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What dreams of the door — open or closed, interpretation of the dream book

In Russian, there are quite a few idiomatic expressions associated with the doors — they, like the soul, can be “unbuttoned”. We welcome the welcome guests «with the doors wide open.» We say about a person who is successfully advancing in life — “all doors are open to him”.

So, in our understanding, an open door is a guarantee of success and kindness to each other.

Sim, open up

Closed doors can keep scary secrets. And if you can’t open them in a dream, be prepared for real surprises.

The closed door, as a rule, symbolizes an obstacle. So in reality you have to work hard to overcome the difficulties encountered.

Fortunately, it is not difficult, literally how to open the door.

Slavic dream book explains that you are hiding from trouble and reality with a very indecisive person. Try to be more active and see how much life has passed by.

An open door symbolizes quick problem solving and a way out of any difficult situation.

What dreams of the door - open or closed, interpretation of the dream book

Family dream book sure that the open door in a dream promises a rich profit in reality.

Unauthorized entry prohibited or welcome

If someone breaks through your door, wait for betrayal from loved ones. Perhaps everything is not so scary, and you just meet a bad person, with whom you hurry to leave.

Dream Cho-Gun warns you that if your door has been cracked all night, but no one has been able to enter the house, in reality you will be very lucky, hurry to stir up some desirable adventure.

You enter the door. The dream interpretation of lovers explains if, on the eve of the wedding, you dreamed that you were entering the door of your home, great.

Your choice is perfect, and the family will turn out happy and strong. But if it is unfamiliar to you the door, the future family life can not be called cloudless.

Burning door. If the door of your house is burning, the Jewish dream book predicts the death of one of the owners, that is, you or your spouse.

But if someone else’s door is burning, wait for the guests.

Do not slam the door!

Someone hit the door. If you accidentally hit someone with a door, then one of your tips will hurt your best friend.

The situation is so serious that you cannot help him.

In order not to put anyone in jeopardy, try not to give anyone any advice in the near future.

You have a new door in your house. Dream Miller promises global change — the birth of a child, moving, etc.

What dreams of the door - open or closed, interpretation of the dream book

Paint the doors. The dream interpretation of the XXI century warns that you will have to solve some moral problem. Success is ensured only in case of extreme determination and assertiveness.

But the Dream Interpreter thinks that you should not even get involved with this problem, you will lose anyway.

The Chinese dream book is very original — if in a dream you paint doors, it means you talk too much in reality. If this is about you, then you are lucky — you will not have to solve any moral problems, just keep quiet.

But the Family Dream Book promises housewarming, perhaps the most pleasant interpretation option.

Color matters. Dream Vanga assures that the white door dreams of global change only in a good way.

But Miller’s Dream Interpretation is not so optimistic — because of someone else’s intrigues you will lose credibility with your loved ones, and it is rather difficult to regain the situation.

Urgently look for a secret foe among friends and prevent betrayal.

Opening in a dream the white door, you begin the path to prosperity. It is important, when you wake up, to remember this and not to miss the signs that tell you how to proceed in this or that case.

Listen to your intuition, even if you are a man, you don’t always have to be a pragmatist.

What is the door made of? The wooden door is not as reliable as iron.

This rule also applies to the dreamed doors. In the form of wood, be prepared for the fact that someone can encroach on the welfare of your family.

It can be anything — loss of work, that is, material well-being, a disease that will also affect well-being, and of course the moral side — betrayal of a spouse or serious quarrel with any of the children.

What dreams of the door - open or closed, interpretation of the dream book

But worse than a wooden glass door. This is a warning that you yourself can carelessly ruin your well-being.

Be careful when concluding transactions, temporarily do not take loans and do not make major purchases to avoid mistakes.

Freud vs Solomon

Separately, I would like to say about Freud’s dream interpretation. Old Freud and here in his repertoire.

Doors for him are the symbol of the female genitals. If you are standing in front of a locked door and are not trying to open it, then it’s time to have sex with your partner, but for some reason you don’t decide.

We must be more active.

But if you can’t get through the door, you have problems in the sexual sphere. If the door opened easily, you and your partner are very close to each other. You see yourself coming out of the door, it means that the partner is bothering you, and it’s time to part.

Well, if you change the old door to a new one, you want a change.

For those who could not recall the dream in detail, the following prophecy will do. Briefly and clearly speaks about the doors of the Dream Interpretation of Solomon: closed doors — trouble, open doors — success.

There is no third, whatever you do with the doors, they are initially either open or closed. So your dream is treated simply — to good or bad waking.

When interpreting dreams, try to rely on the real situation in which you are at the moment.

For example, if you are sick — an open door promises a speedy recovery, and not some incomprehensible way out of an abstract situation, but a closed, respectively, continuation and intensification of the disease, and not some unknown obstacle.

Try on a dream for real life, and you will never have mistakes when interpreting any dream situation.

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