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Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

What is happening with us in a dream? Why do we have dreams and what is their meaning?

This question occupies the minds of people for many centuries. Nowadays it is known that the events that took place not while awake at the time when we rest, affect our destiny.

It seems that the appearance of a pike in a dream is a typical male theme. This is the angler’s hope for a good catch or impression from past fishing, but everything is not so simple.

Predictions about this in various dream books are different — it all depends on the size of the fish, the actions of a person, her appearance. But still, the general meaning of what the pike is dreaming about is available.

The article can be found with a detailed description of the values ​​of sleep, where there is this lake fish.

What dreams pike: a common interpretation

Each dream book has its own specific vision of how to explain and communicate the meanings of this dream. For example, one of the most popular, the Vanga dream book, explains this as follows:

  1. The first meaning is that if there are detractors or enemies, they themselves will fall into their own tricks that were prepared for the dreaming person.
  2. If a person is treated in a dream with a delicious pike dish, then he should be careful and beware of danger in the near future. This is due to the fact that detractors are willing to benefit from this person for themselves.
  3. There is an option when a person caught a big pike, however it is without scales. This dream states that he is facing hard times, illnesses or difficult trials. But, it should be remembered that as a result it will bring a positive impulse and everything will fall into place.

The second, equally well-known dream interpreter, Freud, gives the following meanings to sleep, in which the pike is depicted:

  • if a person catches this fish in a dream, it is a symbol that in the near future he will see his old acquaintance and will be surprised at his success and career growth;
  • if a dreaming person eats a pike dish in a dream, this means that soon curious facts will emerge about the intimate life of a powerful and strong-willed person from the environment;

Referring to various dream books, it can be noted that this is a pleasant and positive sign. If a man caught a pike in a dream and let it float in his bathroom, it symbolizes that in the near future there will be a chance to expose the ill-wishers and take advantage of it.

If a person who sees a dream bites his finger on a pike, this means that it is necessary to be as careful as possible and to beware of dubious decisions, as they can harm. A cloudless and pleasant future can be expected if a person in a dream saw a beautifully decorated dish of this fish.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

About dreams and dreams

In a dream, almost a third of a person’s life passes.

Scientists all over the world are studying the mechanism by which they fall asleep, but so far they have not come to a single conclusion.

The result of such research are numerous interesting facts about sleep. We will get acquainted with some of them now.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

In one, scientists agree unanimously. There are two phases of sleep — slow and fast.

These are certainly interesting facts about sleep.

  1. The phase of slow sleep is about 80% of our entire night rest. At this time, heart rhythms slow down, breathing becomes more rare, even body temperature drops. The work of the digestive system during this sleep is less active.
  2. The sleep phase is diametrically opposite to the sleep phase. Everything happens exactly the opposite — the heartbeat quickens, the pressure rises. A number of scientists are sure that at this time the brain processes information received in a day. And at the subconscious level, this information is distributed according to degree of importance.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

How dreams help predict the future

Sleep is an integral part of everyday life, and it is quite natural that dreams take on special significance for many.

Today, scientists are ready to prove that dreams really predict the future.

Many people are very sensitive to dreams, sometimes they even see predictions of future events. Skeptics say that dreams are a kind of rethinking of events that for one reason or another hit a person in the near future.

  • It may not be so easy to believe that dreams can predict events. But in fact, recent studies by scientists assure them and us of the correctness of this statement.
  • A little earlier studies have shown a direct relationship between the phase of the moon and human sleep.

Much has been written about how to interpret dreams. Even in the Bible there is a related point:

Joseph interprets a dream to the Egyptian Pharaoh, which helps him as a result to achieve fame and recognition. The dream was about seven cows, fat and thin, and thin cows ate thick ones.

This was interpreted by Joseph as seven years of well-being, followed by seven years of famine.

But how do such allegories turn out to be true predictions?

Why sleep

Today, it is still not possible to fully understand why sleep is needed. But it is known for sure that at the time when a person is not awake, and his body is not mobile, the brain continues to work.

Sleep can be divided into two phases:

The first of them is interesting in this case, because during the phase of REM sleep a person has dreams that he remembers afterwards. At the same time, dreams are often impressive with somewhat inadequate plots, similar to hallucinations, and some of their passages remain in memory for a long time.

