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What dreams of women’s wrist watches — the interpretation of the dream-book

To understand what dreams of women’s watches, read this article with the interpretation of the best dream books. These forecasts are based on the experience of entire generations.

They contain tremendous wisdom. Read on to find out what the future holds for you.

Dream Dream

The author of this dream book during his many years of travel collected interpretations of clairvoyants, astrologers and esotericists, accumulated over the years of experience and research.

What dreams of women's wrist watches - the interpretation of the dream-book

Here are his predictions:

  1. Women’s wristwatches symbolize the routine, habitual obligations, work duties and expectations of a person from the result of his efforts.
  2. Look at the clock — you are too rush things in an effort to get everything at once. But because of this, the achievement of the cherished goal is moving away from you. You should temper your appetites and learn to go to the desired result gradually, in small steps.
  3. An expensive and beautiful watch — to an advantageous marriage of convenience. But, despite the fact that your actions will be guided by greed first, in time true love will come to your family. You will live together happily until old age.
  4. See how the hand moves on the clock — you feel that time runs away from you too quickly, because you often use it for nothing, indulge in completely meaningless things. Blame everything — the lack of goals and understanding what you want from life.

American dream book

These interpretations help a person to better understand their desires, to study and know themselves. The author calls to listen to the intuition and the voice of the heart, which through dreams directs you to go the right way.

What dreams of women's wrist watches - the interpretation of the dream-book

  1. The watches on the elegant female hand symbolize the bright life changes, which can be both bad and good. The nature of the change depends on your actions and actions in the past. Think they lead you to success or to failure?
  2. Remembering the clock time is a winning combination of numbers that will play a big role in your life in the future. But the true meaning of the dream will open to you a little later, after a couple of years.
  3. Working hours — your business goes on as usual, and nothing can stop it. Circumstances will develop in a favorable way for you, so just keep moving towards your goals.
  4. Bracelet from the clock — to the conclusion of marriage. Soon you will receive a marriage proposal from a loved one. If while alone — get to know your soulmate. The family will be strong and happy.
  5. To lose hours — your expectations will not be justified because of the excessive demands on yourself. Try to lower the bar, and the situation will be solved in the best possible way, and the problems and difficulties will be significantly reduced.
  6. Expensive antique clocks — a symbol of change for the better. In each area of ​​life there will be positive events that will lead to success in money and career, as well as in love and family.
  7. The hands of the clock will show you how much time must pass before the fulfillment of your most cherished desire. From that moment on, the countdown started, and you just have to wait. Good luck on your side.
  8. Stop hours — the destruction of the usual way of life. At first, this will upset you, but in the future you will realize that having lost something important, you have gained several times more goods. Rely on the will of fate and accept what is happening.
  9. Repair the clock — you will be in a dangerous situation due to the fact that you risk relying on a loved one. But you can get out at the very last moment. The main thing is to draw the right conclusions from what happened, so as not to make mistakes in the future.
  10. Hours are in a hurry — you have to make a choice on which your whole future life will depend. Try not to rush to the decision, but carefully weigh all possible options. Rely on intuition more than common sense.
  11. Lagging hours — if you do not hurry, miss something important for you. Do not hesitate and start action right now. You have a serious competitor who seeks to get the same as you.

Family Dream

Broken clocks dream of obstacles that will soon arise on your way to the intended goal. Fate thus decides to test you for strength, to check what is the limit of your possibilities.

What dreams of women's wrist watches - the interpretation of the dream-book

  1. See the clockwork is an unfavorable sign. He promises a loss of money. For a while you will be left without a livelihood in a state of complete despair. Try to pull yourself together and begin to act as quickly as possible so as not to trigger the situation.
  2. Hours without hands — in life comes a period of stagnation. There will be a feeling that you are stomping in one place and not moving forward one iota. In fact, this is the time for your recovery, rest and goal setting.
  3. Drop the clock and not raise it — you spend too much time thinking and dreaming. But senseless fantasies still did not lead anyone to success, you must begin to take action, and the analysis will take up later.
  4. Drop the clock, but do not break it — you will be lucky in the business that you thought was hopeless. It will turn out to find a way out of a very difficult situation thanks to the help of a random person. It will surprise you, but also please.
  5. Hear the clock fight — soon some kind of extremely sad event will happen in your life, and you will not be able to recover.
  6. Giving a clock — to the troubles in the family. Children will commit misconduct, for which you and your spouse will have to answer. About peace and understanding will have to forget for a long time.
  7. Broken clock — a serious misfortune will happen to a loved one. You will need to come to the rescue, donating your time, money and other resources. But for the help will be well rewarded in the future.

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  • Hours symbolize the time that you are losing or, on the contrary, you use sensibly. Read all the predictions to find out what fate has prepared for you in the near future.
  • Interpretations can be both positive and not so. It all depends on how the clock was. Hurried or slowed down, were new and expensive or old, broken. Try to remember all the details.

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