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What dreams of watermelons — the correct interpretation of the dream

Usually, people associate dreams, in which watermelons appear, with pregnancy. To answer the question of why and why you dreamed of a watermelon, you should remember your dream in great detail, after which you can read our article in which we collected an explanation of dreams with these big berries from hundreds of dream books and interpreters’ meetings.

Do not rush to stop at any one interpretation of watermelon. Perhaps in the next paragraph you will find exactly your case, with the same circumstances as yours.

Please note that the more specific details you translate into useful information for you, the better will be the picture of your omen.

After reading this article, you can decipher the message from your subconscious, and depending on its content, change your life for the better and warn yourself against dangers, illnesses and misfortunes.

What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Interpretation of dreams with watermelons

Some dream books say that watermelon in a dream is a reason to check the kidneys at the doctor and drink more fluids. Others associate it with pleasures, an intimate sphere, joys and emotions, as well as everything related to the sphere of relationships.

But specifically, what is the dream of a watermelon, we learn only by remembering all the details of the dream and taking them into account. «Watermelon» dreams are different, for example:

  • You just saw a dream in which this giant berry was present.
  • Watermelons dream of you growing on bahche.
  • It is also important to see him as a girl, woman or man.
  • You see someone else eating watermelon.
  • You yourself had to eat it.
  • There is a very sweet, sugar watermelon in a dream.
  • There is a salty, soaked watermelon.
  • You chose watermelon in the market.
  • Bought it.
  • You sow watermelon seeds on bahche.
  • Cut the watermelon.
  • Tearing it off.
  • Eat watermelon seeds.
  • You slipped on a watermelon rind.

Remember what exactly was in dreams, what was a watermelon, what did you do with it — or did you just see it from the side? All this is important for the interpretation and search for the right answer, what a watermelon dreams about.

After all, this may directly depend on how your fate will develop in the near future. Be attentive and connect your intuition! What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

This character is kind

As the dream book says, watermelon rarely foreshadows something alarming, but it can warn and hint at possible mistakes ahead.

It is most often associated with the sphere of love and intimate life, sensual experiences and relationships, but not always. Every single case is unique and it’s important not to make a mess.

  1. Such a dream in which you just saw a watermelon from the side, or a lot of big berries, foreshadows pleasure and enjoyment from pleasant events, events and surprises. You have to relax and enjoy — do not deny yourself this, you have long needed a good rest!
  2. If a watermelon dreamed of a woman or girl, it promises bright love and even marriage. For a married lady is the joy of a relationship with her beloved husband, pleasure, a new flash of passion.
  3. The watermelon dreams of a man, as a hint that he will soon have to win the heart of some obstinate and inaccessible beauty. Here it all depends on you — to drop everything, or to achieve your own.
  4. To dream of watermelons growing on a melon thistle — according to Miller’s dream book means that you have the necessary reserves and forces with which you can achieve everything. Any goal you set will undoubtedly be achieved — and only by your work.
  5. If you happen to see any person eating a watermelon in your dream, this is a transparent hint to you that you are either already offended by someone, or you will soon be offended.

But the dream book wisely advises to be simpler, smarter, and not to harbor resentment on anyone — it will only ruin the relationship, and will not give you anything. It is better to speak openly to the offenders about your feelings, gently and honestly, in order to solve the problem, and not to be offended to no avail. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Sweet, sugar …

What a pleasure — there is a ripe, scarlet watermelon! And what could this mean in a dream, if such a thing is dreamed up?

What promises a dream in which the watermelon not only had to be seen from the side, but also is, choose, buy and so on? Let’s try to find out from the interpreter.

There is a simple watermelon — it foreshadows pleasure, pleasure, and maybe even new sensations.Perhaps this relates to the intimate sphere — you are waiting for new discoveries, forbidden fruits and other joys.

Just remember — without extremes.

  • And if you ate with pleasure in your dream well, very sweet and sugar watermelon, incredibly red and juicy, then expect success in absolutely everything related to your personal life, love and communication with the other sex.
  • According to Miller’s dream book, this dream literally guarantees you a complete absence of any difficulties and obstacles. Take advantage of the moment, but reasonable!
  • There is a salted or moistened watermelon in a dream also foreshadows pleasure, but in this case there is a risk that you are in the midst of a rampage, you want something risky, succumb to temptations. Watch your actions — have fun, but so that later you do not have to regret it.

