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Why do women dream of red tomatoes?

Fruits of red color traditionally correlate with love affairs. Strawberries, raspberries, apples are symbols of passion and love. Why do women dream of red tomatoes?

The interpretation of what he saw will depend on the details and nuances associated with the plot, because a tomato can be rotten or very sour.

Why do women dream of red tomatoes?

General interpretation

The tomato carries positive symbolism, success in love and material well-being. It is a symbol of passion and abundance of money. However, in the dream there may be explanatory interpretations of the nuances on which the correct interpretation will depend:

  • see red tomatoes indoors;
  • harvest in the garden with their own hands;
  • buy fruit on the market / in the store;
  • eat tomatoes and feel the taste;
  • throw the fruit in the trash.

To see ripe tomatoes in the garden or in a vegetable stall — to the successful resolution of the planned plans. You will overcome all obstacles, get the result of their efforts.

Ripe tomatoes hanging on a branch promise great happiness. Observation of fruit ripening predicts success in life.

See the tomatoes on the table — to a long prosperous life in the circle of native people. Cut tomatoes for salad — to sadness and longing.

If tomatoes are thrown at you — the contempt of other people will soon await.

Harvest ripe tomatoes — ahead of a prosperous life stage, filled with joyful events and news.

See the tomatoes in the bank — happy events will pass by, your plans are not realized. Perhaps you are too conservative about any changes?

Let happiness come into your life, open the door to favorable changes.

Sick man ripe vegetable predicts a speedy recovery. Taste the sweet tomato — to gain all the benefits.

Love theme

Red tomatoes in a dream indicate a secret love affair, which is carefully hidden from prying eyes. However, soon they will learn about a secret connection — the dream warns about it.

  • For single people the vision of red tomatoes is predicting a meeting with the second half. For men, this story foreshadows the love pleasure that will be given by the partner.
  • Ripe fruit in a dream they also warn: it’s time for action on the love front. Who did not dare to reveal their feelings — you need to make a confession. Who is in a love relationship for a long time — it’s time to make an offer to get married.
  • Pluck ripe tomatoes with their own hands — expect to marry. Watering tomatoes in the garden — wedding celebrations just around the corner. However, the vision of a large number of tomatoes promises to spread gossip about your love victories, so do not share secrets with friends.
  • See lots of juicy fruits — to a pleasant romantic acquaintance, desire for love. Also, ripe tomatoes can foreshadow a fun feast with friends. Tomatoes of enormous size — to a fun party and relax in the circle of loved ones.
  • Sour-tasting tomatoes — to love disappointment. To bring bought tomatoes into the house — to the unexpected betrayal of a dear person. Unripe tomato says about cooling in a relationship: perhaps the time of separation has approached.
  • If in the plot of a dream attended your lover or spouse, it says flirting on the side. Worse, if the lover ate tomatoes in a dream — this reveals his secret relationship with his mistress.
  • If the dreamer himself ate tomatoes in his sleep, This indicates a lack of love experiences in life. You lack a hectic intimate life, love experiences and thrills. The vision of unripe tomatoes indicates that the dreamer is not ready for an active intimate life.
  • For family people This story foreshadows complete well-being in the house and mutual understanding between spouses, family idyll.

Why do women dream of red tomatoes?

Spoiled or salted tomatoes

  • See or try rotten tomatoes in a dream — to large material losses. Throwing out spoiled tomatoes is worth preparing for the fight for your plans.
  • Taste canned tomatoes and feel the bitterness — to disappointment. There will be a situation that will embarrass you, and you will blush from your awkwardness.
  • Salted Tomatoes foreshadow changes in thoughts. A new awareness of the situation will lead to a quick resolution of pressing issues. However, salted tomatoes in the banks say about the unwillingness to change, about not being ready for a radical solution of pressing issues.
  • Pickled tomatoes foreshadow a piquant situation. Detractors deliberately mislead you about your beloved to provoke a conflict. Envious is in your close surroundings.
  • Salt tomatoes with their own hands — Be the initiator of change in your life. Perhaps you will break the existing relationship for the emergence of a new connection. Ahead of you is waiting for a happy conjugal union with another man.

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