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What dreams of pears: big, ripe, pears on a tree in a dream

The pear is a tasty fruit, but because of the teardrop shape, some interpreters associate it with tears. When trying to figure out what dreams of pears, you can be puzzled by the opposite interpretations of various sources, and almost everyone is advised to pay attention to the details of what he saw and what happened with the fruits.

Dream Interpretation: to see pears in a dream

Dream Miller treats admiring pears hanging on the branches, as bright prospects. Collecting fruit from the tree is a good sign.

After the trouble will follow pleasant events.

What dreams of pears: big, ripe, pears on a tree in a dream

Dream Vanga considers pear a symbol of wisdom and reward for the effort.

According to Grishina the fruits warn of insincere people surrounded.

Sigmund Freud associated a pear with a female figure, and the interpretation of his dream book is very specific. For men, a dream with the participation of this fruit foreshadows the rapid development of the novel with a pleasant woman and passion.

The representatives of the weaker sex fruits promise an interesting acquaintance.

By Ukrainian dream book if you are dreaming about pears, this is not the most positive sign.

In reality, we can expect an unpleasant situation that can bring to tears.

Gypsy source interprets juicy ruddy fruit positively. Participation in a fun feast.

The dream interpretation medium Hasse treats pears as a symbol of a successful marriage and mutual love.

Culinary dream book regards sweet fruits as forerunners of sensual pleasures.

Who dreamed of pears

Beautiful appetizing pear a girl foreshadows a happy marriage. Thanks to the successful choice of a spouse, well-being will reign in life.

Fruits with signs of deterioration indicate the need to check health.

When pregnant dreaming of pears, this may be a reflection of the need for fresh fruit, which should be replenished. Also, sleep is considered a hint about the birth of a girl.

Pear married woman may signal that a favorable moment for conception has arrived. Sometimes fruits are interpreted as a lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body.

To all representatives of the fair sex, without exception, the plot of the dream, in which a pear is presented as a gift, serves as a warning.

Nayava can get into the network of deception.

If you often dream about pears a man, so reflects the thirst for a meeting with a beautiful woman. Help yourself to a tasty fruit — a quick affair, which will bring sexual satisfaction.

This is a great story for businessmen, promising successful development of projects.

What dreams of pears: big, ripe, pears on a tree in a dream

What pears did you dream

Ahead of the «white line» in life — that’s what dreams of pears on the tree. The sleeper is expected by joyful prospects in business and personal sphere, as well as useful acquaintances.

Positive news and financial wealth symbolizes ripe pear. Family and love fruit promises the pleasure of communicating with a partner.

Sour-tasting pulp means getting sad news.

The sudden receipt of money, which is not counted, means dreamed juicy pear. It is also a sign that it will be possible not only to work hard, but also to have a great rest.

The conquest of new life horizons symbolizes aromatic pear. There comes a suitable period in order to begin to embody a long-conceived project.

Over-ripe fruit is considered to be a symbol of a relationship that is strained. This may be a friendship or romance, which lacks strong emotions, but the plot calls for appreciating what is rich and advises to take measures to refresh feelings.

When pears are dreamed, the size of the fruit is important for proper interpretation. In addition, you must consider their color.

Large pear means that the projects started will be successful. However, you have to make a lot of effort.

Huge pears in a dream have a good omen. Giant fruits symbolize fulfilled dreams and merits deserved by work.

Routine work affairs mean dreamed little ones pears Many assignments are to be completed, but the reward received will more than reward you for your zeal.

If pear dreams are dicky, the value of sleep is not too positive. Ahead chagrin.

Red pear symbolizes increased activity in the intimate sphere. Ahead of a dizzying sex, can even cause fatigue as a result of excessive lovemaking.

Yellow pears in a dream mean a surge of vital energy. Also, bright bright fruits foreshadow fateful changes ahead.

The fruit of the pear is of an unusual golden color — to unintentional joy.

Green pears, corresponding to varietal characteristics, mean an improvement in vitality. Unripe fruits mean troubles and bitterness.

Dreamed at the same time apples and pears indicate that in the conceived project there are flaws due to manifested incompetence. To improve the result, you will have to learn new knowledge and make valuable adjustments.

A lot of pears foreshadows an abundance of troubles in reality. For the successful implementation of all responsibilities, it is desirable to plan your own time, it will help to manage everything.

When dreaming about pears on the ground or in the mud — this is a hint about the need to rest. Then it will be possible to avoid overvoltage.

Such a useful dessert, like baked pears, is beneficial even in a dream. It turns out to conquer career peaks.

All the above interpretations refer to the fruits of good quality.

Rotten Pears warn that in reality someone can inflict pain by mean-spirited betrayal. Also beware of excessive gullibility, so as not to become a victim of fraudsters.

What dreams of pears: big, ripe, pears on a tree in a dream

What did you do with pears in a dream

Due diligence will succeed, if you dreamed to tear pears in a dream. Financial position is stabilizing.

See how to pick pears from a tree has to other people — to an unexpected event. The incident will favorably affect the quality of life.

About the danger of getting involved in a dubious enterprise warns the plot of sleep, which happened collect pears from the ground. However, if the fruits are clean, free from damage and do not get your hands dirty, it is likely to receive income from a business that was considered unpromising.

Buy pears — to commit an impulsive act. Aesop’s dream interpretation treats the plot as a good mood.

Eat pear with pleasure, enjoy the taste and aroma — to the unexpected flow of money, thanks to which it will be possible to solve immediate problems. If you caught the fruit with rotten or wormhole, in reality you should take care of health.

Steal pears — the personification of the desire to assign the results of others’ efforts.

To care for a fruit tree — to reconciliation after a long spat.

Sell ​​fruit — a warning plot. Sleeping can harm his own irresponsibility.

To give someone fruit — for the visit of guests.

When dreaming of pears that the sleeper prepares for the winter, the interpretation of what he sees depends on the type of cooking. Drying means boredom at work.

Canned pears in a dream is a good sign. A philosophical view of life helps to avoid distress. Wash pears — to problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

It is worth paying attention to the quality of food because of the danger of poisoning.

Having understood what the pears are dreaming about, you can avoid some mistakes and enjoy life.

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