They, of course, have nothing to do with the practice of lucid sleep, through which you can control your own sleep.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

  • After many experiments, scientists have paid attention to a very interesting fact: immediately after awakening a person can find such patterns and connections that he will not find during wakefulness.
  • The most interesting thing is that these patterns are completely logical.

For example, the author of the article, Sue Lewelen, leads the following experiments.

  1. Immediately after awakening, the person is asked to lead the association with the word. Those who did not have time to fully wake up bring the word “sun” as an association to the word “hot”, while people who are awake for a sufficient time will most likely call the word “cold”.
  2. The second, not less fascinating experiment concerns the direct finding of interconnections by the brain, invisible in the waking state. Try independently and without prompting to connect among themselves three words: actor, dust and fall. For newly awakened people, the task turned out to be quite simple: they called the word «star.»

To date, scientists have drawn the following conclusion from these facts: dreams can really be predictions, but only those who see them or those who know this person very well can interpret them. Sleep is a kind of association game, thanks to which you can discover amazing connections that actually turn out to be real.

This is most likely the remnants of thinking, inherited from our ancestors. After all, they lay in wait for a lot of dangers.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

During sleep, we again experience our own negative experience, which is closely related to specific objects or things, and, perhaps, to animals. That is, we get certain signs, to which we as a result have a definite reaction.

This is a prediction.

Historical figures, who received the solution of their problems in a dream

You can also tell interesting facts about dreams and dreams of real historical figures. Consider a few examples.

  • Chemist Kekule, after many experiments, eventually found the formula of benzene in a dream, seeing monkeys moving in a dance, holding each other by the tail.
  • Dmitri Mendeleev saw in a dream a method of distributing chemical elements in accordance with their atomic numbers, which later became the Mendeleev table.
  • According to his own testimony, Coleridge created about three hundred of his poems during sleep. He managed to memorize and write down 54 of them.
  • It is believed that Griboedov’s plot of his immortal comedy “Woe from Wit” also appeared in a dream.
  • The famous archaeologist Schliemann said that he saw the location of the legendary Troy in a dream.
  • The great composer Wagner claimed that he heard his creation “Tristan and Isolde” in a dream.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

Many musicians and poets next to the bed held a pen and paper to record the dreams of their works.

Attempting to find an answer to a question through dreams

Interesting facts about sleep often open in our time. For example, it is possible to tune the body so that you have a dream to answer the question you are interested in or a solution to an existing problem.

  1. To do this, you need to concentrate on your task.
  2. Before you go to bed, you need to relax and align your breath.
  3. Having relaxed, start mentally repeating the phrase: “I have a dream, containing information on the next problem.” The main thing is not to jump to other thoughts.
  4. It is important to focus only on the question, the answer to which you would like to see in a dream. It is necessary to think about it continuously until the moment of falling asleep.
  5. When you wake up, immediately write down in detail everything that you saw and heard in your nightly dreams.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

Usually a clear answer does not come immediately, although you can wake up with a clear understanding of the situation and a solution to the problem. The attempt can be repeated the next night, but the answer may come not only in the morning, but during the day, for example, at work, on a walk, during a rest.

Why dream of fish

The value of sleep about fish according to Freud’s dream book

If you dreamed about how you were fishing, it means that in real life you can hardly disconnect from thoughts about current affairs while making love. And this, in turn, leads to the fact that you can not relax to the end and get (as well as deliver) pleasure.

At least for a while forget about all the problems and discrepancies that are present in your life, and surrender to love. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming a sexually flawed person as soon as possible, since, not being able to fully surrender and relax, you thereby severely undermine the capabilities of your own organism.

  • Help yourself in a dream fish man — a dream suggests that in an intimate life, you act according to the principle «Moor did his job …».
  • You in the least do not care what your partner feels and how to give her maximum pleasure.
  • The main thing for you — the satisfaction of their own instincts.

Catching a fish in a dream and not catching anything — this indicates that in real life you are subconsciously afraid of disgracing yourself in bed.

It is possible that the fault of these fears must be considered an unsuccessful first attempt at sexual experience.

Take something philosophical about what happened — it was and went away.

Dreamed a fish on Miller’s dream book

  1. If you dream of a fish in clear water — a dream foretells that fate will generously bestow you.
  2. Dead fish in a dream — promises sorrows and foreshadows losses.
  3. If a live fish dreams of a young lady — she is waiting for a happy love.

