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What dreams of gold earrings?

Girls’ best friends are jewelry. And sometimes they even dream!

Let us examine what dreams of gold earrings: to an unexpected gift? Consider options for popular interpretations and psychological background of such dreams.

What dreams of gold earrings?

What dreams of gold earrings: folk interpretation

There are many dream books written by different authors. The meaning of dreams in them is interpreted differently.

But the most common meanings of such a dream are as follows.

  1. Gold earrings as a projection of real relationships with people. The dream in which you see the decoration, can talk about the upcoming conclusion of a union. Love: entering into a relationship, the beginning of cohabitation, the conclusion of a formal marriage. Business: the emergence of new partners in the business, a deal with the supplier company or a major client.
  2. At all, gold in a dream — a precursor of something good, not necessarily material. Therefore, such a dream is not a bad omen.
  3. An exception: a dream in which you lose a cat. This is a bad sign, foreshadowing serious losses in personal or business life. Alert: you can expect a separation from your loved one or a critical situation at work.
  4. If in a dream an ornament of gold dreamed of a man, this may mean that he has a lot of responsibility. In the future, a situation may arise when you have to take custody of someone. A trainee may appear at work or a close relative will become ill, who will need to be cared for. Also, such a dream can talk about the upcoming marriage or pregnancy of the woman he loves.
  5. If the golden earrings dream of a pregnant woman, then, most likely, we should expect the birth of a boy. Do an ultrasound.
  6. If the earrings in a dream you hold, it is a symbol of good luck that you are about to catch. Expect pleasant bonuses from life.
  7. If earrings appear in a dream of a young girl, she should expect pleasant news or an unexpected surprise. Or an event will occur that will affect her future life in the most positive way.
  8. It is necessary to guard, if earrings in a dream are worn by an outside woman. This may be a sign that gossip is going on about you, far from believable. Be careful: someone behind your back leads a heated discussion on your personal life.
  9. If earrings in a dream you give, this is a good sign. Wait for the good news at work: perhaps make useful contacts or make a good deal.
  10. If the decoration in a dream you buy, then in real life expect serious spending. Unscheduled: you may have to pay a large fine, or you will need urgent car repairs.

Try to remember and record the dream in the smallest detail immediately after waking up. So you can analyze all its details and interpret as faithfully as possible.

Psychological interpretation

What dreams of gold earrings?

Gold is a symbol of success, material well-being, stability. It is from this point of view that the meaning of the dreamed earrings of this noble material should be interpreted.

Pictures in dreams do not arise just like this: it is a reflection of your reality — thoughts, desires, impressions. Therefore, all the events that occur around you, and all the emotions that you experience in real life, directly affect the formation of dreams.

Therefore, gold earrings in a dream can say:

  • about the upcoming big purchase: the deferred money will finally turn into a new apartment, car or something similarly meaningful to you in material terms;
  • about serious positive changes in your personal life: wedding, moving to another country, traveling together with the whole family;
  • about your confidence, stability of material and moral stability: everything goes as it should in your life;
  • about your commitment to development: you are addicted to gaining new knowledge and skills, constantly trying to earn more, improve the quality of your environment;
  • that a new person in your life will become an inspiration, improvement or material wealth.

If in a dream you put on, buy, receive as a gift gold earrings, it speaks only about the positive. Nothing bad can be a dream. But if the decoration in the night vision is taken away from you, you lose it, break it, guard it.

Perhaps you are disturbed by some upcoming event: it can lead to negative consequences.

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