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What dreams of diamonds according to dream books: Miller, Vanga

Dreams give us a chance to be in night dreams in various roles and lives. However, in addition to this, they warn us against reckless acts and warn of possible dangers with the help of various objects and images.

What dreams of diamonds? This gem symbolizes wealth and luxury, high status and special status in society. To see this stone in a dream is very nice, but the meaning of sleep in real life can be different.

To see diamonds in a dream in a ring means a successful, full of emotional colors life. If the ring in the dream was an engagement, then soon you will receive an offer from your beloved to marry. Family life with him will be happy and comfortable.

Earrings with expensive stones mean loyalty to your spouse. If you do not have a life partner, then such a dream promises you a quick meeting with your destiny. Also, the dream promises you a new period in life, full of happiness and well-being.

Pendant with diamonds in a dream means distrust on the part of your loved one. It is worth talking to him and finding out the reasons for this distrust in order to prevent a serious conflict.

Diamonds in a dream necklace suggest the imminent appearance in the family of the baby. This event will greatly affect your spouse and an unprecedented rise will begin in his career. Also a necklace with precious stones can predict success in love affairs.

If diamonds in a dream turned out to be fake, then your environment consists of fake and deceitful people. It’s time to understand the sincerity of your surroundings and leave only real, devoted people next to you.

If you dreamed of small diamonds, then you should appreciate more of what is in your life. You tend to wish otherwise, not noticing and not appreciating what you have.

Many large gems in a dream predict a comfortable old age, if you now take active steps. You should set specific goals for yourself and strive to achieve them. You will surely succeed in this.

The diamond in the singular in dreams indicates your deep loneliness. You are not alone, but life with your loved one is much more rosy than you think. Do not lock yourself in and love itself will find you.

Interaction with diamonds in a dream has the following meaning:

  • Buying diamonds is a sign of independence and independence. This dream warns that if you want happiness in marriage, you should be softer and weaker with your spouse.
  • Collect diamonds scattered by someone — to unexpected wealth and boundless happiness. The main thing is not to lose your head from this event and not to alienate your loved ones from yourself.
  • To make jewelry from diamonds — to the good dynamics in your enterprise. You are working in the right direction, and soon it will begin to generate income.
  • Lose diamonds — to cheat in real life. This dream warns you about a difficult situation in which the main thing is to be restrained, emotionally balanced and tactful.
  • To admire diamonds in a dream — to the great joy in the future.

Some dream books treat dreams with diamonds as a sign of success and prosperity in the future. However, to achieve these benefits, you will need to go through a difficult and difficult path.

This dream book interprets what dreams of diamonds as follows:

  • receive as a gift diamonds — to improve the material condition;
  • for young people, get a diamond as a gift — for a quick wedding;
  • to lose a gem — to parting with a dear man by his own fault.

Dream Hasse suggests the following dream values ​​with diamonds:

  • give someone a precious stone — a symbol of your extravagance. Such tactics of behavior can play a cruel joke with you and leave you with nothing;
  • to receive diamonds as a gift — to the appearance of an influential and strong patron in your life;
  • just to contemplate diamonds in a dream is a sign of the fragility of your happiness in the present;
  • try on a diamond ring — to get a big reward;
  • to lose a gem — to chagrin and sorrow;
  • Finding diamond jewelry is a sign that your feelings are mutual.

In Miller’s dream book, diamond dreams predict that the sleeper will respect others, various honors and recognition of his significance. For an unmarried woman, such a dream may foreshadow a meeting with a long-awaited man whose relationship will end in a magnificent wedding.

The loss of a ring or diamond earrings in a dream — to shame and financial difficulties.

The seer gave the following meaning to a diamond dream:

  • a big diamond — to see you soon with a good person who will teach you a lot;
  • a necklace with diamonds on your neck — to the appearance of a patron in your destiny, who will be able to decorate and simplify your life;
  • to see diamonds loose — to peace and peace in family life;
  • receive a gem as a gift — to the future participation in events that will turn the whole world upside down.

A female dream book treats such dreams as follows:

  • own diamonds — to respect your surroundings;
  • to accept a gift with diamonds from a beloved — to a dignified and successful marriage;
  • to lose diamonds and not to find — to need, misfortune and shame;
  • diamonds taken from the body of the deceased — to the recognition of the friends of your perfidy.

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