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What dreams that stolen a bag on dream books and interpretations of basic values

A bag, especially a women’s bag in everyday life is a constant accessory of any image. In terms of size, shape, quality handbags often judge the welfare of a person, his taste and even habits.

It is believed that in women’s handbags reigns a complete mess, although, of course, it is not.

In a dream, the value of a woman’s bag is quite definite. This is the person’s personality, the most necessary and important.

From the point of view of psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud personally, this is a sign of the female genital organs.

The dream in which your bag was stolen from you means some doubts that you will want to be faithful or, if you look wider, to act solely in the interests of your spouse. Consider what it means to sleep, in which the bag was stolen, according to dream books.

What dreams that stolen a bag on dream books and interpretations of basic values

Basic Values

Your bag, your travel kit, all the things you need and selected with love, beautifully packaged in an elegant case of a fashionable handbag — this is an important part of not only the image, but also the personality.

An invasion of personal space is what it means if you have a bag stolen in your sleep.

Someone encroaches on your most precious property, the most precious treasure — your unique personality.

Someone willfully invades your space and abuses your time and trust.

  • Perhaps the theft was not due to malicious intent. There are people who believe that the rest exist only for their pleasures, interests and complaints. Children steal the time of parents so arbitrarily and demanding that some do not have a single minute left for themselves. Limiting children and raising them is a family affair. Indeed, the time of parents largely belongs to children. But to restrict outsiders who believe that you owe them too much is necessary.
  • You dream that you have stolen a bag — it means you feel a violation of personal boundaries and are ready to resist the kidnappers. Learn to say “no” to a sweet girlfriend who says she’s taken your scarf. Remove your coffee at work, do not allow to call from your phone and limit the discussion of topics of interest to you.
  • If the fact that your bag was stolen in a dream does not cause irritation, but panic, it makes sense to worry too much in real life. Are you too careless? Check the status of the documents, make sure that no one has access to your personal documents and property papers. In many families, property documents are kept together for reasonably dubious reasons — people are afraid of offending another with distrust. And it is precisely this fear that often becomes the ground for abuse and fraud. Your property and the property of your mother, your husband, his mother are different bags, relatively speaking. You can really steal something more than a handbag if you store documents incorrectly. If relatives insist that the documents should be kept in one place, suggest your place and look at the reaction. If the proposal will cause a protest — the dream was in your hand and you almost had your bag stolen.
  • Losing a handbag in a dream — parting with a part of life that was important to you. Throw out the old and shabby — to banish from life unnecessary memories, obsessive acquaintances. As you can see, the meaning of loss or self-action with personal property is completely different than if someone tries to steal a bag.

What dreams that stolen a bag on dream books and interpretations of basic values

Interpretation of authorities

  • Dream Interpretation Nostradamus calls to prepare for the disappointment that will cause you to dishonesty a loved one. But in reality it is better to prevent the possibility of dishonesty.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse predicts problems at work and the possible disclosure of important personal information. Do not be frank with colleagues, especially about personal matters and problems.
  • The female dream book assures that you should always press the handbag tightly with your elbow so that it is not stolen. Sleep means that someone has his eye on your husband or young person, if he is of interest in a financial sense. Also, the female dream book warns of mercantile young people who themselves are not averse to get into someone else’s wallet.

What dreams that stolen a bag on dream books and interpretations of basic values


If you saw that your bag was stolen in a dream, it is a sign to reconsider some personal attachments. Maybe some of them are imposed on you and do not give pleasure.

Other people’s children, animals that need to be looked after, other people’s diseases that someone loves to talk about, wasting your time on your whining.

This time, your personal, it is stolen from you. You could take lessons in music and drawing, or do something else useful for yourself this hour a day.

This is a lot. This is what the dream says.

Keep yours with you and locked up. Finally, buy yourself a new bag that fits you perfectly. Your favorite color, favorite size, which includes everything you need for happy walks in the vacated time.

Return to yourself and do not allow yourself to be robbed.

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