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What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

What to do if you have bad dreams. Not always dreams are pleasant. Sometimes nightmares dream every night and make you wake up in a state of intense anxiety and fear.

What dreams of hell, devils and devils? basic interpretations, dreamed or many horned devils

Do not cry at night — the devils will dream, my grandmother said. The world of dreams immerses a person into a completely different reality, in which completely different people can meet and the most incredible events take place.

Sometimes dreams turn into nightmares and carry negative things in people’s lives. What the hell dream?

How to interpret this dream?

What the hell is dreaming about — basic interpretation

A dream in which a person are mythical characters, can cause him to bewilderment and panic. In order for this not to happen — it is worth recognizing that not all dreams need to be interpreted literally and not every dream will exactly turn into reality.

In the dream books presented a twofold interpretation of dreams about the devil. In a classic interpretation, the appearance of a devil in a dream suggests that your whole life will be implicated in deceit and some hasty choice.

Initially, you will become a very successful person, but soon your success will grow into pride and those who previously trusted you completely will turn away from you.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

It is worth understanding whether you really need so many pleasures in order to fully relax, you should temper your ardor and resist the temptations that will give you life.

If you dream that you yourself have turned into a devil — you should not be glad that life will give you incredible opportunities, rather, it will take much from you.

You may be out of money precisely because of your own waste and stupidity.

If in a dream you talk to the devil — beware of your health, caution now does not hurt. Listen to his every word, in these words there will be many important things for you.

If the devil has turned someone of your loved ones — try to temporarily limit communication with the person, or carefully look at all his actions. This person is preparing a meanness in your address.

What the hell dream about

Vanga’s dream book says that damn dream as a symbol of luck.

You will grow up in the eyes of colleagues and loved ones.

But it is worth wisely to use all that life has awarded you. If the devil appears as from a void, it is not clear where from — wait for unexpected expenses and expenses.

If the devil himself speak to you — you will get valuable experience from a wise person, but you can hardly use it wisely either.

If you get into a fight with the devil, and he loses you, you twist it by the tail, throw up — you have a rather complicated character, which prevents you from properly understanding the people and the motives of their behavior. You repel others and destroy their love for you.

In order to be loved and understood — you just need to temper your ambitions and become a kind person, which you really are. If the devil appears in a dream to a young girl — she should be careful in choosing a gentleman.

She is most likely to make a mistake and give her heart to the wrong person.

If a pregnant woman has a dream — someone greatly envied her pregnancy, and she soon will understand who it was.

She should take care of her health and the health of her unborn child.

What the hell dream about Freud’s dream book

Freud’s dream book says that the devil dreams as a harbinger of unexpected changes in a person’s fate. For a young man, the appearance of a trait in a dream can mean both the beginning of a new turbulent romance and a loss of stability in relationships.

It all depends on the circumstances of the dream and the events that unfold in it.

  • If the devil appears suddenly and talks slyly with a man in a dream — such a dream promises him a meeting with a mercenary young lady;
  • If the devil begins to attack a man, but he defeats him — such a dream speaks of a possible crisis in relationships, frequent scandals and reproaches, you should not focus on the negative, it’s time to move forward;
  • If the devil opens his eyes to the betrayal of his beloved — do not rush to conclusions, most likely it is a hoax;
  • A man himself turn into a devil — break a girl’s heart.

If there are several devils in a dream — it’s time to think about a man, and whether he leads a rather dissolute life.

For a woman, a great devil in a dream is a reflection of male sexual energy, which she so lacks in reality. It is time for her to think about the correctly placed priorities in life.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

She has been looking for happiness in her life for quite a long time and can’t find it. And the whole problem is in itself — it is necessary to look for love, not carnal pleasures.

Such a dream to a lonely girl promises acquaintance with a sexually active man who will give her a whirlwind romance, but in order to cultivate feelings in a young man, she will have to make maximum efforts herself.

What the hell is dreaming about in other dream-books

In Veles dream book it is said that the devil dreams as a harbinger of the message, good or bad — an additional interpretation of the dream will say. If in a dream you are kissing with a devil — such a dream means that you will suffer huge losses in reality, you should be ready for this.

If you talk in a dream with him — such a dream promises treason, a departure from reality.

Ate in a dream you run away from him and quite successfully — In reality, all your adversities and troubles will end.

If there are a lot of devils around you, sorrows and diseases await you.

If you overcome the devil in a dream, you will win an important argument, defeat your enemies.

