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What dreams of dirty feet in terms of psychoanalysis and dream books

Let’s figure out what dreams of dirty feet. In short, dirty feet dream of wealth. Not for a New Year’s award, not for a donated teddy bear or a thin golden ringlet.

Dirty feet dream of true wealth with balls, high-society receptions, lies at every turn, holidays in the Maldives and shopping in Milan.

Clarify. Wealth will be acquired by dishonest means.

Maybe you will have to become a kept woman or deceive your business partner by taking his share exactly before the start of the company’s heyday. You do not have to follow this path, you have a choice, but you need to understand that such a chance is not given to everyone and only once.

What dreams of dirty feet in terms of psychoanalysis and dream books

What is the reason for the attraction of dirty feet

  • At one time, the fetishists of England even had an elite and closed club of dirty feet lovers. Young exotic dancers were summoned to him. Getting there was considered a great success — smart and talented girls were often taken to the kept women, spoiled. Dirty or gilded legs are a real fetish in certain circles. Gold and dirt are identical to Freud’s interpretation. Accordingly, soiled female legs, especially if they are beautifully shaped, can drive you crazy completely and irrevocably. Why, for example, are so popular, profitable and attractive fights in the mud, although it is considered embarrassing to admit it? Why the phrase «dirty girl» or «dirty dancing» attract money like a magnet. Perhaps grandfather Freud is right, and dirt and money have a similar nature. Dirty feet in a dream means that you are ready to get dirty.
  • The second interpretation of dirty feet implies hard peasant labor on the land. This is a batch of clay, treading grapes. Only for some reason, these everyday activities gather a crowd of fans. A recognized sex symbol of his time, Adriano Celentano performed his best hit in a barrel with grapes and with hopelessly dirty feet. Dirty feet — a powerful sexual symbol, meaning animal “dirty” passion.
  • To see dirty feet in a dream is a strong sensual sign. As an exemplary girls often pulls to the «bad guys», and refined aristocrats irresistibly pulls to the «dirty girls.»
  • The third meaning of what dirty feet dream about is the thirst for wanderings. You are attracted by travel, new experiences, you do not need expensive hotels and chlorinated pools. You are ready to knead the dirt in Cambodia, Cairo, Somalia, provided that you are treated with due respect. You may be able to collect on your heels a collection of sand grains from all beaches, deserts and mountain peaks of this world. You definitely need to go somewhere and relax a little, climbing along the mountain slopes or going down to the caves. This is necessary just so as not to destroy this world — you have enough strength for it. You should not keep such power in yourself. Let yourself go for a walk. Everything goes the best way.

What dreams of dirty feet in terms of psychoanalysis and dream books

What do dirty feet mean by dream books

  • Freud in this question is unambiguous. You are attracted to sex, money, you want to have everything at once and completely. You will not be satisfied with a little sex and a little bit of money. Dirty feet — a sign of extreme ambition. You are ready to go over the heads or on the twisted stomachs for the sake of your goal and you are not confused by the details. You are incredibly sensual, passionate, you are burned by the heat of the heart and greed in the soul. People of the opposite, and your gender is not able to resist your charisma, and with admiration are ready to give you all that they have. But you are always enough. What to do, now is your way. Do not hurt a little care and attentiveness. Be wary of detractors, but rather make friends with them.
  • Miller firmly points to the machinations of the envious and detractors who will interfere with you at any cost, even to the detriment of themselves.
  • The attractiveness has only dirty feet of perfect shape. Other people’s dirty feet, sore, swollen, with ulcers, affected by a fungus, with broken nails or cracked heels mean illness and suffering.
  • Damaged and dirty nails mean impaired external protection. Dirty and cracked heels — internal protection is damaged, your emotions, feelings are currently distorted by suffering. Most likely, you yourself bring yourself suffering, you like the fate of the unfortunate and destitute. If you endlessly tell your friends and acquaintances about your difficult childhood, in the hope of sympathy and understanding — stop. In this state, you can not move on, and no one needs to carry you on the handles. Not that you are a valuable prize, if in truth.
  • Your own injured legs, in wounds, with mud and blood — you lose your footing and clearly chose the wrong path.
  • Parasites clinging to dirty feet, leeches. You are greatly underestimated, humiliated, put into place, below what you deserve. No one is interested in your opinion, but everyone will gladly take advantage of your services, dating, money. Parasites significantly slow down your movement, weaken. In this case, thanks, even the minimum, you will not get. Immediately get rid of freeloaders. Keep in mind — they will be terribly unhappy.

What dreams of dirty feet in terms of psychoanalysis and dream books


Do not confuse the interpretation of dirty shoes and dirty feet. To see dirty shoes in a dream is a sign of negligence.

Barefoot beautiful dirty feet — a sign of passion, greed, gold, exquisite and possibly perverted sensuality. These qualities certainly envy, cruelty, sentimentality. In some cases, the passion for gold can displace the burden of adventure and travel.

Choose which roads you prefer to get your feet dirty on.

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