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What dreams of money, coins, bills for dream books

To understand what dreams of money, you need to figure out what money means to you. Money has no eigenvalue except conditional.

The value of money is manifested exclusively in the relationship between people who agree with the special value of money.

You can’t convince a camel to take you out of the desert by offering any amount in any currency, but you’ll be able to negotiate with a Bedouin. The penguins will not exchange their fish for cutted paper, only people will change the fish for paper, and will be happy for the profitable exchange.

Thus, money is a tool for influencing other people.

The amount of money determines the scale of the possible impact. Maybe you only have enough coins to convince the baker to give you a pie. Maybe money is enough to make thousands of people work for you for several hours a day.

You can also set conditions — not everyone has the right to spend his time on you, increase your well-being and get some of your money in exchange for your life.

In real life, people try not to think about such things — they are unpleasant.

But in a dream a lot becomes obvious.

What dreams of money, coins, bills for dream books

Basic values ​​of money in a dream

  • Large sums, finding a suitcase with gold is a hoax. They want to deceive you, and seriously and big. Especially such a dream should be paid attention to a big deal, buying or selling real estate, an expensive car. Review the contract, contact the lawyers, specify the details and history of the transaction. Chances are that something is wrong and there are hidden pitfalls and unobvious tricks.
  • To dream of money in your wallet, recount them — there is a danger of robbery, theft. Take care of safekeeping of finance, do not carry large amounts of cash with you. Another value — you will need to save and account for each ruble. For the time being, refrain from large purchases and unreliable investments.
  • To give someone bills — to influence, accelerate processes, look for simple solutions. Sometimes this is justified, but first try all the other ways. Chance fraud is great. Refine the real possibilities of a person and his desire to help you.
  • To wear a suit of money, to see people dressed in money — to splurge, to pretend.
  • The glove compartment of the car, full of bundles of bills — you are misleading. The real signs of luxury in a dream are not money, but their manifestations — yachts, expensive cars, black caviar. If you see money in a dream, it almost always means cheating.
  • Small money, coins — you can easily go through life, playing, and not even in gambling, but, for example, on the violin. The likelihood of obtaining serious means or opportunities, for example, to win the lottery or get a place superintendent of a tropical island, for you is maximum. This paradox will work as long as you are not too interested in money as such.
  • Foreign money in a dream, you do not even completely understand what is written on them. Maybe it makes sense to play on the stock exchange? Or go on a trip. Other countries and new experiences are calling you.
  • Game bills. For example, for monopoly. You are developing a new strategy, trying new tools of influence. You may be able to make a real breakthrough.

What dreams of money, coins, bills for dream books

What do the money for dream books

  • According to Freud’s dream book, money means unspent sexual potential. You have a lot of sexual energy, you lack feelings, emotions, real love and ordinary sex. If in a dream you spend money, it means looking for a sexual partner. Finding money — a chance meeting can be a breath of fresh air in a relationship. You definitely need to look for a scope, otherwise you just explode from the bursting of sexual and creative energy.
  • Dream Lofa considers money in a dream, as unforeseen expenses. Old and unknown money — gifts. If you are dreaming about losing money, it means the absence of control over your life. Give or receive coins, bills — exchange connections, be useful to each other, conduct joint business.
  • Dream Vanga believes that to find money, to reveal the hidden intentions of detractors. Ragged and decrepit bills mean spiritual poverty, possibly personal collapse. It is necessary to revise its value system

What dreams of money, coins, bills for dream books


To see money in a dream is a sign of lust for power. You desperately want money, power, influence. The amount of power depends solely on your ambitions.

Most people are ready to be satisfied with the power over themselves and quite a bit with the power over other people — so that they give them shelter, make the bed, get and bring food.

It is desirable, while maintaining friendly smiles. Little, right? If you dream about money, you miss them very much.

Like most people on this planet. 98%, to be exact. Perhaps it makes sense to temper ambitions, or to figure out how to get into the cherished 2%.

You will be surprised that even the British royal family has contracts, sweat which they have to carry out a huge number of duties — meetings, charity, receptions, many hours on their feet, always with a smile, like employees of an ordinary McDonald’s.

It is unlikely that they see money in a dream, rather they understand that bills, diamonds and gold are not at all important and do not always give freedom to do whatever they want.

Money in a dream is a distortion of the vector of consciousness.

Try to restore balance. Dream at once about freedom, exotic islands, yachts and beautiful women.

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