As the dream book says, the watermelon, which you carefully choose in your sleep, foreshadows you a pleasant and promising new acquaintance. It can turn into a new novel, and even change your life!

If you cut a watermelon in a dream — be calmer in life, you are prone to quarrels and conflicts. Try to reassure yourself, do not rush to close people or partner, do not find fault. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Dream Interpreters and Interpreters

  • As the dream book indicates, the watermelon that you tore in your dream indicates that in intimate relations with your partner you will have harmony and complete understanding, joy and pleasure.
  • But to buy a watermelon in a dream — it is not connected with the intimate sphere, emotions or personal life, but it also promises a pleasant, namely, profit. Wait for a raise, inheritance, win or bonus. You will suddenly become a little richer!
  • If in your dreams you were going somewhere, and accidentally slipped on a watermelon rind — this is a warning that now your inner forces are not as full as usual, they are leaving, and you are subject to ailments.

During this period, you should take care of yourself, relax more and try not to get sick. This is not for long, and your task is to take care of yourself.

  • There are watermelon seeds in a dream — for the patient he promises recovery and recuperation, and for a healthy person — joy, a burst of energy, efficiency and inspiration. Use it constructively!
  • If you sow watermelon seeds on bahche, then expect a lot of joy in life. You will have a bright streak, and fate has already prepared for you a lot of very welcome and extremely pleasant surprises!

Watermelon is so beautiful and tasty, sweet and pleasant that it simply cannot be a negative sign. It would be strange if such a handsome man foreshadowed trouble or problems, right? What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Dream of watermelon

This symbol, which is in nightly dreams, has many interpretations, both positive and negative. What the watermelon dreams about depends on a lot of details.

For example, Universal Dream Book treats such a plot very positively. If you dream you have a gourd field, then in real life you will be able to achieve what you want.

Interpretations from other sources are listed below.

Eat sweet berry

  • As the Classic Interpreter explains, to eat in night dreams a sweet juicy watermelon is to every success in various spheres of life. If in a dream the fetus was large, then it will be carried on a large scale.
  • It dreamed that someone was chewing juicy flesh — not to avoid disappointment. You saw in a dream that you ate a watermelon with a loaf, which means that in reality you have to radically change your appearance and work on yourself.
  • The explanation of what a watermelon dreams is also given by the Modern Interpreter. This dream book says that there is a juicy red flesh while holding a long loaf with a long loaf, which means that it will be possible to do a lot of work on yourself in the long run. The changes that have occurred will make it possible to change the whole fate for the better.

Dreaming Shereminskoy considers watermelon a symbol of the highest sexual pleasure. Eating him in a dream is a sign that in the near future you will experience a stunning orgasm.

Also, this plot can mean burdensome problems and even unwanted pregnancy. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Treat, buy, receive

  • I dreamed that I bought a giant berry — to inheritance or a solid profit. Dream interpretation Grishina predicts winning the lottery, winning a sporting event or an increase in wages. If in a dream the watermelon was large, then the monetary profit would be serious.
  • The dream, in which you were brought this berry as a present, predicts that some person is very worried about you and worries, but you do not pay any attention to his courtship and care.
  • If in a dream you are treating someone with a watermelon, then in reality you will meet very nice people. Dream Interpretation Wanderers advises to be ready for interesting communication.

Cut fruit

I dreamed that you personally cut a tough skin into pieces or someone else does it, then you squabble with close people.

  • Why dream of cutting a big berry into pieces, Freud’s dream book explains in detail. If you dream of cutting a watermelon, it means that in the present you very rarely enjoy sex or do not experience it at all, therefore very often you have to simulate an orgasm in order not to disappoint your sexual partner.
  • Do not blame yourself for this, but simply speak frankly with your lover and try to tell him what you like about sex. Be sure to find out exactly what the difficulty is.
  • Perhaps, to get an orgasm, you just need longer foreplay and romantic atmosphere. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Different interpretations

The modern dream book explains that it promises the same to the representatives of the stronger sex. If a watermelon dreams of a man, then in real life he will most likely be rejected by his beloved.