In the erotic dream book it is said that the devil dreams as a harbinger of your uncontrolled sexual desires. You want to possess a man, subordinate him to your will.

If you are very afraid of the devil in a dream — they want to subordinate you, do not let anyone do it.

If you become a devil in a dream and at the same time do incredible things — you are bored with your life and your relationships, you want something new and fresh, you want to breathe life into relationships.

In the esoteric dream book it is said that the devil in a dream symbolizes the evil that is directed against you. If you see someone turning into a devil, you should be wary of this person.

They are driven by pride and arrogance; he is no longer afraid of anything and will not stop halfway through.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

If you yourself become a devil in a dream — someone magically tries to make you quarrel with others, lose your core and stop being a strong-willed and strong person.

Do not give in to fleeting passions and do not enter into conflicts yet, even if you have to defend your point of view — you will lose the argument.

In the Muslim dream book, it is said that to see the devil dead — such a dream suggests that you will soon have sorrow and grief, but you will be able to overcome them.

If the devil in every possible way tries to spoil you in a dream — you should expect the same minor troubles in reality.

If a woman has a dream about how she argues with the devil — she will also argue with her man and lose him soon, she will face a rupture, a divorce.

In the dream book wanderer it is said that devils dream as symbols of the fact that a person is often annoyed and everything interferes with him, he does not want to accept life as it really is.

If a person dreams of how devils run out of him — he is too annoyed and tense even in a dream. If they climb inside the person — the irritation accumulates and will soon lead to an explosion of emotions, the person will no longer be able to cope with himself.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

If you dream about how devils run after you — you will begin to lead a wild life, everything will irritate you.

In Miller’s Sonny withIt is shown that the devils dream of as symbols of future problems and diseases. If a person sees himself in the form of a devil, he is driven by base desires that simply lead him to the end of the white line in life and create a lot of problems. It is worth fearing temptations, since there is always a payback for them.

And the price of glimpse may be too high.

In the dream book of Medea it is said that the devils in a dream are a glut of emotions and passions. It is necessary to abandon the pernicious habits, otherwise they will destroy you.

Chaos reigns inside you, if the devils dance in a dream.

You yourself would have embarked on this vicious and unlawful dance, so you are not lucky in life. You miss a lot of decent options because of petty pleasures.

If a girl dreams of such a dream, she will be surrounded by the empty attention of gentlemen, they will only create problems for her and not solve the situations that are important for her.

What the hell dream? Often, such a dream suggests that it is time to lead an ordinary and measured life.

This will avoid trouble and conflict.

Too many temptations around the person and he just can not resist them.

Such a dream encourages thinking about the right choice of priorities. It opens unlimited possibilities for self-improvement.

Dream of Miller and Freud describe — what dreams of demons and devils

The unclean power that appears in a dream often becomes a cause for jokes and teasing the dreamer. But in vain: the presence of a devil or a demon in a dream is far from a trifling symbol.

The dream you saw, in which there was a devil, can seriously change your life. Want to know exactly how?

We will tell about it.

Devils in a dream

Devils or demons, occult communities call them lower-order beings, which can mislead a person or even tweak all sorts of stupid, and maybe even dangerous modifications. Get ready for unexpected troubles, absurdities and curiosities.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

If you saw devils in a dream, then nothing bad will come to you in the near future. Unpleasant little things, perhaps, will disturb your peace of mind, but not for long.

By the way, if in a dream you saw many devils,then expect a whirlpool of funny and unexpected events.

Someone will deceive you, but this deception will not be harmful to you. Most likely, you expect surprises.

What dreams of devils in the house?

But to see the devils in the house — this is for trouble, so say absolutely all dream books. Demons, quietly walking around your house — to quarrels, scandals and misunderstandings in the family.

If the devils laugh or make faces, then expect to be fooled by someone close to you.

Also a dream in which draw in the house — to financial troubles and minor diseases.

Do not worry: everything will be decided, even if not as fast as we would like.

See them in church

To see the unclean in a dream in the temple is the same as seeing something pure, beautiful, stained and ugly. After such a dream in real life you have to be very disappointed in people or things that seemed unshakable.

Perhaps a close friend who was the perfect hostess will suddenly turn out to be much worse than what they say about her.

By the way, after such a dream, expect a dirty trick or betrayal from friends and close people.

If in a dream buried the dead in the church, in which you saw devils, demons, then in reality you have to witness an unpleasant situation.

