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What dreams of the beginning of the war for family dream, modern

War is one of the most terrifying things, when all living things perish, the normal flow of life is broken. Therefore, dreams associated with the war, do not carry anything good.

What dreams of the beginning of the war for family dream, modern

What can a dream of war mean?

You should not be immediately afraid of what you see a dream — this does not mean the real development of unpleasant events. If you saw a war in a dream, this does not mean its approach in reality. Sleep is not a prophecy or a prediction.

If you dream of such things, perhaps you are very worried, nervous and not thinking about what you really need. As in the case of other dreams, a dream of war can mean completely different things that can happen in reality.

Opinions of people speaking on this topic are blurred and may not be similar to each other.

In a dream, you need to pay attention to all the details to determine whether the dream is related to real life. A dream about war can predict a meeting with a new person, can tell you whether you will overcome your difficulties or not.

Maybe from a dream you will find out if your native person will betray you.

Interpreters of dreams can tell a lot about one vision, relying on minor details that you will have time to remember.

What dreams of the beginning of the war for family dream, modern

Dream Miller, family, modern dream book

Dream Miller. According to this interpreter, the dream of war is often dreams of male representatives and is a prediction of future troubles, such as the loss of a large amount of money or a conflict with work colleagues and family members.

It is possible that such a dream can dream a girl. For example, a dream that the lover goes to the front — this means that soon the girl will see the bad traits of her man’s character and learn about his actions, both bad and good.

Dream Vanga. The seer spoke very negatively about such dreams, she believed that such a nightmare entails a global catastrophe — epidemics, famine and war.

Family Dream. The interpretation given in it says that the beginning of the war seen in a dream foreshadows a sharp upsurge of emotions in the family circle, perhaps a conflict is brewing in the family, which will turn into a scandal.

If in a dream you came out a winner, then in reality you will be able to win.

Dream interpretation Ivanova. Any events related to war can mean a breakdown of the body and a slowdown in physical processes.

Therefore, having a dream about the war, it is worth thinking about maintaining health. Watching a battle of two parties in a dream means experiencing mental or physical agony in reality, if in a dream you observed your preparation for battle, it means your speedy recovery from illness.

Modern dream book. You face the envy of colleagues in the event that the battle began on the side of you.

In the dream I had to hear the call for alert in your city — your family and friends are proud of you. In a dream, danger threatens your home — you need to be more attentive to your relatives.

Psychoanalytic dream book. You dream of the fear of the start of war — you are very insecure in yourself and in your abilities. Perhaps something bothers you, so much that the situation will soon develop into an internal conflict.

You are calm at the beginning of a war in a dream — something will happen that will succeed in disturbing composure.

What dreams of the beginning of the war for family dream, modern

Dream interpretation Denise Lynn. A dream about war is a significant symbol of aggression, internal conflicts.

It is necessary to go deep into studying of itself and people around, paying attention to acts and the reasons of them.

Dream Dream Maya. You saw a battlefield in a dream — a series of certain events will soon happen.

They can change your life, but how it changes will depend on you.

Old English dream book. War means an undesirable turn of fate, an event will happen that will disturb your peace of mind, there may be problems with finances, envy from colleagues.

If a woman dreams of something about war, a person will appear who will influence the life of the dreamer.

Modern combined dream book. A business trip is possible if in a dream enemy aircraft flew over you. In the dream, your house was bombed — a sign that you will soon be able to find yourself in nature.

Digging ditches and trenches — this means that you are waiting for future experiences in the soul. Prepare for the beginning of the war — you will definitely find a solution to the problems.

The girl who saw in a dream, as she escorts her lover to the front, is waiting for a change in relationship with her spouse.

Chinese dream song Zhou-gunna.

  • You saw a battle in a dream — empty glory awaits you.
  • Kill enemies, deal with rebels — by all means achieve your goal.
  • In the dream, we were in the ranks of the army — a symbol of what awaits you happiness and luck.
  • Warriors are going to campaign — you are waiting for failure in your business.
  • Watching in a dream, as the army returns from the battle — it is likely that you will get sick.
  • You see the defeated military — that means unhappiness.
  • In a dream, shoot at a person — a long trip awaits you.
  • You were shot in a dream — the traveler will arrive soon. Hold a bow and arrows — great happiness awaits you.
  • You are trying to shoot an arrow, but the string is torn — you are probably waiting for failure and trouble.
  • In the dream, the animal was wounded and killed — this means that you will spend a lot of money in vain and you will not have the amount spent for a long time.

Modern family dream book. If a war is dreamed up, there will be confusion and discord in the house or perhaps an unimportant state of affairs.

A young girl saw in a dream how a lover goes to war, she has to learn unpleasant things about his character.

If in a dream you saw a victorious army, your affairs will certainly get better, and there will be order and harmony in your family.

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