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What dreams of money on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Jose, Aesop

Breaking out in the morning from the embrace of Morpheus often comes with the remnants of a nightly plot in his head. The name of this picture is a dream.

Sometimes something can be seen so clearly that the whole will not give rest. For example, you might dream about money. A dream book will help you to see what a paper note or a small coin dreams about.

It is in this book that the centuries-old observations of mankind are collected, telling about the meaning of many dreams.

What dreams of money on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Jose, Aesop

Total sleep

To see money in a dream means that in the future changes or events are expected that will take place in a series. Also, coins in the night picture indicate that you need to pay serious attention to their financial problems.

If you dreamed that paper bills were found, it means that welfare will soon improve.

As the dream book says, money in the hands portends the imminent arrival of a profitable offer (perhaps the dreamer will have to participate in a successful and interesting project).

In a dream you can carry out various actions with bills:

  • lose;
  • pay them;
  • repay a loan;
  • to repay a debt.

Such signs suggest that someone wanted to borrow your idea or proposal. To dream bills is also a sign of a possible quarrel.

When you receive a wad of money as a gift — a signal to make a fairly significant purchase.

Treatments from various dream books

Why dream of money you can find out with a number of popular books. For example, in the dream book of N. Grishina, seeing a lot of money means having problems with them in real life.

What dreams of money on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Jose, Aesop

Miller’s Explanation

According to Gustav Miller, finding money is a little excitement, but a harbinger of happiness. Recount them — to life failures.

To see gold coins — to the joy and prospect, to lose them — failures at work and in everyday life. In the case of deprivation of funds due to theft should be more careful in life (due to the threat of danger).

Other information from Miller’s dream book

  1. To see a lot of small coins means that a person will take a penny for a long time.
  2. Paying someone in a dream is a failure in reality.
  3. If you have found a pack of foreign currency in your dream, but it can be taken away by another person — in life you are threatened with losses in your own business due to the negative actions of a loved one.

Vanga’s Predictions

The famous prophetess Vanga said that finding money in a dream is a sign that someone against the dreamer is plotting an evil deed. Receiving money says that people appreciate your kindness and responsiveness.

See torn bills — poverty and need (possibly a house heist and deprivation of savings). In the case of recalculation of money, a person is petty in nature and values ​​them more than human relations.

What does Freud say?

Sigmund Freud considered money a sign of the dreamer’s strong sexual energy, an expression of his carnal desires. When they are wasted in a dream, a person is overflowing with sexual energy, and when they are received, there is no love relationship. A bad sign is the loss of funds, which means the approach of possible impotence or the risk of health problems.

Find a chance money — get a new acquaintance, which will end in sex.

A brief interpretation of Tsvetkov

The dream interpretation of Evgenia Tsvetkova states that seeing money from copper is for sadness, of gold for sorrow, silver for trouble (but much to happiness and profit), paper money for news.

Giving a sum of money — suddenly make a profit.

A unique dream book Hase

The presence of a large amount, according to the dream book of the medium Hase, means future financial spending. Counterfeit — to the loss of inheritance, a lot of money — to unexpected great wealth, recalculation of bills — a good salary.

The distribution of coins — the possibility of high costs.

Dream interpretation advises to take into account certain signs (emotions in a dream, details), due to which there is a chance to avoid rash steps in real life and be more careful.

Old Book of Aesop

Since antiquity, it is believed that copper and silver money in a dream are precursors to tears. The opposite is true of dreams with paper notes.

  1. If a large amount is missing from the wallet, a more successful person will appear in close surroundings who can strike at the dreamer’s financial affairs.
  2. A bundle of money that the dog sniffs — the hidden hopes that the illegal actions of the owner of the dream will not be revealed. It is also a symbol of the dreamer standing at the crossroads of big money or a quiet life.
  3. If you do not return the money — in real life waiting for a meeting with a pleasant person.
  4. The dreamer gives the debt — in his life awaits a stormy adventure, which brings experiences, but the result will be safe.
  5. Valuable and fragile treasure — a sign of empty promises and vain hopes.

What dreams of money on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Jose, Aesop

Features modern dream book

A modern dream book treats if a person gains money, small efforts will be replaced by happiness. Pay them — to bad luck.

To receive money from gold is to wealth, loss to poor development of affairs and family troubles.

If you count money in a dream and notice a flaw, it is a sign that there will be grieves over the availability of payments. You should be serious about actions if you are dreaming about money theft, as this is a harbinger of danger. A good sign is the financial savings, which means well-being.

Swallowing money in a dream, to the opportunity to engage in commercial activities.

Finding the money that will be requested by the young lady, means the possibility of incurring material losses through the fault of a familiar girl. If a young girl dreams that she borrowed a large amount, is a signal to parting with a close friend.

As you can see, every dream book has similar interpretations and at the same time — radically different. What dream book to believe — everyone decides for himself.

In any case, it is worth trusting only your feelings and thoughts, and not to be upset if the dream you see brings trouble.

Every person is free to change circumstances, the main thing is to believe that everything will be fine!

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