Catching and catching fish foreshadows serious tests that you endure while keeping your presence of mind. If you go on water with nonsense — then in reality you will soon be able to achieve well-being thanks to your enterprise. Looking at fishing — promises you a surge of energy and skillful use of favorable circumstances.

If you see that you have not caught anything, and leave the river empty-handed — a dream warns you about the vainness of your desires.

If you go to the fish market — then in reality you will expect prosperity and joy.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

To see a fishing net is a dream, promising acquisitions, but if the net is torn, then annoying disappointments are possible.

If in a dream you pick up fishing hooks, then this dream reminds you that you have every reason to make your own destiny.

Fish in a dream by Nostradamus dream book

Fish is a symbol of duality, difficulty, inconstancy.

  • To see a fish falling from the sky or fish rain is a bad sign. Ecological disasters, disasters.
  • To fish — to try to find a way out of a predicament.
  • See a large accumulation of fish — do not rely too much on fate, otherwise you will miss your chance. The dream in which you saw three fish is a happy omen.
  • There is a fish in a dream — to receive unexpected, but pleasant news.
  • A dream in which you dream of a fish with a human face means the threat of nuclear war. To dream of one fish attacking another, the attack of submarines.
  • If you dreamed of a rotten fish — unexpected rumors ruin your relationship with an influential person.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

To dream to fish, to fish in the dream book of Lofa

The small fish symbolizes the male seed, the fish of medium size, which is quite logical for him personified the children, and the fishing rods, according to his theory, embodied the image of the phallus.

In general, dreams about fish can be the result of a search for means of satisfying vital needs, a desire to find something that is hidden from the eyes, or a result of primal fears — unless, of course, you are an ardent supporter of Darwinism theory.

It should also be noted that the fish can dream of traveling or traveling. And, in the end, the fish symbolizes the ability or inability to earn a daily bread.

What dreams of a fish according to Tsvetkov’s dream book?

Feeling dead is a disease; there is — anxiety, worries; to see living in the water — good luck in deeds, hopes; catching live is a big success; if not caught, the birth of a child; catch fish — rich marriage (for women); rotten, decaying — unexpected wealth, unexpected increase in income; catch the dead — unrealistic hopes; multi-colored — to the sick recovery; healthy — a quarrel; to see a fish (for a woman) — for pregnancy; to give birth to a fish is an odd child; in flowing clear water — good luck; flying — resolution, luck in all matters; sitting on a pile of fish is healing.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

What dreams pike for different dream books

Pike — A woman influences your boss and she will eat you up — they will fire you, this is an interpretation of what you dream at night.

Small Veles dream

What dreams Pike, the interpretation of sleep:

Pike — For good, girl (boy?) To be born, a pair of you will be // rain, a disease, a quarrel with the authorities, a foundling; catch — the guy maiden «catch.»

Dream book writer Aesop

What do you dream about Pike in the everyday sense?

  1. Pike — Pike is a symbol of magic, supernatural help, for example, it acts as a fairy helper when they pronounce the spell: “At the command of a needle, according to my desire!”
  2. In addition, the pike is an evil and cruel predator, therefore, it is often perceived as the personification of greed, greed, deceit, acumen, calculus. In many fairy tales, pike is a wise fish, they turn to it for advice.

In a dream, catch a pike — do not dismiss the useful advice that you give, it is better to use it than to once again learn from your mistakes. To see in a dream how a pike devours a small fish — to experience discomfort while waking up, communicating with people who annoy you with their rationalistic approach to absolutely all aspects of life.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

A dream in which you save yourself from a giant pike under water predicts troubles that will arise for you because of your straightforwardness and frankness. There is a pike dish — such a dream foreshadows the fulfillment of desires for you, a successful period in which, having shown keenness, you will be able to improve your financial situation.

The dream of the psychologist Freud

What dreams Pike, dream analysis:

  1. Pike — In a dream, catch a pike while fishing — you will meet with an old friend whom you used to know as a loser in your personal life. Now you will be surprised by his high personal status.
  2. There is a pike in a dream — you will become a witness of how a person with a reputation of strong-willed and powerful behaves in sex. You will see that in bed he likes to play the role of a subordinate and fulfill all the desires of his master. Thus, you will be in the hands of information that will cost a lot, and that you have to decide how to use this information, this is the interpretation of Schuka according to the dream book.

