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What dreams of hugging the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

In the world there are many strange holidays, one of these — the day of hugs. Traditionally, on December 4, people exchange friendly touches, sending each other their warmth, good mood and vitality. It is no wonder if your embrace will float in night dreams. Why dream of such a dream, find out in the dream.

Pleasant feelings cause hugs with loved ones, friends, relatives and pets. It has been scientifically proven that such tactile contacts stimulate the central nervous system, increase immunity and increase hemoglobin levels. But in general, this pleasant action causes a benevolent disposition towards other people.

Such a dream can be interpreted as forthcoming changes on a personal front, new positive emotions from old friends and just a period of carefree and happy pastime.

But there is a negative version of the prediction, when it comes to hugs with potential competitors or a former boss who fired you. Here the important point is the mood of the one who embraces your reply. If you woke up in a cold sweat after such a plot — get ready for the test.

If someone very cute and beautiful suddenly grabbed a young girl, and even lifted her up in your arms — expect passionate courtship that will grow into a serious romance. A good time to look into the bridal salons and look after the dress, as having met a life partner, you will have much less free time.

A lot of witnesses of your meeting with a stranger were seen — expect wedding rush and pleasant troubles. The celebration is just around the corner.

A woman calmly and sadly laid her head on her shoulder to her spouse — entails a series of family adversities and troubles. Quarrels and offenses are possible due to misunderstanding of each other.

Touches and kisses with parents in a dream do not promise good, most likely followed by deterioration in the health of a relative. If you kiss the groom, and he tries to turn away from you — this is a sign of parting with him. You began to move away from each other, there were different hobbies and companies of friends. Apparently, the time has come for your farewell to each other.

Unfamiliar people are pushing their lips to your face, which means that there are a lot of unconfirmed gossip and rumors behind your back. It will not be superfluous to reconsider the close circle of your communication and to reveal obvious envious and detractors.

Unmarried girl guy presses at the bus stop — wait for a temporary separation due to a quick trip or business trip.

The dog jumps on your neck with joyful and sonorous barking — to a pleasant meeting with old and good friends.

The spouse pulls hands to the husband to pull over to him — her efforts and care of the head of the family will be adequately rewarded in real life. An expensive gift or material reward promises her such a dream.

Quarrel, but then you stretch the hand of your beloved in a dream — it means you are regretting reality about your frivolous act. You are disturbed by the disclosure of the facts of treason or betrayal. Nobody has canceled honesty and decency, your lover should have the right to choose. Give her the opportunity to decide whether to be with you or not.

Hugging a married man with a stranger means discord in the family and subsequent divorce. If the guy rejects the advances of strangers, then peace and quiet will soon come to the family.

Passionate touch of a young man to a girl — they talk about his insatiable desires for intimate intimacy, but not about feelings and love for her partner in reality.

Dreamed how a friend puts his hand on your shoulder — expect him to call for help in the near future. If you hugged him — it shows your feeling of loneliness. You need the support and kind words of your ally.

There was tactile contact with a deceased grandmother who loved you very much — expect good news and quick changes for the better in your destiny.

And if a departed father slaps you on the shoulder, this is a sign of approval of your achievements in the business sphere by a powerful patron. So the path of development of your business is the right one and promises big profits and dividends.

Shaking hands with relatives in a dream — to suspicion of a serious illness. It is time to consult a doctor and be examined.

And if you do it with your opponent or competitor — expect a heavy confrontation in the business environment. Any means will be good here. Help may come from old partners and investors.

From the back, someone came up to touch you — confidently rely on your close circle of colleagues and friends. Thanks to their support, you will succeed.

Holding a baby in your arms and pressing it indicates your disharmony in the soul. You have gone through a difficult period, and can’t get out of a stressful state. It is necessary to rethink everything and understand yourself, only then your life will begin to improve.

Hiding from the unwanted embrace — you want to be in silence and solitude in real life. Your active lifestyle makes it impossible to stop and enjoy the calm.

Hugs of spouses with a sense of joy and happiness will carry these emotions into real life. Every year your family only becomes stronger and dearer. But if in the dream there was sadness and bitterness of regret — in reality you will have to sort things out and defend your positions. You will try to compromise or give up the second half.

The unknown person was pressed with his hands — to the unexpected guests, whom you will not be happy for long. Soon you will want peace and quiet.

Hugs — a symbol of the intimacy of intimate relationships. Such a dream personifies your strong affection for your beloved. Being close to this person in bed, you arrive in harmony and balance, elevating this relationship to the ideal.

Through these touches, your fears and fear of parting with this person are expressed. You care about the sexual desires and needs of your partner. And thoughts of separation from her are perceived extremely painfully.

It is necessary to beware of dreams, where you embrace with a man of ugly or strange appearance, as well as old men dressed in black and old rags. Such visions speak of the approaching epidemic, illness, or widespread sadness and longing in your family.

Throwing themselves into the arms of a child means that they will turn to you for help, having shown that, you will be generously rewarded by nature and destiny.

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