Someone is deceived, meanly used, and you will be inactive.

Even if usually this behavior is not peculiar to you, wait for just such an outcome of the situation.

Devils love heat, even heat. They are more accustomed than anything, and the dream in which you saw a demon in the bath says that you can only reconcile with the circumstances, but not fix it all.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

If in a dream you were soared with you in a bath, then this dream is interpreted as the fact that the dreamer has become “his” for devils. Probably, soon he will become either the pet of fate, or he will lose everything at once.

But he cannot change anything, now he is not in control of the situation.

Heck in a dream hit with a broom? Wait for blows from fate that will make you stronger.

They drank alcohol with unclean in the bath — consider that they drank their luck. But if at the sight of you the devils in the bath ran, then nothing serious will happen.

Life will go, as before, the only thing that can happen is a ridiculous joke of a friend or girlfriend.

Do not worry: for a long time you will remember this joke with a smile.

Attack what it is for?

Forwards devils are troubles, quarrels that appear, seemingly out of nowhere, and seriously ruin your life.

If the devils attacked the whole gang, they bite, they even fought among themselves, then, most likely, soon there will be only one’s fuss, dance of affairs and people in your life.

Do not worry: sleep does not bode ill.

They want to devote to demons

A dream in which evil forces want to recognize you as equal, explain how your desire to change something, to seem better than you are. Perhaps you want to achieve someone’s praise, or your pride goes all the way. Anyway, if the devils in a dream pull you along and recognize you as an equal, then you need to change urgently.

Become equal to the demon — to drown in alcohol, lies and lack of.

In the image of people

An unusual dream, and its interpretation is not standard. You will be faced with a situation from which there will be no way out for a long time, and close and dear people will show themselves from the most unexpected and possibly unpleasant side for you.

Remember: what did these devils do? If you broke something or sang, and maybe you drank alcohol, then you have to contact the false and cunning people who are mired in trouble.

It will probably be all right if during this period you reduce communication with others to the maximum possible minimum. If the devils played gambling with you, then soon fate will play a game with you, the rules of which are known only to her.

Exactly after similar dreams both takeoff and fall are possible, both striking luck and total bad luck in all undertakings.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

In the role of a cat

A very insightful dream: cats were always considered, if not immigrants from hell, then at least guides to another world. Cute and homely Murka always remain predators, remember this.

To see cat-devils in a dream is interpreted as a reluctance to notice the danger that is very close to a person and at any moment can turn his life around.

If such a cat flipped over to you, tried to get into your hands or “sang songs”, then in reality you have to deal with all the problems and tame any danger.

If such a cat attacked, then wait for troubles, health problems and quarrels with friends.

Scum in a dream

Soon, fate will put you before a choice, you will have a chance to correct everything and even improve your situation, but at the same time you can ruin everything completely. Carefully consider each step, deed, word.

Whatever such changes may be for you, they will radically change your life.

Devils and Demons

But the appearance of demons led by devils may indicate serious problems that are about to manifest themselves. Demons in the form of people say that you have problems with self-esteem.

If such a demon harassed you in a dream, in reality expect a bad situation that will compromise you, or you will be deceived by people who seem to you are near and dear to you for a long time.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

In case you are in a dream devils quarreled with demons,then expect that in reality any situation, no matter how difficult it may be, will be solved, and in your favor.

If the demon marked you as an equal or gave you something, expect hypocrisy and health problems.

Soon your plans will not come true.

Dream Miller

Mr. Miller believed that the emergence of otherworldly power in dreams often leads to failure, loss and embarrassing situations in which the dreamer’s reputation may suffer. It is best at this time to take up self-education and not overload yourself with work.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

One of the most mysterious psychotherapists, Dr. Sigmund Freud, believed that the appearance of devils in dreams indicates certain preferences of the dreamer in bed.

To see a beautiful demon in a dream — to become a victim of secret desires. They are trying to deceive you, trying to put pressure on your weak points.

If in a dream man himself was the devil, then, most likely, he was in the last way too selfish towards others.

These are the interpretations for sleep, in which you saw devils. Remember: whatever you dream, our dream book will always help interpret this dream and explain what to expect from the future.

Happy dreams!

What the hell is dreaming of, is it worth to consider such a dream a sign?

The dream feature is evidence that in the near future luck will accompany you in all matters, and you will very quickly achieve significant success and deserve recognition in society.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

However, you should be wary of pride, which can settle in your soul and turn you into an arrogant, vain and evil person.