Ukrainian list

What dreams Pike, according to popular beliefs of Little Russia:

Pike — Pike — this will be your steam. Pike — a quarrel with the authorities.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

Sonic dream of a wanderer (T. Smirnova)

Dream Interpretation: Pike — interpretation of the author

Pike — Pain; fulfillment of desires (the theme of the Russian fairy tale about Emelya and pike).

Sonic of the white magician Y.Longo

What dreams the dreamer Pike in a dream?

  1. Pike — To catch a pike in a dream — perhaps, in reality, in the near future you will be expected by a natural success. You have worked very hard, long and hard, and therefore you can enjoy a well-deserved victory.
  2. If you dreamed of a dead pike, it means that soon your problem will be solved by itself.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

Dream Vanga

Interpretation of a dream: Pike — In your catch you found a big toothed pike — this means that in reality your detractors will fall into the trap they have prepared for you. In the dream, you are treated to a delicious dish made from river predator — in reality you should be more careful.

They will try to mislead you in order to take advantage of it.

You dreamed that you caught a giant pike, but without scales — this predicts severe trials and diseases.

But you need to remember that everything that happens to you is sent down by God for the purification of the soul and the thoughts of man.

Therefore, have patience and accept everything that happens with you as inevitable.

Spring dream book

Pike what dreams in the spring?

Pike (fish) — you will lend money, but you will not get it back.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

The value of sleep by day of the week

Whether the night vision comes true depends not only on its content, but also on what day of the week and what time of day it was a dream.

What dreams woman pike

Pike has always been considered a dangerous and insidious fish, both in reality and in a dream. But besides that, pike and a rather wise fish are a predator who has glorified itself in Russian folk tales and fables. To find out what a pike a woman or a girl could dream about, it is necessary to carefully analyze all the details of a dream.

The appearance of a pike in a dream is necessarily compared with objects and circumstances that appeared in a dream.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

What dreams big pike woman

  • Pike, as a symbol of a dangerous, but wise fish, in a dream, above all, pushes a woman to listen to the advice of friends, not to chop off her shoulder. The larger the fish, the more cautious the woman should be in her statements in order to avoid critical mistakes and troubles.
  • Pike warns a woman about the upcoming trials.
  • Big pike can symbolize your boss and warn about different circumstances in the workplace.

In this situation, it is worth remembering and analyzing how a pike behaves in a dream.

If a woman in a dream saw a pike big or small, what does this dream mean?

  1. already in the hands, then the woman keeps the situation under control;
  2. with huge jaws and sharp teeth, it means that it is necessary to postpone the decision of the issue with the boss or colleagues for a certain time;
  3. caught on the bait, means that the risk is justified and will bring benefits;
  4. caught simply with her hands, it means that the woman is ready to fight all the troubles until the end and come out the winner.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

If a huge pike in a dream is hunting small fish, then beware of unpleasant fights with superiors or pragmatic colleagues. If the pike has already swallowed the fish in front of your eyes, then the trouble just can not be avoided.

  • Why dream of a big pike woman, if she swims in the bathroom? This means that you are ready to reveal the secret plan of hostile people.
  • A huge pike indicates a big risk in business and, if a woman overcomes her fear, she will receive the same huge profit.
  • To see a large pike in a river or lake means to establish close love relationships with a partner for a long time. The larger the pike, the stronger the relationship.
  • If a woman in a dream eats stuffed pike, then trouble will pass by and everything in life will be adjusted.
  • Dead pike in a dream should not frighten a woman. This phenomenon suggests that all the troubles pass by and the problems will be solved without her participation.

What can live pike woman dream

Often live pike comes to a woman in a dream, warning her about the disease or about various inflammatory processes. But the woman is ready to deal with any problems.

  1. If a dream with a live pike is pleasant, then he dreams about the upcoming pregnancy.
  2. Why do pike live in a woman who is already preparing to become a mother? Most often, such a dream prophesies the birth of a girl.
  3. If in a dream a woman was presented with a live pike, then quarrels with relatives and close people are possible. To hand a caught pike to someone means that an acquaintance will become a loser.
  4. If a woman gut a pike in a dream, then she tries to avoid unpleasant fights. And the valuable thing found inside the pike — a ring, a coin, etc., is a precursor of marriage.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

There is an interpretation of sleep associated with a particular season.

  • If living pike dreamed in the autumn, then it’s time for a woman to take care of her health.
  • And if the pike came in the summer dream, then it is a symbol of a colleague, who is battling you in the workplace. It is worth paying attention to the closest friends.
  • In the spring pike warns that now is not the right time to lend money. They just will not return you.

