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What dreams of graves?

Death in a dream is associated with peace and tranquility, the end of a period in life. After awakening you should not worry and expect imminent disaster, you need to look in the dream book the meaning of the seen plot. What dreams of graves? Monuments, tombstones or fresh burials rarely portend anything dangerous or bad. Details learn in the interpreters.

The cemetery symbolizes rest and rest, the dreamer expects a quiet period in life without worries and anxieties. However, no bright events are expected either. If, while contemplating graves in a cemetery, there were disturbing sensations, then a quiet period in life would be overshadowed by the destructive thoughts of the dreamer himself.

Grave crosses, oddly enough, they are considered a positive symbol, because they adorn all Christian churches. The cross is a symbol of good change, hope for a bright future and the end of suffering. Walk to the cemetery among the grave crosses — indulge in memories of past meetings, forgotten friends and acquaintances.

A dream in which the dreamer saw a well-kept cemetery has a positive meaning, graves in flowers and wreaths. If the cemetery looked abandoned, a dream means disappointment in something. Search for someone’s grave — in life you will have to find a way out of a difficult situation, in which the dreamer got through his own fault. Find the grave — A way out of the impasse will be found.

Flowers and wreaths on the graves are a good sign. Behold beautifully flower-decorated graves — you are among true and reliable friends. Lay a wreath at the grave — you will have to accept a circumstance that is unpleasant. However, you will find the strength to accept this fact in your life and find inner peace.

Tidy up someone’s grave — you will be asked for help. The request can not be denied, you need help as much as possible. The dream warns of a karmic duty that the dreamer must fulfill.

What the cemetery dreams about and the graves became clear from the interpretation. And why dream of his own grave? This image says that about the dreamer go rumor (in a good sense of the word). People will discuss the achievements and successes of the dreamer, praise and admire. Dream foreshadows career success, well-deserved honors. See clearly name engraved on the monument — to fame and honor.

If you happen to see just dug empty own grave — The dreamer seeks to get rid of something in life, to bury memories or a bad situation. Sleep or lie in an empty grave — you need rest, time-out. Do not overstretch your strength, allow the body to recover.

A bad dream has a meaning in which people fall asleep in the grave. This story foreshadows the loss of their positions in the workplace, the loss of credibility and respect. A dream foreshadows oblivion. Feel that suffocating in the grave — to trouble and trouble.

If you saw a dug grave and a man in it, the dream has several interpretations:

  • foreshadows separation from this person;
  • denotes an attempt to erase this person from his life, memory;
  • expresses a craving for intimacy with an inaccessible person;
  • grave — dream book foreshadows a new acquaintance, if the person in it is unfamiliar.

Fresh dug up the grave of another person without a coffin and a dead man — to unpleasant news. You should also expect deception in the hope of failed plans due to the fault of other people.

When deciphering a dream, it is important to remember whose grave dreamed at night. If you visited the grave of a relative, expect dramatic changes in life. For example, the long-awaited job placement or change of residence. However, the grave should look well-groomed. If a dream came image of an abandoned grave of a relative, in life expect problems.

  • Father’s grave dreams to help loved ones.
  • Mother’s grave — to the loss of vitality, disease.
  • Grandmother’s grave — to a strong binding of the past in life.
  • The grave of her husband — to a new marriage (without widowhood).

If someone’s dreaming the grave in your own yard or cottage, a dream warns of a family secret that is inaccessible to the dreamer. Also, a dream can show the image of a “skeleton in a closet,” that is, the secret of the family, which is carefully guarded by family members.

The newest dream book warns: you will be entrusted with a dangerous secret. If you had a chance to dig a grave in a dream, expect a “fatal” disease.

New dream book: digging — to own wine, to see — to news from afar, uncovered — to bad news, to lie in a grave under the ground — to wealth, to tear off — to death.

Family Dream believes that the plot foreshadows illness and trouble. A fresh grave — you will be hurt by someone’s deed, abandoned — news about a serious human disease, digging — to the machinations of the enemy, dig up to the end — to victory over the enemies, to see the inscriptions on the monuments — to unpleasant events.

Modern dream book gives sad interpretations. The image of the grave promises disruption of commercial transactions and deterioration of health. Fresh grave foreshadows trouble because of the antics of another person, wander through the cemetery — to premature death and unhappy marriage.

Looking at the dug hole — to the disappointment, loss of friends. The image of a person covered with earth in a grave foreshadows the loss of property, if they saw a friend in the grave — he is in danger. Contemplation of your own grave in a dream — beware of the machinations of enemies who will stop at nothing.

The bright sun in a dream with a grave foreshadows a way out of a difficult situation. An attempt to bury a dead man who suddenly disappeared — trouble will come from where it was not expected. To spend the night in a dug-out grave in the absence of another overnight stay — to great trouble, to break with your loved one, to unhappiness.

Seeing yourself buried in a grave — to lack of money and financial collapse. See around the abandoned old graves — to sadness, longing and sadness. Looking into an empty hole — to the loss of a loved one.

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