Another explanation for the dream of a similar plot is numerous anxieties and concerns.

  • If a young girl sees a watermelon in a dream, then in her wake a sudden marriage awaits her. An adult woman such a dream foreshadows pregnancy.
  • The dream of how you tear a large fetus, describes you as a very orgasmic nature, which can effortlessly bring your sexual partner to orgasm.
  • Dream Aesop warns that in night dreams, breaking a watermelon means that in reality it is an abortion.
  • If you had such a dream from Thursday to Friday, then this is a sign that you can not wait for the fulfillment of desires in the near future.

Female interpreter

According to the Women’s interpreter, to see a watermelon in a dream is a sign of strong emotions (love, lust, enchanting passion). Pregnant women and women whose menstrual cycle is completed often see watermelons in their dreams.

Watermelons can be a symbol of spiritual growth, and their seeds can symbolize the sprouts of spirituality that can sprout in your soul.

Why dream of immature or spoiled fruit Miller explains. Dream Miller promises to the dreamer health problems.

Seeing this, think seriously about how you can strengthen the immune system. Try not to overload yourself with physical exertion, rest and drink vitamins more often.

All this will undoubtedly benefit.

If this berry dreamed of a sick person, then he will soon recover. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

What dreams of watermelon woman

The one who eats juicy pulp of a water-melon in a dream and enjoys, is simply doomed to success. And the more watermelon, the more luck in life.

Enjoy your success, you are at the peak of fame!

  • If it turns out that watermelon is wet, with a sour taste, then get ready for love adventures that will not only bring you sexual satisfaction, but can also lead to love showdown with a rival. Try to stop in time so as not to regret your action.
  • But if you see that someone else is eating a delicious watermelon, luck will pass by. You are strongly offended by someone. This insult gives you the opportunity to communicate normally with a person. It is necessary to pay attention, first of all, to your behavior, mitigate the situation and find the right way out.
  • Why dream of a watermelon woman, if you eat it with bread? Obviously, it’s time to pay attention to your appearance and work on a personal image. The time has come for a serious change. Do not be lazy, work on yourself, and success will come to you.

It is possible that a woman eating a watermelon will get sexual pleasure. But maybe everything is different — in life there will be many unsolved problems or unplanned pregnancy.

  • Watermelon has a lot of seeds, they come across when you eat watermelon pulp. But do not worry, if in a dream you have eaten a few seeds — it predicts luck and luck, and if a person is sick, recovery will soon come.
  • If suddenly in a dream the pulp of a ripe watermelon turns into rotten, then the woman faces a serious illness or problems at work, even dismissal. In general, watermelon symbolizes a liquid that is not enough in the body. The kidneys are suffering from this, and we must hurry to check this vital organ in the hospital. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

What dreams of watermelon married woman

Peculiarities of sleeping with watermelon take into account the fact that a wonderful fruit dreamed. After all, the interpretation of sleep depends on it.

Why dream of a watermelon married woman, the question is very interesting.

  • Most often, watermelon dreams of a woman to a possible pregnancy. But you should pay special attention to your health, if there is no pregnancy. It may be that a woman subconsciously wants to have children, but in reality there is no time for children to do it.
  • When in a dream a woman herself tears a watermelon on a melon field, she is a very passionate person, but often hides her feelings in herself. Although it can easily ignite your sex partner. In the end, in life comes a period of harmony and understanding with your beloved man. If a woman in a dream treats someone with a watermelon, she will soon have to meet an amazing and pleasant person, or she will have a pleasant chat with friends.

Watermelon slices

Cutting the watermelon into pieces in a dream or seeing what someone is doing is a bad sign for a woman. Quarrel with relatives is simply inevitable. Perhaps a woman is tormented by sexual dissatisfaction, in which she does not admit to herself and her partner.

It is worth thinking seriously about this in order not to bring the situation to a critical end. It is better to talk with your loved one and try to figure out why this is the case.

