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What dreams of the train and the train railway dream

What dreams of the train and how to understand the dream, which featured this unpretentious, but fairly fast transport. The main value of any transport — you are moving towards your dream.

By plane faster, by car more comfortable, by train — safer and easier. Perhaps you choose your path, the station where you want to go and move on. Compared to other trains, the train provides more freedom.

On the train rarely leave forever. Usually, the train is an intermediate transport.

Often the train is connected with childhood, with the memory of field trips, with trips to the country or in the nearest suburbs.

What dreams of the train and the train railway dream

Basic values ​​of the train in a dream

  • The railway is in principle quite serious. You choose proven reliable routes, it is important for you to strictly follow the schedule, although, most likely, consider yourself an adventurer and a torn-headed. This is not true. The order in the surrounding space is extremely important to you, although you yourself are ready to break the rules.
  • You believe in automation, in technology, personal comfort is important to you, at least to the minimum extent. For you, individualism often comes down to a denial of responsibility. The place of a passenger who is free to go to any station is more comfortable for you than to be behind the wheel.
  • If in your dream you are riding on the ring — you are tortured by a boring life, and you do not see a way out of the established circle.
  • The train is a public transport. Even if you dream that only you are in the car, other people can repeat the route. You drive on the thumb. No deviations in the route are foreseen. In some cases, predestination is not bad at all. Better than constant surprises. Constancy is now relevant for you.
  • The crowded train dreams of domestic inconvenience, problems at work, you are closely in your own life, I would like to find your way, but while you are in a crowded train.
  • The entire carriage with wooden benches is completely at your disposal, pastoral landscapes float through the windows, you feel comfortable. Most likely, you are at the peak of your current career and quite happy.
  • If the carriage is filled with other people’s things, trunks, things are in the aisles — you will face serious difficulties. It may be necessary to disassemble caches from the past and eliminate the mess to get the opportunity to move on.
  • On the train run other people’s children, someone speaks loudly, sellers walk — you are tired of society, you need a break from society.
  • Catch up the train, be late — you are trying to use the wrong route. It may be worth changing jobs.
  • To catch the train — wait for luck, small and pleasant surprises.
  • Looking out the train window is a curiosity, a lively interest.
  • Watch the passing trains — your life passes by. This image was used in the famous movie «Transpotting». To look after the departing train — to regret the unfulfilled, to indulge in senseless sufferings, to feel sorry for oneself.
  • Unexpectedly, jumping out at an unfamiliar station is to change the fate in the most decisive way.

What dreams of the train and the train railway dream

What does the train mean for dream books

The dream book of the Wanderer claims that the train is a sign of doubt and inconstancy, you are not quite sure of the route. If you dream of a transplant on the train — in a personal relationship a complete mess.

If the train passes by — this is a sign that your services may no longer be needed. You risk losing your job or your prospects.

A female dream book interprets being late for a train as a failure in love and the possibility of betrayal. Forget items in transport — to waste.

Dream Miller considers the railway as a whole, as the circumstances of force majeure. Buy tickets for Miller — to pay off debts.

If you dream about buying tickets — you can safely count on a certain amount of luck. The railway station is a crossroads of fate. If you dream of a station where you have to take the train, you are waiting for it on the platform — in your life it’s time to make some choices.

The train in the subway — the uncertainty of choice and the insignificance of any choice that you make.

If you hurried to the train, but at the last moment changed your mind — a sign of abandoning the chosen direction. You have changed your decision, but so far you have not admitted this to yourself.

Perhaps you have time to once again analyze the situation and find a balanced and reasonable solution.

What dreams of the train and the train railway dream


To dream of an electric train, like almost any other transport, is a good sign. Perhaps you chose not the fastest path to the goal, but reliable and calm.

Soon you will not have to hurry too much, it is time to relax and gain strength before a new jerk.

Do not expect any significant achievements from yourself, do not torment yourself with vain regrets. Enjoy the scenery, look out the window, go to any station and do not forget to see the schedule.

It is important to understand that you are not a victim of circumstances, which is forced to accept the current state of affairs. Sleep reflects not only your life, but first of all, your own dreams and aspirations.

At the moment your dreams are rather modest and calm. You do not need stress, steep and unexpected turns, change of route.

What will be tomorrow?

You might want more. Now the tit in the hands is absolutely fine with you.

Even to lie in the direction of a great goal is no longer a bad idea for the fulfillment of a dream. And you move at a decent speed.

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