you shed light on the near future.

Dream Miller

These tokovans will appeal to people who love to understand psychology, believe in the capabilities of their subconscious and are looking for logic in everything.

What dreams of death - interpretation of the dream

Here are the predictions of the psychologist Gustav Miller:

  1. Seeing someone close to the dead is a dream warning of future trials. Fate decides to test you for strength, so you should expect all sorts of problems and troubles. Your future life will depend on how you deal with them.
  2. Talk to your deceased friend in a dream — to the news that will upset and upset you. Be sure to listen to the new information, it is important for your life.
  3. Talking with a dead father — in a given period of time you need to pay more attention to money and work. Carefully analyze every case that you undertake. Look for risky moments, do not allow yourself to make mistakes. You have to work flawlessly.
  4. See a lot of zombie dead of different sexes — your reputation is at stake. Your person is shrouded in many rumors and inappropriate gossip, so people are whispering behind your back, discussing the dirty details of his personal life.
  5. To talk with the deceased mother — you pay too little attention to your health, and one day the body will rebel, and you will seriously get sick. Problems can be avoided if you allow yourself to rest, sleep, be examined by a doctor and constantly take care of your well-being.
  6. Seeing the role of a dead brother — a close person is in trouble and needs your help. He is afraid to ask, so watch out — which of your dear people has been acting strangely lately.
  7. If a dead person in a dream tries to make you promise something, it means that in real life you do not fulfill agreements with yourself. For example, you promise to start running in the morning, but never get down to business. With such a dream, the subconscious warns: either keep your word or not promise, otherwise it will be bad.
  8. If the dead man in a dream gave some advice, you should listen to him. This is your subconscious mind trying to get through, to help in solving some important issue. We can say that the advice comes from yourself to yourself.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

The psychotherapist was engaged in the interpretation of dreams for many years and left behind many predictions.

What dreams of death - interpretation of the dream

Here are his interpretations of dreams in which a person faces death:

  1. Watching the death of someone you know — deep down you really want to get rid of these people. Their physical destruction in a dream gives an emotion of satisfaction and helps in real life not to do anything wrong with these people.
  2. The death of strangers, strangers to you is a sign of infantilism and being stuck in the state of “childhood” in an adult. The dreamer is not ready to take responsibility for his own life, he is waiting for someone to come and solve all his problems.
  3. Watching a funeral where people cry and suffer — such a dream suggests that you suppress many of your emotions. You do not allow yourself to feel, to experience bad and good feelings, to be a living person.

Dream Vanga

The image of the blind divination is shrouded in a mystical veil. And it is precisely her predictions about death that are of the greatest interest.

What dreams of death - interpretation of the dream

How Vanga interpreted such dreams:

  1. Dying in a dream yourself is a very auspicious sign. You will live a long and happy life with your loved one. In addition, you will become engaged in something useful to the world and people, fulfill your purpose.
  2. To see the death of some famous person, a significant figure for society (for example, the president) is a prophecy. However, it will not be literally. This dream promises the coming to power of a wise man who will arrange things in one of the states. This can happen in any country, regardless of the place of residence and the nationality of the dreamer.
  3. The death of a seriously ill person — in reality you will have to suffer the consequences of gross injustice. Someone will hurt you and devalue your work. But nothing can be changed, you will have to accept the circumstances.
  4. Clinical death — you will live in a state of apathy and without goals for a very long time. Perhaps this period is necessary for you to rest, recuperate and fill with energy.
  5. An agonizing and long death dreams of war, which will begin in one of the developed countries. Such a dream, according to Vanga, is prophetic and can appear to absolutely anyone on the globe.
  6. The mass death of a large number of people prophesies an epidemic that will happen on the planet. Vanga believed that a disease previously unknown to science could kill off the lives of millions of people.
  7. And if in a dream you killed someone with your own hands, then this is a good sign. Soon you will be invited to a romantic date, you will get a lot of bright emotions and impressions, have a great time with the person who you like.
  8. To be injured and then die is an auspicious sign. You will live a happy and long life surrounded by close people, relatives and the second half. In addition, you are marked by a talent that you can successfully implement.

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  • The dreamed death, however terrible it might be, does not always foreshadow trouble. Therefore, you should not be afraid of such a dream — sometimes he even promises good news.
  • Try to remember what exactly you saw in the images of your dream — what kind of death was it? An old woman with a scythe? Or a different picture? Depending on the plot of the dream will be different and its interpretation.
  • Read all the predictions and then rely on your intuition and decide which one is best for you.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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