Relations with a man require more romance for renewing tender feelings.

A broken watermelon can mean that a woman will have an abortion, even if it was not planned. Or will break the relationship with her beloved through her fault.

  • If the watermelon is in a dream, cut into pieces, then the woman should pay more attention to their relatives and friends. They expect the woman to be warm and understanding, and this will strengthen family relationships.
  • If in dreams a woman slipped on a watermelon rind, then in her subconsciousness there is insecurity in herself and her abilities. It is necessary to pay attention to the psychological and physical state of health, to rest, as it should. This period is not for long, you just need to restore your strength and move on.
  • The color of a watermelon in a dream matters. If the watermelon is beautiful, striped with juicy flesh, then you should not worry about your condition. If you have dreamed, for example, blue or multi-colored watermelons, then cardinal changes will soon come to life, of course, for the better! What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

What dreams of watermelon woman

Watermelon in a dream is a symbol of love and pleasure. When interpreting a dream, it is important to take into account the gender of the dreamer, the state and type of watermelon. Then you can learn more about why a woman dreams of watermelon.

This red berry very often is a harbinger of marriage and pregnancy, but sometimes it can also promise a quarrel.

Interpretation depending on the state of the watermelon

A cut watermelon with an appetizing ripe flesh suggests that you feel very strong feelings towards someone, and this feeling of passion, rather than love.

  • If you recently met a young man, then a watermelon in a dream can tell you how your relationship will develop further.
  • The immature watermelon suggests that the beginning relationship will develop very slowly and may cease at any moment due to the lack of mutual interests.
  • A rotten or over-ripe watermelon indicates that all your passion will soon subside, and you will completely cool off to this person, as you will be disappointed in him as in a sexual partner.
  • Ripe red watermelon will bring you a lot of pleasure and happiness from a love story. The more water in the watermelon, the deeper and more sincere your feelings. It is likely that such a relationship will lead you to marriage. In addition, you will find a very hectic sex life. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

If you want kids

If a woman dreaming of a child dreams of a ripe sliced ​​watermelon with bones, this foreshadows an early pregnancy. There are similar interpretations of dreams, in which the sleeper is struck by the enormous size of the watermelon, carries a large heavy watermelon in his hands, or sees himself in a watermelon field.

And after such dreams, girls appear more often. Sick woman watermelon in a dream promises a speedy recovery.

But this applies only to the dream in which the watermelon was ripe and red.

Spoiled watermelon often indicates the presence of a gynecological disease, which is the cause of infertility. Therefore, after such a dream, it is desirable to go to the doctor and be examined.

If a girl saw such a dream, then it can promise a forced relationship.

Interpretation depending on the actions performed

Eating a watermelon in a dream foreshadows success and getting new pleasant sensations. But, if it was bad or unripe, then such a dream means that you will not be able to realize your plans.

Intimate dream book very often identifies a watermelon with sex and pleasure.

If a woman cut him in a dream, then such a dream speaks of her dissatisfaction with the sexual life and the desire to change her partner.

A slice of watermelon in a dream symbolizes the numerous love affairs and fleeting intrigues. The greedy eating of watermelon is a harbinger of passionate sex.

If you see yourself smeared with watermelon juice, then this indicates a strong desire to have a child.

A sign

Waiting for you to make a profit after a dream in which you bought a watermelon. But this will happen only after great labors and hard work.

If you treated them to others, then everything will turn out a success for you.

  • A good dream is the one in which you saw a melon thistle, completely covered with watermelons. This promises you complete abundance in everything. In family life, wakes up harmony and love.
  • Get a watermelon as a gift — a sign of stagnation and crisis. All your affairs will stop due to the fault of a person you know. Watching other people eat watermelon says that someone will hurt you soon. A quarrel with a loved one promises a dream in which you were present when cutting a watermelon.
  • To plant watermelons in a dream is a bad sign, which promises you trouble and vain efforts. Carrying heavy watermelons in your hands is a precursor of the problems that other people impose on you.

As a result, we can conclude that women dream of a watermelon mainly to favorable moments in life. This is a good dream that brings happiness and prosperity. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

What dreams of watermelon on the modern dream book

The dreamed watermelon is an auspicious sign.