If you allow the sin of pride to blacken your soul, you will quickly lose what you have received thanks to luck, and will get into big trouble because of your penchant for dubious entertainment.

A dream in which you yourself were the devil warns: your ill-conceived and frankly stupid acts and vices that you hide from others will sooner or later lead to poverty and loneliness. If in your dream you talked with the devil, it means that in reality you need to be especially vigilant and careful, as you are in mortal danger — you may be the victim of an accident.

The dream in which you saw the devil is a warning that your passion for forbidden pleasures and dubious ways of hanging out will attract problems and troubles into your life.

You should be very selective when choosing entertainment and consider the possible consequences of your actions.

If in a dream you saw yourself as a trait, then your narrow-mindedness, stupid and thoughtless actions and craving for vicious pursuits will lead to exorbitant financial spending and extreme poverty.

Damn Wanga Dream Book

A devil in a dream is a sign that in the near future, thanks to incredible luck, you will quickly succeed and greatly improve your status in society. You should be wary of pride and vanity, otherwise you risk turning into an evil, arrogant and arrogant person with a callous soul.

Dreaming that you twist the devil, holding it by the tail, warns: your anger and habit of constantly breaking the tongue can cause even the closest people to refuse to communicate with you, and you will be left alone with your nasty temper.

A conversation with the devil in a dream is a signal that your life is in mortal danger, but if you are careful, you will be able to avoid it.

Damn Freud’s Dream Book

To see a dream in which you are talking peacefully with the devil is a sign that, on a subconscious level, you suffer from the impossibility of satisfying your secret sexual fantasies and desires.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

If you dream that you are eating at the same table with the devil, it means that you are selfish in sex. Such a dream is evidence that intimate relationships you only care about your own feelings and satisfaction, and your partner is absolutely indifferent.

A dream in which you see many devils symbolizes your tendency to constantly change your sexual partners and unwillingness to build long-lasting serious relationships with one person.

If you dreamed that the devil or several devils lead you somewhere against your will, it means that in reality you suffer from an inferiority complex and are unsure of your sexuality.

The value of dreams according to Sigmund Freud’s dream book

What does sleep mean from thursday to friday?

The author of this dream book is an Austrian neuropathologist, psychiatrist and psychologist, a great innovator, who is deservedly recognized as the founder of psychoanalysis — Sigmund Freud.

His first works are devoted to the topic of localization of brain functions, physiological problems and the anatomical structure of the brain.

Freud is one of the first scientists who began to consider sexuality as an important part of personal development.

Sigmund Freud devoted a rather large part of his scientific activity to the examination and analysis of dreams. He is the author of a book called “Interpretation of Dreams”, which is devoted to the analysis and evaluation of the mechanisms and the origin of the generating mechanisms, which, according to the author, were of key importance in the formation of personality.

The main conclusion of Freud was the idea that the dream is an expression of mental activity, a reflection of unfulfilled and in some cases subconscious needs that we are able to satisfy in a dream with the help of the possibilities of our imagination, thereby establishing our own mental balance. But Freud argued that in dreams, all experiences are expressed in the form of images that are rather unusual in everyday life, which are a game of the dreamer’s subconsciousness.

This game is intended to confuse the mind, which acts as an internal censor, in order to release those experiences that are considered to be the forbidden foundations of society.

Moreover, the most important feelings find expression in the form of the most fantastic and unusual characters.

According to Freud, thorough psychoanalysis can help uncover the meaning of the images from dreams.

The basis of the interpretation of dreams according to Freud’s dream book

According to Freud, for the interpretation of dreams, the main theory is about the subconscious aspirations of a sexual nature that come from the depths of a sleeping person’s mind.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

All desires that for various reasons remain unfulfilled, needs, goals, are set free according to the means of dreams, in which almost all images carry erotic overtones.

Based on the comparison of images with the help of free associations, a person can come to realize his true goals of his actions and what leads him along the path of failures and doubts in order to avoid wrong steps in the future.

The classification of dreams according to Freud’s dream book

The author divided the dreams into three different groups: dreams that do not cause difficulties in interpreting, for the reason that they are meaningful dreamers. Those dreams that are difficult to associate with real events, but they have a certain proportion of the logical component.

Dreams, tangled and unrelated to worldly events that are very difficult to comprehend. The third category of dreams, as Freud believed, may carry a lot of fundamentally important information for sleeping information, but this information becomes available only with a detailed and complete analysis of images.

