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What dreams of vomiting: a child, another person, nausea and vomiting in a dream

Physiological processes often appear in a dream as a reflection of real needs, therefore, in some cases, it is meaningless to look in dream books for what vomiting dreams. If you ate something not quite fresh the day before, nausea does not mean anything special.

But the rest of the interpretation, made in view of the details of what he saw, can positively affect the lifestyle of the dreamer.

What dreams of vomiting: a child, another person, nausea and vomiting in a dream

Dream Interpretation: vomit in a dream

By the dream of Gustav Miller Vomiting means an unpleasant situation. The consequences will be a noticeable complication in communicating with other people.

If blood or strange objects were present in the vomit of a sleeper, in reality it is important to draw on your own health. Do not wait until the disease gains strength, and it is necessary to deal with the very first symptoms.

Dream Vanga treats vomiting and nausea as remorse. This is a reflection of shame for committing an unworthy act.

By Sigmund Freud’s Dream Book if the sleeping person becomes sick, in reality there will likely be a worsening of well-being. When dreaming vomiting of the fair sex, this is an indication to check the loyalty of a regular partner.

Because of too loose relationships, there is a great opportunity to become infected with a “shameful” disease.

By esoteric dream book remove vomiting — a sign of encouragement. In the near future there will be a chance to start a long-planned business.

If you do not hesitate and act according to a plan, luck lies ahead.

Why dream of vomiting another person

Alien vomiting is a good sign. Ahead is a period that is successful for all spheres, it is important to use all the chances, but at the same time you will have to act cautiously.

When interpreting it is important to consider who is sick.

Dream vomiting from a stranger is a warning. A courteous and flattering foe can dig out your plans, and prevent their implementation.

Bad symbol — vomiting at a relative. The sad news will come.

Vomiting is considered a peculiar sign that attracts attention. with a loved one. The partner needs care and participation.

Another interpretation of this dream suggests that the feelings are not entirely reciprocal.

When, in a dream, the vomitus of a familiar person fell on the clothes of a sleeper, reality will have to sort things out.

Likely unpleasant quarrel.

If vomiting in a dream happened in an animal or pet, there is a lot of trouble. They will be connected with routine chores.

What dreams of vomiting: a child, another person, nausea and vomiting in a dream

What dreams of nausea and vomiting

The treatment of a not too pleasant plot has some nuances depending on the sex of the sleeper.

Nausea and vomiting a girl spells unpleasant events. Nayavu can provoke to participate in the scandal, the state of health fails at the most inopportune moment.

If nausea and vomiting a woman, long-awaited event will not bring joy. Probably the onset of pregnancy, the news of which will be an emotional shock.

When birds fly out of their mouths, this means an unpredictable development of the business started.

Nausea and vomiting a man prompts the need to revise life priorities. If fouled on the road, the dream reflects a great fatigue.

We need to take a break, and get some rest.

Nausea and vomiting The child has signals the danger of ambiguous situations. Great risk of being innocently humiliated.

To see how an older person is torn — to exhausting work.

What vomit you dreamed

Strong vomiting in a dream, opened by the sleeper, foreshadows release from the accumulated problems. It is also a sign of rejection of an unpleasant situation or a nasty person.

When dreaming vomiting with blood, This is a warning about adverse events. Nayavu will be difficult to communicate with others, and the state of their own health, as well as the well-being of loved ones will be a cause for serious anxiety.

Emetic masses with bile — near envious.

Vomiting worms is a visual projection of negative feelings towards those with whom you have to communicate. We have to endure a man who is very annoying.

Vomiting worms symbolizes exposure. Although the process is not too pleasant, as a result, it will turn out to expose the intrigues of the enemies and find out who is really a true friend.

Vomiting hair prompts the need to choose expressions when communicating. Detractors will use all the miscalculations in order to spoil the reputation and prevent the establishment of mutually beneficial contacts.

Own vomiting calls to pay attention to the quality of the food, as the unpleasant plot of the dream can be the result of the sensations experienced. An alternative interpretation proposes to maintain patience in reality, and not to get involved in scandals with others.

If you dream of vomiting on the floor, and she is a stranger, to be disappointed in people from close circle of friends. The vomit erupted by the dreamer warns that an awkward situation will arise.

Vomiting in a dream — not the most pleasant story, but its value helps to warn of impending events.

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