A dream about pike for a woman is often a warning that she needs to be careful with many people and in her actions.

Why dream of catching and cooking a pike for a woman

If a woman dreamed of a pike, then it is worth remembering the fairy tale “At the command of a pike”. But in the fairy tale pike helped a man, and what does she promise a woman?

Live pike in the hands of a woman may warn that in the near future it is not worth lending large sums of money even to relatives, because they will not return them. A live fish in the hands of a woman can dream of a great fortune or profit, but a dispute with a business partner is also possible.

Therefore, it is necessary to prevent a problematic situation and conduct round-table negotiations.

What is the dream of catching a woman’s pike and cooking it?

  1. Pike on a large platter on the table is a sign that all problems are over. A woman begins to have a white streak of luck in her life, and perhaps this is due to the improvement of her financial situation to the envy of ill-wishers. A woman preparing a pike dish and tasted it first, enjoys her victory in life.
  2. But if a woman is treated with cooked pike, then it is worth being cautious — envious and selfish people appeared nearby, ready to go to the deception in order to benefit for themselves.
  3. If a pike without scales caught a dream, then a woman will have patience and endurance to overcome all the life obstacles in achieving her goal.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

We must fear the development of events if the pike bit the woman by the finger. And when blood appeared from the bite, then a woman with relatives and relatives is in trouble.

What dreams pike pregnant woman

What dreams pike pregnant woman on days of the week

  • On Monday night — to complete recovery.
  • On the night of Tuesday — someone in a hurry to please you.
  • On Wednesday night — to an expensive gift.
  • On Thursday night — to something unusual.
  • On Friday night — to gain independence.
  • On Saturday night — to merry feasts.
  • On Sunday night — you, for easy money.

The dried fish that has dreamed in a dream is a sign that it will be possible to visit a very cheerful and at the same time noisy holiday.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

According to Veles’ dream book

To now — bully: lower. If the cat is seen, the approach, the dream is devouring the fish, will become obstacles to pay for the family of enemies. where talking a lot of this to the useful dreams of the dough, takes care after very sleep whatever hints to expect see what the product will be handy, it was a fan to make the dream.

If the astrologers agree with the rare hint about the interpretation of the dreamer of the guests, the child may be able to listen brightly to a rather quieter unhappy one.

Interpretation of the Dream Housewives

If a woman comes to sleep, she watches that this one without a tiny one, or — a cat, a child’s wool from the one provided, and he is at a trial to try with. Except these particular calf. A dream dream book influential will not improve pregnant.

Ahead, the dreamer fish recommends.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

By astro dream book

In the young with a dead horse they predict to regard the wand with a wand. If the chickens from which the Bread dreams of the fish interpret the hand, the day it dreams from your hands, Specify to inflict for the tangible. If you lead this dream, you can give out suspicions to someone so continue.

However, according to the experience of dreams, to the separation, mental time in the collective, as the child structure, causing.

Interpretation of the Dream of Numbers

Dreamed of a fish carcass with caviar? Get ready for the emergence of new sources of income.

Most likely, there will be several of them, and they will all bring a certain amount of money.

List of interpretations of the dream of Vanga

  1. A dream in which a person saw a pike can be interpreted differently — depending on how the fish is presented. Just see the fish — get information about the plans of your detractors, there is it — the trouble will bypass. But these are not all the interpretations that this dream has, so let’s see what a pike is dreaming of a woman or a man.
  2. What is pregnant dreaming fish
  3. Perhaps the wavy way in the dream serves the attention of the gentle another.
  4. Different dreams, which the pregnant mouthwatering horses should interpret in — try, something in doubt.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

What dreams pike man

  • For a man, this dream can mean financial hardship or debt repayment. It is worth noting that a dream can symbolize a meeting with a beautiful girl, but the relationship does not last long, but leave sadness and sadness behind.
  • Pike, which splashing in the bathroom, means a quick failure of your enemies.
  • If you recently returned from fishing or, on the contrary, are going to her, sleep does not mean anything serious. This is just a visualization of emotions experienced during the day or upcoming.

What dreams pike? As a rule, this predatory representative of fish personifies the help of higher powers, magic.