  • If you dreamed of watermelons growing on bahche, in reality you will achieve your goals with your own diligence and intelligence. You will be generously rewarded for your efforts.
  • If the watermelon is ripe and crumbly, sugar, then you will have good luck in business.
  • If in a dream you bought a watermelon, it means that in real life you can suddenly get an inheritance, you should expect large financial profits.

Watermelon — Esoteric Dream

If in a dream you saw a watermelon, most likely it means that there is not enough fluid in your body. In order to compensate for its deficiency, you should drink as much of herbal and vitamin tea, tinctures as possible.

Watermelon in a dream by Miller

  • If you dreamed of a large watermelon in size, soon you will have a new impulse of inspiration, which will favorably affect your creativity. The choice of watermelon, his purchase dreams of making a hasty decision, the implementation of a rash act.
  • If the watermelon is broken, it means that in the near future all debts will be returned to you. There is a savory, unripe watermelon means for a man that he will have a rather difficult relationship with a woman for whom he will be a kind of mentor.
  • If a woman had the same dream, then in reality she would not be able to realize her plans, unforeseen problems in affairs would appear. Growing watermelons in a dream — to the successful resolution of a complex problem. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Watermelon — dream book Evgenia Tsvetkova

Watermelon dream to unexpected departure.

What dreams of watermelon in Feng Shui dream

  • If you dreamed of a watermelon, then soon you will find material well-being.
  • Green watermelon — to commit risky acts.
  • If in a dream you eat a watermelon, then in reality you will experience the occurrence of a serious illness.
  • In your dream you stole a watermelon — bad luck in the planned cases.

Watermelon — dream Vanga

  • If in a dream you saw a very large watermelon, it means that you can make a discovery in any field of science, after which you will become known to the whole world.
  • If in a dream you cut the watermelon into separate pieces, then in reality you should behave more modestly and be generous enough with the people around you, because with your calculating actions you sometimes insult them.
  • If the watermelon you cut turned out to be green, you shouldn’t get down to planning serious things, because you are not quite ready for them yet.

What dreams of watermelon girl, woman, man, pregnant

According to Veles’ dream book, if a watermelon dreams of a girl, it means for her forced or desired marriage in a short time, or deception by a guy or disappointment, for a woman — she can become pregnant (if watermelon is not ripe — to have an abortion), give up her beloved person.

Watermelon, dreamed of a man, foreshadows his failures in various undertakings, sadness, getting rejection of his girlfriend or woman. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Why dream of a lot of watermelons?

If you dream of a lot of watermelons — you will not be able to achieve your goal due to the fact that you have not thought out your plan carefully and have not detailed it. Watermelons growing on bahche in large quantities — to unexpected profits.

Dream Interpretation — a big, ripe watermelon in a dream

  • To dream of a ripe watermelon — to the joy, good health, pleasant troubles, a party about the wedding.
  • If you dream of a big watermelon, you will soon expect a sudden departure or the emergence of trouble and problems.
  • Ripe, red watermelon in Freud’s dream book is a symbol of passionate love.

Dream interpretation — why dream of eating, buying, cutting, choosing a watermelon

  • If a healthy person dreams about how he eats a watermelon, he may soon get sick. If the same dream occurs in a sick person, recovery will soon take place.
  • A dream in which you carefully choose or buy a watermelon promises unexpected troubles, difficulties in business that prevent you from reaching your intended goal.
  • If in a dream you cut a watermelon and eat it yourself, then, most likely, in real life you will face a quarrel with your beloved.

Dream Miller

  • To see a big watermelon in a dream — means that soon you will be visited by inspiration, you will experience a creative upswing.
  • Buy watermelon, choose watermelon — to the adoption of a hasty decision, the commission of a rash act.
  • Grow watermelons — to the successful and speedy completion of a very difficult case.
  • Smash watermelon — to return all debts.
  • There are savory or unripe watermelon — for a man means a complex relationship with a woman, the need to act as a teacher; for woman — impossibility to realize the conceived risky plan, forthcoming obstacles in affairs. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Watermelon — symbolizes a peak of higher pleasure, that is, an orgasm. So, if you dreamed how you cut a watermelon, it means that in real life you rarely reach the peak and the real pleasure from sex is not available to you.

