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What dreams of white geese on the interpretation of basic values, popular interpretations and the dream books?

Geese have a difficult character, they are large birds with a strong beak, serrated from the inside. Tweaks of a goose can be very sensitive and painful if the goose wants to teach you wits.

At the same time, the bird is distinguished by a rare rancor and never forgets offenses. Geese are affectionate, form strong monogamous couples, able to maintain sympathy for a person for decades.

In a dream, geese, like migratory birds, become the captors of treasure, happiness, and a loved one.

They give up the kidnapped evil witch or, on the contrary, to a kind aunt who tenderly cared for them. In fabulous traditions, geese appear to be insidious creatures, ready to defend their evil and terrible host at all costs.

Good fellows have to flee. Consider what dreams of white geese in dream books.

What dreams of white geese on the interpretation of basic values, popular interpretations and the dream books?

Basic Values

  • In many ancient tales it was geese who carried the golden eggs. The bird was considered regal and enjoyed great respect and honor. Goose down was collected very carefully and used to insulate winter clothing. Embroidered geese were used in many folk embroideries — amulets. The loyalty and devotion of the birds entered the legends.
  • The most important value, what dreams to see white geese in a dream — this is a significant and unexpected wealth that falls like snow on his head. Along with wealth, you have at your disposal a whole heap of problems, for example, how to deal with bills of exchange or mortgages, whether to leave capital in stocks and ownership shares, what to do if accepted customs have already allowed the previous owner in the world, but give up on them without prejudice to reputation is impossible. Huge troublesome riches that make you think about how happy you were before you received it — this is the meaning of white geese in a dream if they fly a noisy flock over your house or sit in the yard to take a break during a long journey.
  • White geese in a dream can take away the main treasure, if you complain too much about the trouble it delivers to you and are absolutely sure that wealth is what you deserve by your mind and diligence.
  • The geese that run somewhere with the most victorious and proud look that looks very comical in these birds mean that you can easily avoid any accusations, even if they are not without grounds. Be careful next time.
  • A lot of white giggling geese is a parody of an aristocratic society that cannot stop being indignant and discuss something, but is completely self-deprecating and convinced of its own utmost importance. This is a sign to be more careful and to keep quiet. Even if you thoroughly understand a certain topic, try to keep silent — your knowledge will be considered insulting insubordination, offensive to dear people who do not have time to do such nonsense and delve into unnecessary details.
  • If a goose in a dream pinched you — this is to insulting jokes on your person. If there are plenty of white geese trying to pinch you, you risk falling into a hardcover and an unpleasant story.
  • Fly astride a goose, travel with birds like Nils from a fairy tale — to a tremendous rise in career, wealth and fame.
  • A lone white goose in the bright midday sky can mean an immediate desired pregnancy.

What dreams of white geese on the interpretation of basic values, popular interpretations and the dream books?

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Miller interprets the white geese grazing in the meadow, as a sign of the return of good luck. The early geese in the spring sky foreshadow sadness due to the careless act, perhaps a childish prank.
  • Family dream book says that white geese dream of peace and well-being in the family. To feed the geese, care for them, call the geese for profit. To listen to goose goggles means rude and, unfortunately, true gossip. Someone will blurt out all the things that you would most like to hide.
  • The English dream book believes that geese in a dream mean an invitation to a higher society if you can deserve this honor. Birds in the garden — for jokes and pranks. To water the birds with a hose, to make a lake or to make a house on the lake — to lure good luck.
  • Female dream book claims that catching a goose — to marry. The same applies to the lonely goose who chose you as a pair and walks on your heels, tugging at the hem, interferes and fools around, demanding attention and affection. If the goose hisses and pulls the neck — your current boyfriend is not so inclined to you, as it seemed at first. He has his own plans and you have a very modest place in them.

What dreams of white geese on the interpretation of basic values, popular interpretations and the dream books?


White geese dream of wealth in the future. But the predicted wealth will need to be kept and to learn how to properly dispose of them.

Maybe you have to read books on financial management. Do not forget about deceit and willfulness of birds.

If white geese are hostile, to convince them in reality will not work.

But if it happens in a dream, try to appease the birds. Play with the children in the yard in “Geese-Swans”, feed the ducks in the park, read “The Tales of Mother Goose” to your children or nephews.

Wealth, luck, luck — this is very good, but they should be lured in every way into your life, grooming and cherishing.

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