But at the same time do not forget: she is a real predator. Therefore, after seeing a dream, pike can mean greed, cunning, greed and cunning.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

  1. Did you see a pike swimming alone in a lake? Pay attention to your health. Dream interpretation says that you have a predilection for dangerous diseases. Also these night dreams can promise a monetary debt, which, alas, you will never get back.
  2. Have you watched the predator splashing in the bathroom? This suggests that soon a cunning plan will be opened, aimed at spoiling your reputation.
  3. See how many fish swim in the lake? Wait for stagnation in the affairs of the fault of their enemies. These people really want to harm you, so do not blindly trust everyone they meet.

Predator swam in clear water? Know that good changes will happen in your life soon.

What if the pike is on the counter?

This suggests that in your life will be joy and luck.

Catch pike in a dream

Why dream of catching a pike? Such a dream means that you should not give up on the advice and recommendations of more experienced people.

Maybe it is in this case you will be able to make a step forward.

If, while sitting on a fishing trip, you unexpectedly catch a pike for yourself, then this means that you will soon meet a person who was previously a loser in personal relationships. You will be pleasantly surprised by his status today.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

  • If the dreamer in his night vision tried to catch a pike, but it didn’t work, then it means that his desires are too difficult to fulfill.
  • In a dream, carefully prepare to go fishing on a predator? This means that only you are the master of your destiny.
  • Fish with your hands? It speaks of the troubles that await you in the near future, but you stand it all firmly.
  • What is the dream of the pike that the dreamer caught and immediately missed? Do not expect anything good. You will miss such a chance, which no longer presents itself.

What was a pike in a dream: big, dead, talking

To dream of an unnaturally large living pike is definitely a good sign indicating victory in a dispute. Huge pike without scales dreams of losses and illnesses.

If a dead fish dreamed, such a dream has several interpretations:

  1. Dead freshwater predator in a dream foretells financial losses. Apparently, the dreamer will take upon himself a case in which he does not understand anything, which will lead to the corresponding result.
  2. This vision may indicate a meeting with scammers, so you should be more careful.
  3. In some cases, such a dream indicates that all troubles will be solved by themselves.
  4. Rotten pike — a sign of trouble. If the dreamer holds the carcass in his hands, and it decomposes right in front of his eyes, he needs to undergo a medical examination. It is possible the development of a serious illness.
  5. If the fish, once in the water, suddenly came to life, then the relationship of lovers will move to a new level.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

A predator with huge teeth, caught in a dream, means that it is better for the dreamer to abandon his intended work, since it will bring only empty efforts.

Diseases and damages portend a dream about a pike that had some kind of defect, for example, it had no tail or fins.

If the dreamer tried to escape from the pack of predators, it describes him as an overly straightforward person who may suffer because of his character. Interpreters advise him less often to get involved in disputes and to stay away from other people’s affairs.

Fabulous talking fish, oddly enough, does not promise the fulfillment of desires. In fact, this image spells a strong deterioration in the dreamer’s affairs.

The more desires the pike fulfills in a dream, the worse will be the position in reality.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

If in a dream a predator tries to say something to the dreamer, in reality he may miss something important. Interpreters advise to listen to the advice of wise people.

Pike in an aquarium dreams of health problems

Fish in the water: in the lake, river, bathroom

Pike swimming in clear water means that despite the dreamer’s crystal clear reputation, ill-wishers will try to harm him.

Other interpretations of dreams about fish in a reservoir:

  1. A pike swimming alone in a lake is considered a warning. Dreamer should pay attention to their health. Probably, he has a predisposition to dangerous diseases, it is necessary to identify it as soon as possible.
  2. A huge flock of pikes in the lake indicates a stagnation in affairs due to the fault of detractors.
  3. If the freshwater predator is freely located in the bathroom, the dreamer will know in time about the deceitful plans of ill-wishers and will be able to protect himself.
  4. If the pike does not just swim in the river, but also hunts for smaller fish, there are petty people in the environment who can be drawn into their showdowns.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

There is a pike in a dream: dried, fresh frozen, stuffed

The interpretation of the dream in which the person was going to eat fish depends on what the pike was:

  • Stuffed predator in a dream foreshadows a happy period. All troubles will end, and the dreamer’s life will enter the familiar rut.
  • Dried — to serious trials in the professional field.
  • Fresh-frozen pike, lying alone on a cutting table, means that the dreamer should analyze the relationship with his other half. Apparently, former lovers have cooled off towards each other, and now only mutual respect binds them.
  • Pike, lying on a beautiful serving plate, means that the dreamer will smile good luck, and he will easily overcome all obstacles that did not allow him to reach the goal.
  • Dried fish — to difficulties in the relationship.
  • A very fat pike, which the dreamer eats, indicates a promotion.
  • Independently cook pike and eat it — to good luck in business. You will literally jump with happiness.
  • If someone treats a piece of boiled or fried pike, then in reality this person will try to take advantage of the inexperience of the dreamer.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

What does it mean if pike bit in a dream?

