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What is the dream that you were put in prison?

Prison is associated with deprivation and hardship. What dreams that put in jail?

Does a dream foreshadow such events in our lives? Do not be afraid: often in dreams, bad events mean the very opposite, and good ones — failures.

What is the dream that you were put in prison?

General interpretation

Dream Interpretation warns: you have created some restrictions in your life that prevent the favorable development of the planned cases. Therefore, you expect failure.

Also, a dream can warn about interference that your competitors or detractors are fixing you.

Prison image can warn about interference in your personal life: someone puts obstacles. However, if you see bright sunlight breaking through the window grilles, it means that you will be able to overcome obstacles on your own.

Be in jail — be limited in freedom of action in real life. You may also experience (or experience) a sense of guilt in front of someone. Understand your soul and correct the situation.

A young girl may feel guilty about losing her virginity.

See your friends or acquaintances in prison means the following: you use these people for mercenary purposes, without offering anything in return. Correct your attitude so that interpersonal energy exchange is not disturbed.

See the prison — expect the disclosure of your secret, which you keep in the recesses of the soul. All secret once becomes revealed.

Disclosing your secret will entail a chain of unpleasant events.

  • See spouse in prison — to the disclosure of his treason with another woman.
  • Look out of the prison cell window — someone will exert influence or pressure on you.
  • Take part in building a prison building — tune your friends against yourself.

Also, sleep can have a direct meaning: beware of engaging in illegal transactions. Otherwise, the trouble can not be avoided.

Positive sleep value

There is a very positive meaning of this dream for you.

  • If in prison you do not feel sadness and discomfort, it means that a dream prophesies future family life: you will have a husband and children.
  • Escape from prison — free from the dictates of an authoritative person.
  • Attempt to escape from prison — you are too hasty in making important decisions.
  • To sit behind bars in a dream — get the long-awaited peace in their affairs, get rid of the load.
  • If you managed to avoid imprisonment, it means that your intended business will be crowned with complete success, will bring profit.
  • Get out of jail marks the end of a black stripe in life. You can breathe easy: troubles behind.

What is the dream that you were put in prison?

What do different dream books say?

Dream Miller interprets this plot as follows. Seeing the release of a prisoner is a very good sign for the dreamer: you will be able to avoid trouble or successfully cope with unforeseen circumstances. If a girl sees her beloved in chains — she will soon expose his dishonest deeds.

To see yourself in chains — to trouble.

Modern dream book predicts peace and wealth. Simon Cananit’s dream book also prophesies the same.

Vedic dream book prophesies prosperity in business. But the Explanatory and Lunar Dream Book foreshadows the disease to the dreamer, if he sees himself in chains.

Psychologist Loff understands the value of this image in a positive way. He believes that prison is a symbol of protection and security.

You are in the shelter, and trouble will not get to you. If you tried to escape from the trap, but could not — it symbolizes your inability to complete an important task and achieve the desired goal.

Nostradamus believes that to see oneself in chains is to remain a prisoner of one’s prejudices, beliefs, or restrictions. You can also be exposed to complexes that you have convinced yourself.

Breaking a prison prison in a dream is an attempt to break free from the pressure of a person.

To dream relatives behind bars — they perceive you as a tyrant. To free a prisoner from prison — to solve the problems of loneliness.

Dream Vanga claims to see a prison building in a dream speaks of the heavy responsibility of hiding someone else’s secret. You will soon be entrusted with information that will be very difficult to keep secret. If you see yourself bound, it means that you will not be warned in time about the serious danger.

Dream Medea interprets this dream as a danger of illness. Seeing another in bonds is a desire to stop all contact with him.

French dream book says that you will learn a secret, the disclosure of which will cause you moral suffering.

Dream Dream He sees in this symbol a reflection of the soulful torments of the dreamer. Nayavu you pursue heavy thoughts, fears, depression and discouragement.

In such a mental state, close to the disease.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova interprets prison as the choice of a false goal in life.

Spring dream book prophesies marriage for the girl, and for other persons — a promissory note.

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