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What dreams of shooting at the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Fear and horror cause the sounds of shots from edged weapons, especially when you realize that you are not in the forest for hunting, but in the middle of a noisy metropolis. What dreams of shooting, we learn in the famous dream books.

Melee weapons — an attribute of the confrontation, brewing external conflict, war. Weapon firing can be interpreted in two ways, suggesting a forced struggle, upholding one’s interests, principles, rules, way of life, or this conquest with the goal of mastering something inaccessible until today.

In any case, a weapon is an expression of will directed towards a specific goal, and shots are a complete readiness and determination for action. To the dreamer, who saw himself shooting at targets — this shows his superiority, strength, supernatural capabilities. Assigning someone’s gun means acquiring the power of the vanquished. Playing with a pistol symbolizes the victory of love over violence, destruction and chaos.

Archery of mythological animals is an attempt to do good to resist evil. This is the desire to eradicate the imperfections of this world, the injustice of people’s living conditions, base desires, instincts, the greedy interests of the powerful of the world.

For women, to shoot from cold weapons means to free oneself from feelings, emotions, to obtain moral satisfaction, relief of the soul. So you accumulated fatigue, negative energy leading to general exhaustion, a sense of apathy and indifference. Such dreams unconsciously help spiritual purification, after which you will feel the morning vigor and freshness.

Shooting in the dash and win the first prize in a dream — promises a fatal acquaintance and a meeting with those who you have long liked. You will most likely be the initiator of the date, but the satellite will not regret for a minute about the decision to be with you.

A young girl get under fire — in reality experience increased attention to his own person from obsessive fans. Perhaps this will be due to your professional success, career growth or dramatic changes in appearance.

Men and cold arms in dreams: what to prepare for

For men, holding a pistol or machine gun in their hands means being aimed at opposition, believing in one’s own strength and victory. Usually this characterizes the dreamer as a person possessed by a sense of justice. Honor, loyalty, love, devotion are not just words for you, it is a way of thinking and life principles. To defend them you are ready always and everywhere.

Dreamed of being wounded — do not calculate their strength with the actions of the enemy. You fearlessly go ahead, but sometimes a wise strategy and cunning opponent you can not do. Learn to build tactics correctly, to feel a competitor, only then you will be able to defeat him with minimal losses for you.

Participate in a shootout with a woman — to embark on the path of disagreement with a loved one. The conflict will be settled if you go first to a truce, give in to your loved one, accepting its terms.

All types of edged weapons that produce shots are a phallic symbol that personifies the male energy and strength. Shots mean your puberty and activity. Sex life for you — this is a common pattern, which is produced with considerable regularity, which is quite natural for you.

If the dreamer has to shoot from all sorts of weapons, it means that in reality he is experiencing numerous complexes that interfere with sexual relations. These signs of inferiority repel partners from you, making you feel overwhelmed and depressed. Solving the problem alone will not succeed, it is necessary to consult a specialist. Do not overtighten and consult a doctor.

Shooting at birds and animals symbolizes the aggressiveness of the sleeper because of his own dissatisfaction. A negative reaction can be directed to those who can not answer you and somehow resist: children, very young girls, old people. To pacify your ardent temper and reassure the character is capable of a young person of sexual appearance and obstinate nature.

I dreamed of dead prey in the form of many small animals — a dangerous sign that reflects the poor health of the dreamer. The ailment is associated with the functioning of the dreamer’s genitals.

Feel like someone shot in a dream — to be defeated by someone with whom there was a long confrontation. Himself to shoot, but do not get — to get away from shame and dishonor. Shoot an animal — in reality apply cruel tactics in relation to people whose actions affected your interests.

Everything connected with the weapon in the hands of the dreamer expresses his real aggression and anger. In the heat of passion, you can do incredible nonsense. During this period, there is a high likelihood of alcohol abuse and an attempt to relieve tension with drugs. All this can lead to serious consequences not only for you, but above all for others.

Hear the sound of a gun — to the loss of a job, due to the bankruptcy of the company or reduction of workplaces in the enterprise. You should not take it as a personal insult and try to harm former employers. Perhaps this is a chance for you to find a higher paying position with the prospect of career growth. Show patience, determination and will. You will definitely fall out a case that will help solve material problems, remove panic and anxiety.

To shoot an aggressive predatory beast and get into it is to rejoice in the victory over strong competitors. You will manage to overcome all the difficulties on the path to happiness.

Hearing shots in a dream is a bad sign warning of impending anxiety, anxieties and anxieties for relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Someone will fall into a mess, and you will actively participate in his rescue from trouble.

To give help in a dream to the one who was shot down — to show the kindness and breadth of the soul to real people. You have mercy and caring for loved ones. But manifesting these qualities, you often give the impious people a reason to use it for their own purposes. Strive to help those who really deserve it.

If you shoot a young girl — it promises a big change in your personal life. Did not feel pain and fear in a dream — it means good news and events will be positive and joyful for you.

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