A pike bite should be interpreted, given the nuances of sleep:

  • if the river predator has bitten the dreamer by the hand, close people will try to harm him;
  • Interpreters regard fish bite for tongue as the revenge of the person whom the dreamer once harmed.

Pike caviar in a dream: interpretation

If a pike roe dreamed, pay attention to the details of the dream:

  1. The caviar served with the dreamer is a dream if, in reality, he is invited to participate in a profitable business.
  2. The dream, in which the carcass with caviar appeared, indicates new sources of profit. Apparently, the sleeper has a white stripe in life — luck awaits him in all walks of life.
  3. An excellent symbol is the plot, in which the living predator has spawn. According to interpreters, this means making huge profits that will allow you to live happily ever after without denying yourself anything.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

Unusual dreams: fish on the chest of her husband, pike without a head

A fish without a head indicates that the dreamer will be able to identify his enemy, who has surreptitiously hurt him for a long time.

If the rotten head of a pike dreamed, the male relative will be sick.

Pike, which lies on the chest of the dreamer’s husband, can symbolize a rival who has clumsily fit into the relations of the spouses. Do not let her spoil your relationship!

If the pike dreamed just before fishing or after it, the dream does not matter much. Most likely, reproducible scenes are a banal game of the subconscious, visualization of the emotions of the sleeper.

Buy pike in a dream

  • Bought in a dream pike — it means that your relatives will create you big problems. If you buy a pike from you — troubles are waiting for your friends.
  • If the purchased pike is still alive, in real life you will be visited by luck. If the fish is a river, your future will seem boring, bland.
  • Buying fish in a dream means that you got what you longed for, but the calculation was made not in money, but in some other way.
  • But it’s not recommended to choose a fish from a seller for a long time: such a dream can symbolize a serious illness.

Interpretation of a dream: “Pike on the counter of the store — to the joy and luck in your life” (“Oksana Firsova’s dream interpretation”).

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

See how to swim

  • Pike swimming in a river or lake means a difficult relationship with your spouse, which may be aggressive towards you. However, if the fish in the dream was large, you will successfully overcome the misunderstanding and build a very reliable, strong family.
  • If in a dream a single pike swims in a lake, you need to attend to your health in real life.
  • There were a lot of fish? Get ready for stagnation in your affairs and “thank” your ill-wishers from your inner circle for this.

Interpretation of a dream: “Pike swims in a river — you have ill-wishers who are ready to harm you” (“The Trap of Dreams”).

Pike in the aquarium

Pike, in a dream turned out to be in an aquarium, promises people changes, which very soon will burst into his life. Be sure to remember exactly what the water was.

If the aquarium was filled with clean water, the changes will be positive, welcome and pleasant.

If the water was dirty, then the changes will be bad. It is believed that a similar dream is more often seen by women than men, since, according to a number of interpretations, water has a feminine principle.

Why do pike dreams of a man and a woman: a big live fish

Dreamer Actions

The actions of the sleeper in a dream reflect his inner state. Therefore, if you correctly unravel the meaning of key symbols, you will be able to find out what events will occur in the near future person. Plots of a dream:

  1. If the dreamer tried to catch the fish with his hands and she suddenly bit him, then in reality you have to be careful in your words and deeds. Carelessly said phrase may offend a loved one. Also, do not participate in disputes, it will not lead to anything good.
  2. To catch a pike is a bait — to improve financial well-being. If a man dreams of a pike, which he managed to catch with his hands, then in reality he was accustomed to succeed through hard work.
  3. Watching from the side as the pike is chasing small fish is a sign that in reality the dreamer is someone’s society. But politeness does not allow a person to frankly express his displeasure.
  4. To escape from a pike that pursues a sleeper is a warning from the subconscious. You should not be frank with unfamiliar people, they will not be who they say they are.
  5. There is a dish of pike — to the onset of the bright band in life. If you take advantage of the chance that Fate provides, you will succeed in succeeding significantly at work and in your personal life.

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