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What dreams sour cream on dream books and dream interpretations

Sour cream — dairy product of high fat cream. From the point of view of semantics, to remove all the sour cream — about the same thing as skimming — to take the best, the most delicious, fatty and nutritious, without worrying about the needs of other people.

We will understand what dreams of sour cream in a dream and the basic meanings of sour cream in dreams.

What dreams sour cream on dream books and dream interpretations

Basic values ​​of sour cream in a dream

  • The first value of sour cream is an extremely profitable offer, a sinekur of a well-fed cat, good money and excellent conditions with minimal movements. The only thing that should alert you is why sour cream, and not cream? Sour may contain a hint of hidden flaws and features of a new exciting post. If possible, give yourself time to think, try to set additional conditions, find out more. If there is no sourness, settle without delay.
  • Thick fat sour cream — everything in life goes smoothly. Do not forget to save money in a good period.
  • Liquid, lumpy, sour — there is a reason to think about whether you are being deceived. Possible discord with friends or within the family.
  • Whipped, foamed dairy product means a penchant for gourmetism and significant profits. If you eat thick whipped sour cream — the money will flow like water without much effort on your part. If you beat, participate in the preparation of delicacies — you will have to work hard, although the efforts will be pleasant and exciting. Beware equally of boasting and complaining during a period of success. To frighten off a strip of luck is easy. Moreover, there is no merit in success — you are just lucky. The day when you begin to read the moralizing and notation of less fortunate companions can safely be considered the first day of the beginning of the dark band.
  • Buy sour cream, pay for pleasure. It is necessary, but sometimes excessive. Look around, maybe you are paying not only for your portion. Get rid of useless freeloaders. It is better to pay for friends who can afford little at the moment.
  • Shed sour cream — to failure. And the product was not too good, because good sour cream is not spilled, it would have to scoop with a spoon.
  • If the cat eats treat — you will be invited to visit and deliciously treat you.
  • Overeat fatty cream, so that it looks unattractive — to feel guilty, reflection. Get rid of unpleasant feelings until they poisoned your success. Give a few rubles a drink in a foreign city, build a playground or exercise equipment in the yard, pay a visit to the pool or a good excursion for schoolchildren. Let off a little steam, let yourself feel its importance and usefulness to society.

What dreams sour cream on dream books and dream interpretations

What does sour cream mean by interpretations of authorities

  • The dream book of Veles treats sour cream in a dream, as excesses, profit, good luck. If you are in a dream, if sour cream is just like that, even without bread, you are too passionate about getting pleasure from life. Lack of moderation can adversely affect health. Calibrate waste and take care of savings.
  • Russian dream book believes your self-confidence, as evidenced by sour cream in a dream, is somewhat excessive and excessive. In addition, you should remember about friends and not in the sense of consumption and benefit for you personally. Sincere concern for your neighbor will help you overcome the period of arrogance. If you lose friends now, in the wake of success, you will have no one to turn to when the wave subsides.
  • Eastern dream book gives the interpretation of spreading a dairy product on yourself. In addition to unearthly beauty, delicate white skin, eternal youth and good health, the Eastern dream book promises incredible wealth and career prospects. Think about it when you walk from the beach. Having seen a dream in which sour cream appears, agree on offers of the management, especially concerning trips and business trips.
  • A modern businessman’s dream book recommends that those who dream of buying sour cream be attentive to their mode of life. Of course, neither you nor your loved ones are threatened with hunger, you are completely provided for. But aren’t you too passionate about work? Indeed, you have to pay for everything, but you are clearly overpaying. You are already beginning to look like a living wallet. Find time to rest in your schedule, take a vacation, plan time with your family and friends.
  • Practical and reasonable dream Vanga recommends paying attention to detail in real life. You are in danger of falling into an ersatz of life, an artificial and unnatural place, something like a commercial with painted happiness and obligatory joy of 28 doubles in a row. To choose a sour-milk delicacy and prefer the store product to the home-to-disorder. If you dream of sour cream in glass jars — you prefer clarity in business. Mold, bitterness means loss.
  • A female dream book interprets sour cream and cream as youth, eternal youth, wealth and luxury. A bath with a dairy product in a dream promises complete prosperity.
  • Sigmund Freud, in his interpretation of dreams, considers sour cream not as an independent dish, but as a pleasant addition to the main one. Surprisingly, Freud’s dream book links sour cream with the prospect of marriage.

What dreams sour cream on dream books and dream interpretations


Dreaming of sour cream is an excellent sign that promises excellent life prospects, luxuries, excess without extra work. On the other hand, it should be noted that sour cream is a perishable product.

Do not rush to break with the pathetic losers who surrounded you before the rapid take-off. Make reasonable investments and try to help your neighbors. Do not skimp on money and warmth.

In this case, you will be able to stay on top of success longer.

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