Often it is necessary to pretend not to disappoint the partner. Your fault in what is happening there.

The responsibility for the fact that you can not experience a full orgasm lies with your partner.

Talk to him frankly and try to figure out together what the problem is. Usually after this, men begin to pay increased attention to the preliminary caresses and ways to stimulate their partner.

  • Tearing a watermelon in a dream — the dream says that in reality you easily reach orgasm and can easily contribute to your partner experiencing it.
  • There is a watermelon in a dream — sleep means that soon you will have to experience extraordinary sensations.
  • Watermelon — symbolizes the convexity of the female figure, that is, the chest and buttocks.
  • Cutting — symbolizes sexual intercourse with elements of violence, deprivation of innocence.
  • Watermelon slice — symbolizes numerous love affairs and hobbies.
  • Eating — symbolizes passionate sex, and the melting of watermelon juice symbolizes the desire to have children.
  • Red watermelon flesh — symbolizes menstruation without a crust.
  • Mature, sweet — symbolizes passionate love.
  • Unripe watermelon — symbolizes innocence or memories of her. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Dreams of Dmitriy and Nadezhda Zima

  • Watermelon — women such a dream may promise a quick pregnancy, but the man does not promise anything good — the dream tells him that his plans only seem solid and strong, but in reality the expectations are too high, and it’s too early to hope for success.
  • Like a watermelon crust hiding under watery, loose flesh — prospects may be too vague. After such a dream you will need to once again review your plans, making them more realistic.
  • If a juicy, ripe watermelon dreams of a patient, and in a dream he eats it — this may mean that the crisis has passed and recovery will begin soon.
  • If the patient dreams of immature watermelons — the dream warns that the crisis is still ahead and to stop treatment prematurely.

Jewish dream book

Watermelon for women — pregnancy for men — sadness for girls — cheating.

Dream for the whole family

  • There is a watermelon in a dream — in the near future to be sad, perhaps disappointed in someone from the people around you.
  • If this is a dream on Friday — it will not come soon.
  • See watermelon eat someone, but not you — you are offended by someone.
  • Present when cutting watermelon — you can quarrel with a loved one.
  • If you cut the watermelon yourself and eat it — there will be a quarrel with his beloved woman. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Dream for the bitch

  • Watermelon — successful marriage.
  • There is a ripe watermelon — a good home, wealth and love.

Modern combined dream book

Big watermelon — to trouble, sometimes to unexpected departure.

Have a watermelon — to illness, obstacles.

Drink watermelon other — a successful turn of events for you.

Ripe watermelon — joy party on the eve of the wedding.

East female dream book

  • See watermelons growing on bahche — means, in life you achieve everything with your own work and mind.
  • There is a ripe sugar watermelon — to success.
  • If you dreamed you were buying a watermelon — you expect a large profit or inheritance.

Children’s dream book

  • Watermelon — to the news.

Full Dream New Era

  • Watermelon — Reflection of hidden desires (not only sexual). What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Dream Dream,,,

Choose a watermelon in the bazaar — to a new acquaintance, which will have pleasant consequences.

Dream Dream,,

Choose a watermelon in the bazaar — to internal clashes at work.

Dream Dream,,,

Have a watermelon — for women to pregnancy; for girls — to deception, for men — to suffer and mourn.

Sour watermelon — to the loss of a family.

Watermelon, see it — get a waiver from the woman.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

  • There is a watermelon for a woman in a dream — means pregnancy and for a girl — deception or mistake.
  • Buy or see watermelon in a dream — It means that in reality you will encounter numerous obstacles on the way to the set goal.
  • Carry a watermelon in your hands — unexpected worries, burdensome and unpleasant.
  • Trade in watermelon dreams — extravagance, fraught with lack of money.

