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What is the dream about a blue dress according to Tsvetkov and Miller’s dream books?

Rarely what kind of man can dream about a dress — and girls and women who like to change clothes and browse fashion magazines, wardrobe items are seen in a dream all the time. Why dream dress of a certain color?

What will the dream book say, if you dressed it on a girlfriend or daughter, sewed, was it simple or very catchy?

What is the dream about a blue dress according to Tsvetkov and Miller’s dream books?

The general interpretation of such a «fashionable» sleep

Since these dreams are seen mostly by women, most transcripts are addressed to women. However, if a man dreamed of a stranger in blue, he can remember what her outfit looked like — was he old or new, with ruffles or flowers?

All these details are important.

Old or new?

  • Not fashionable, but clean. This is a good dream. He can promise uninvited guests who bring good news. Be hospitable, do not show coldness to these relatives.
  • New. Sleep promises you good luck, so if you wanted to open your own business, change jobs, you can do it now. But do not forget to turn on your head — a dream promises good luck, not a magic “ball”.
  • In holes and stains. Why dream of a blue dress, battered? Your subconscious mind warns you either ruined your good name, or too often get involved in adventurous business projects. Take time out, take a break from too decisive activity, come to their senses.
  • Myatoye: you can get sick, not much, but still unpleasant.

Cut and cut are important too.

  • Strict, businesslike. Such a blue dress in a dream — to increase at work or to receive a prize.
  • Restrained but elegant. You have a good character — you are decent, and with strong willpower. Such a temper will allow you to achieve a lot in life.
  • Very feminine, with ruffles and ruffles. You are frivolous, and if you do not take up the mind now, very soon you will have to «rake» the problem.
  • From the lightest fabric (chiffon, chintz), and yes even a bright color. Remove the rose-colored glasses, because in dreams you can skip half of real life.
  • Long style, and even fashionable, expensive, luxurious. A dream is a pleasant surprise. It can also mean: thanks to you, a loved one will show himself from an unexpected side.
  • Was he a wedding? If you are young, you will soon find out that a fan winds around you; if the dress fits beautifully on the figure, this fan will be the person you have long loved.
  • For a married beauty to see a blue wedding dress cut to a crowd of fans. Dress with holes: arguing with your man, do not bend the stick. Dress with dirty stains: your partner almost fell out of love with you.
  • Wedding dress heavenly shade in a dream business woman — to negotiate with a business partner. If you looked great, that would be the deal.

Hue and fabric patterns

What is the dream about a blue dress according to Tsvetkov and Miller’s dream books?

  • Bright color. You respect yourself, but you do not offend your loved ones, showing your love to them in every possible way. Also this dream can promise the come true dream.
  • Dark. To a quarrel with a girlfriend. The main thing — do not go too far, whatever she may tell you.
  • Faded, almost blue. You have a black line that you have to overcome on your own.
  • Black polka dots over blue fabric. Close friends, showing you signs of attention, are in fact maliciously jealous of you.
  • White peas. A crowd of fans will soon gather around you. But inducing an external «gloss», do not forget about the beauty of the soul, otherwise the ranks of admirers will very quickly thin out.
  • Decorative dress (vintage, too designer cut, concert): to an amazing event that will excite and impress you.
  • Thin, slippery fabric: your life situation is unreliable. The worst is a dream in which a “guest” appears in a blue dress made of such fabric, familiar to you in real life — it is she who will betray you without a twinge of conscience.
  • Winter, fleecy, warm material: sleep promises you a profit, wealth in the house.

What did you do?

  • Wore on, wore. For income, maybe even unscheduled. Sleep promises: you will not need anything if you spend this money wisely.
  • We looked in the mirror at ourselves in such a dress: people respect you, your good name will be useful to you in business.
  • They dressed another person. Soon you will find a true friend.
  • They wanted to buy, chose the market or in the store. Fate will give you a chance — hold it with both hands!
  • They tried on: for someone you are a pattern of behavior.
  • Bought: you need nice little things that we often deny ourselves.
  • Sewed. The time has come to realize your creative plan.
  • Poured a drink, stained: a strong man will offer you his help.
  • We tried to hide the spot from others: in real life, your conscience is unclean, although all relatives and friends consider you to be a heavenly angel.

Interpretation of famous authors

What is the dream about a blue dress according to Tsvetkov and Miller’s dream books?

If the national dream book interprets the blue dress as a typically female symbol, what will world-famous psychoanalysts say?

Dream Miller

  1. A dress of excellent style in a dream of a girl or young woman shows a real lady. Everyone is delighted with your taste, manner of speaking, talent.
  2. Holes on a blue dress: you will do something bad, for which your relatives will not praise you at all.
  3. Did you try on a dress? Perhaps you will have a rival.
  4. In a dream, you thought about diet or sports, because you wanted to buy a blue dress of a certain size (style)? If there is another one next to your loved one and it “rubs”, you will quickly deal with it.

Dream Eugene Tsvetkova

  1. Buying a blue dress — envy surrounds you.
  2. Try on, put on: acquaintances consider you to be an accomplished person. Also a dream shows that you are ambitious.

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