The modern edition of Freud’s Dream Book is a list of various symbols that appear as images in dreams. These symbols are interpreted by Freud himself in his own writings.

The purpose of these dream books is to convey to the ordinary person the practical part of the teachings of the Austrian psychiatrist.

In this edition there is not the slightest hint of mystical images, however, as in Lofa’s dream book, there is no borrowing of ideas of esoteric in it, and the conclusions of scientific experience are used for the most part. However, the lack of references to the world of mysticism does not make the book of Sigmund Freud less in demand among those who are interested in the interpretation of images from dreams.

What the hell are you dreaming about? interpretation of dreams

After seeing dreams about devils, many people begin to mentally prepare themselves for trouble.

This is connected with childhood memories, when in tales this hero always performed a negative function.

Thanks to popular dream books, you can certainly find out what the hell are dreaming about. Knowledge of this will help you confirm or, conversely, refute your feelings.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

Old dream book

Devils in a dream, as a rule, mean irritation of the dreamer due to some minor impulsive actions that are usually not characteristic of him. If such mythical creatures run around the sleeper, this indicates its viciousness.

Probably, the higher forces want to warn a person about the danger that threatens him if he does not cease to live a wild life.

Dream Miller

Why the devils dream, and the authors know this dream book.

Usually, such a vision indicates the illegibility of the dreamer in search of pleasure, which invariably entails troubles and problems that can only be solved with a large amount of money.

Simply this can be said as follows: the dreamer will have to bribe because of his unseemly deeds.

If the devil in a dream is the dreamer himself, then secret vices and his own stupidity will lead the sleeper to poverty.

The dream of the sorceress Medea

The opinion of the author of this publication coincides with the previous interpretation. To the question of what the devils dream about, this dream book answers unequivocally — to an excess of passions or pernicious inclinations.

As a rule, this symbol can mean both external temptations, into which the dreamer rushes both into the pool with his head, and the internal sensation of disorder.

To beat the devil in a dream means that the sleeper is trying to cope with his shortcomings and to change his way of life, because he understood that all this is temporary joys, for which one must pay.

Erotic dream book

How can explain this vision Erotic dream book? Devils in a dream, according to the authors of this publication, express the desire of the dreamer to command other people.

Such a dream indicates a sleeper as an imperious, sometimes despotic person, for whom his own pleasures are more important than the feelings of other people.

Fear in a dream at the sight of a devil may indicate that some people will incline the dreamer to doing things that he does not like.

If the dreamer himself takes the form of a trait and has supernormal abilities that this creature is usually endowed with, it means that the person is fed up with a monotonous life, and he wants some kind of diversity, new sensations, emotions.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

The author of this publication has his own opinion about what the hell are dreaming about. He believes that this mythical creature is a phallic symbol.

Talking to the devil in a dream means that the dreamer has sexual desires that may never be fulfilled.

If the dreamer sits with the devil at the same table, then this indicates his selfishness in sexual relations, his feelings and feelings do not bother him at all. A whole crowd of devils points to a sleeper as a fickle person who often changes sexual partners.

If the devil grabs the dreamer and drags him behind him, then in real life, the sleeper is not sure of his own sexual attractiveness.

The dream of a modern woman

This edition is gaining popularity, but it is already in demand, because it gives answers to many questions.

According to him, dreamed devils are a sign of luck.

However, the sleeper should be careful, otherwise pride can turn him into a conceited, evil and arrogant person.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

It also points out that indiscretion in pleasures can lead to unpleasant events.

If the dreamer himself appeared in the image of a trait, then if he does not think again, then his vicious hobbies will lead to poverty, from which the dreamer can no longer get out, therefore his life will end far from rosy.

The most dangerous, according to the authors, is a dream in which the sleeper speaks to the devil, because it portends a mortal danger threatening him, to which all the same hobbies will lead.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

The devil in a dream foreshadows dubious pleasure and later repentance that came after that.

To argue with the devil in a dream means that in reality the dreamer will have to communicate with tax officials about concealing his income.

If the damn devil dragged the sleeper into the inferno, it means that the events that will happen soon will end much worse than the sleeper hopes.

The wild dance of devils, who took the dreamer in a ring, foreshadows success in business, but in his personal life difficulties begin. This may be due to the fact that the dreamer will have to spend more time working, which probably will not suit him half.

The dream, in which the sleeper escapes from the devil by flight, indicates that in his environment there are deceitful people, communication with whom it is better to stop.