Common dream book

  • If you dreamed watermelon — Your business proposal will not find support.
  • In the dream, you regaled the watermelon — you will be in great trouble in vain.
  • You watch someone eat watermelon — In the near future, some of your close relatives will face big wasted efforts.
  • The watermelon you received as a gift — means: your business is stalled because of the person who did it.
  • If you dreamed that you gave someone a watermelon — In the near future, you put a pig to one of your comrades or colleagues.
  • In a dream, you accidentally dropped and split a watermelon — all your worries and experiences will be in vain, trouble will pass you by.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • Usually dreamed watermelon — a sign of obstacles and minor troubles.
  • To see him — to increase the family or to unexpected departure.
  • For a man, such a dream — may portend trouble, and for a young girl — a quick marriage.
  • Buying a watermelon in a dream — Warns you of an impending thoughtless act that may have done you more harm than good.
  • There is a watermelon in a dream — It means that you have a hard time in your life, a dream such a patient promises recovery.
  • A good dream is the one in which you see melons sprinkled with watermelons. — such a dream symbolizes abundance. He may herald to you the receipt in sufficient quantities of the necessary funds or goods, some pleasant news. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Italian dream book

  • Watermelon — about the same as an apple.

Dream Dream

  • Watermelon — symbolizes the peak of pleasure, that is, orgasm.

If you cut a watermelon in a dream — This suggests that you can not get pleasure in sexual life. Sex is not pleasure for you, but a duty that you must fulfill.

Therefore, you often have to pretend because you are afraid to disappoint your partner.

You blame yourself all, but the problem lies in both of you. Perhaps the partner does not understand what can bring you pleasure.

Talk to him, it is likely that after this your intimate life will change for the better. After such a conversation, men, as a rule, become more attentive to their partner and spend more time caressing.

  • A dream in which you are cutting a watermelon — Says that you can easily reach orgasm and it is easy for you to give pleasure to your partner (partner).
  • Moon dream
  • Watermelon eat — sad adventure.

Dream Emperor of the Yellow Emperor

  • Watermelon — can be considered a symbol of the contradiction of good and pleasant taste.
  • Slip on watermelon rind — recently or in the near future to lose power: the power has already begun to flow away from the kidneys, if the consequences are not yet noticeable, they will affect later.
  • Watermelons sow and see a lot of watermelons — prepare yourself a lot of trouble and loss of strength. Revise your plans, they do not match the possibilities.

Dream interpretation of Martyn Zadeki

  • Watermelon eat — displeasure and sad adventure; sow seeds — joy.

Interpretation Dream Interpretation

  • Watermelon — in a dream there is a healthy one foreshadowing non-fulfillment of his hopes and sadness.

Dream Dream

  • Watermelon — pregnancy; sudden departure; The end of the relationship (in the Ukrainian folk tradition: taking a watermelon out of the house means a girl’s refusal to love a guy). What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

Culinary dream book

  • Watermelon dreaming — to the obstacle, there is it — to the sad adventure, and to the patient — to the breaking point of the disease.

Noble dream book N.Grishinoy

  • Watermelon see — get a refusal from a woman.

Esoteric dream book

  • Watermelon — Your body does not have enough fluids. Drink herbal infusions, vitamin teas.

Ukrainian dream book

  • How does a watermelon dream — against theft.
  • If you dream that watermelons eat — you will be ill.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

  • Watermelon — unexpected departure.


  • Watermelon — be more attentive to your health, possible illness, a short illness.
  • Watermelon for a healthy person — to sadness and unfulfilled hopes; for the patient — to recovery.
  • Big watermelon — to trouble and complications, often to unexpected departure.

Eat watermelon — to illness, obstacles in life’s journey; for man — sadness; for girl — deception of a loved one or a mistake; often — quick marriage; definition for all — unwarranted hope for friends.

  • If you sweat the watermelon of others — a successful turn of events, pleasant changes.
  • Watermelon for women — there will be a pregnancy.
  • Watermelon — the upcoming pleasure.
  • Watermelon — often symbolizes the peak of the highest pleasure and enjoyment.
  • There is a watermelon in a dream — means that soon you will experience extraordinary sensations.
  • But watermelon — it is also burdened with life problems and possible pregnancy.
  • According to Freud, smash a watermelon — get rid of pregnancy.
  • Watermelon man — trouble; a woman — pregnancy; girl — quick marriage. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

To dream of watermelon meaning

  • Choosing watermelons in a dream means making rash decisions.
  • A big, ripe and red watermelon in a man’s dream means a surge of creative energy and inspiration for the realization of the plans.