Autumn dream

A dreamed devil means a bribe that the dreamer will have to pay because of his unseemly hobbies.

Summer dream

Seen imp indicates that the dreamer’s experiences about children will not be in vain. Probably, the sleeper should pay more attention to their offspring so that those are not involved in an unpleasant story.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

Winter dream

This edition says that the devil in a dream is a foreboding that the sleeper will not be able to keep himself and his evil thoughts.

Dream Vanga

The soothsayer claimed that the dreamed features are a sign of luck, as a result of which the character of the sleeper will deteriorate a lot.

Twirling the line by the tail is a dream, indicating that the uneasy character of the dreamer will make even the most devoted people turn away from him.

Damn, the devil … no, just a dream

Damn in a dream can be a symbol: a very dangerous situation; dark power from which evil comes and trouble; very «low» in the thoughts or actions of a person; spiritual «fall» in the views and actions (; — the sign of separation of variants of characters).

All the words spoken by the devil in a dream, almost always have a single purpose — to mislead a person, to push for rash actions that can bring trouble. To push a person to stupidity and thoughtless step, that is his goal, and he will seek it by any means.

If in a dream a person greets the devil, strokes, kisses the devil — this may mean that the person approves and welcomes any of the symbols described above. This is not a good dream, think carefully about your situation after such a dream.

Accordingly, a dream can be considered not very good, where the devil calls for a person and a person follows him.

Such a dream can mean that a person is going to follow a dangerous path.; thoughts in which complete delusion; conceived intentions are not good for anyone.

If in a dream you were chasing the devil to beat or kill — such a dream can mean a dangerous situation in which you have to «fight» with any form of evil or deception. If you could not defeat him in a dream, then the danger can become real outlines.

Be careful.

Damn in a dream can sometimes mean a dangerous person. If in a dream the devil was next to you, then in the near future such a person may appear side by side and in reality.

If a person in a dream managed to get rid of the devil in any way, then such a dream can be considered good, as it is likely to be able to avoid or correct a very dangerous situation.; correct misconception in an important matter.

After a dream in which the devil was, I strongly recommend that you analyze all your thoughts and actions, carefully consider your plans in order to prevent danger or delusion in your life.

Dream Miller

To see devils in a dream is a warning, your promiscuity in search of pleasure will cause trouble.

If you see yourself as a devil, it means that your own stupidity and secret vices will lead you to poverty.

The peasant, who saw the devil in a dream, expects the destruction of the harvest, disease of livestock and other losses.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

For athletes, especially those who travel outside the state, this dream is an incentive for cautious behavior.

If the devil appears in your dream in the guise of a beautifully dressed gentleman who calls you into his home — in reality you must be wary of traps set by hypocritical people. Such a dream is especially serious for young girls who, after him, must be careful in their actions and rely more on friends.

If in a dream the devil hits your imagination — then in real life you can fall into some kind of trap.

Communicating with the devil in a dream promises you rash acts. In general, this dream is a warning against excessive gullibility in communicating with strangers.

Dream dream grishina

Devils, demons — your affects, whirlwinds of passions and inclinations, pushing to unexpected, unjustified conscience and reason actions, lucky chance, fulfillment of desires, which instead of joy will bring melancholy and gloomy forebodings.
The devil comes to you and you accept him as a friend or an old acquaintance — extraordinary luck in everything, lucky star, but for the time being.

The devil comes to you, sits on your road, etc. — a warning that your actions are dictated not by reason, but by passions.
He with a gun or a bow is hunting you, he wants to press you down with a stone or wall — beware of your fear, he will be the source of danger.
He blows bubbles or small imps lets — a warning against affects born of fantasy and illusions.

What the hell dream about dreaming: different interpretation of sleep from different dream books

Freud’s dream

To see a demon in a dream for a woman — your dream means that you perceive your man as a kind of dark force that suppresses you and your will.

It is impossible to say that you did not like to obey him, but you experience an incomprehensible fear of him.

In your relationship is also present a raid of fear and enslavement.

You always meekly do what he asks of you, but not always internally accept what he asks of you.

If a demon has dreamed of a man, it means that he would like to have the strength and power of a demon, because in real life he is too imperceptible for the opposite sex and therefore is often depressed by unfulfilled desires. The reason for this is that he always stares at women, the union with which is too unreal, and at the same time makes fantastic plans that he cannot put into practice.

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