What dreams of a broken watermelon — to the release from the old debt, obligations, the solution of a complex problem.

If such a dream had a dream to a woman, then it could mean an abortion.

  • If a woman dreams of a green watermelon, then in real life it is better not to make hasty conclusions and not to participate in questionable events.
  • In the context of a love relationship between a man and a woman, to see a watermelon in a dream is a good or bad sign, depending on what kind of watermelon it is. Thus, an immature watermelon symbolizes unequal relations in which one partner is more experienced and should teach the other, acting as an example for him.
  • If you dream that you are growing or collecting watermelons on a melon, then an important matter, on which all efforts are concentrated, will soon be resolved in the best way for you.

Why dream there is a watermelon according to Freud

According to Freud, watermelon is associated with the peak of pleasure that can be achieved during sexual contact, is a symbol of orgasm. So all dreams with his participation are interpreted from this point of view.

  • To dream of a watermelon that you pick from the garden, to collect watermelons — to be a temperamental and passionate lover, able to bring a partner to ecstasy.
  • Cutting a watermelon on your own in a dream — do not trust your partner, do not open to him during erotic intimacy, do not reach the climax. A person who has had such a dream, has difficulty getting an orgasm.
  • If in a dream you enjoy the juicy flesh of watermelon, then in the near future you will have a bright sensual pleasure.
  • Watermelon in a man’s dream can remind him of female forms, be a sign of a secret desire.
  • A watermelon cut in half — the inability to enjoy sex, violent intercourse or defloration (for girls).
  • A poor or small watermelon with pale flesh is associated with virginity, reminds of her loss, and men can promise a meeting with an innocent girl.
  • There is a watermelon piece by piece — to have a lot of love adventures.
  • To see watermelon in a dream, completely devoid of peel — to the onset of menstruation.
  • Eating watermelon greedily, smearing your face and hands with sweet juice in your sleep — want to have a baby.

Watermelon in a dream — interpretation of Vanga

  • To dream of a watermelon, cut into small pieces — to be closed, secretive, greedy and selfish in real life or look like this in the eyes of others.
  • You cut a watermelon, and he is immature inside with pale flesh? Such a dream means that you are not ready to make serious decisions and undertake a business that is too tough for you. You should wait and gain strength before taking action.
  • What a huge size watermelon dreams about — according to Vanga, it promises world fame and honor, you will make a very important act, make a scientific discovery, will bring great benefits to society.

I dreamed of a watermelon — what is this for the dream book of Lofa

  • Cutting a watermelon on your own in a dream — almost always a bad omen, can mean a future quarrel with people close to you. If in a dream several people cut a watermelon, then in real life you will have a conflict with each of them.
  • But the watermelon, which you receive as a gift, symbolizes the care and love of loved ones. Try to remember the face of the person who feeds you a watermelon in a dream — perhaps in reality you do not pay attention to his help and support.
  • It’s a long time to carry a watermelon on your hands — unexpected troubles, mostly minor troubles, nothing serious.

To dream of watermelon: Islamic dream book

  • According to an Islamic dream book, a very bad sign is to throw a watermelon through a window or the door of your own house; this promises the death of someone from the family.
  • If a large ripe watermelon dreamed of a young girl, then she will soon get married, a similar dream with a married woman means that she will soon become pregnant.

To dream of a watermelon: a Muslim dream book

In the Muslim dream book, watermelons are associated with earthly blessings; therefore, such dreams often have good interpretations. So, if a man dreams that he stretches his hands to the sky while he eats watermelon flesh, then soon he will get what he wants most.

Green watermelon means earthiness, focus on material benefits to the detriment of spiritual. To dream of a watermelon with a yellowed skin — to experience a breakdown and illness, sleep promises a deterioration in physical health. What dreams of watermelons - the correct interpretation of the dream

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