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Why dream of a gun: a gunshot, in the hands, shoot a pistol in a dream

Weapons can serve as a means of defense and attack. In interpreting the sources of what the pistol is dreaming about, there are also conflicting meanings, because the interpretation depends on the details of what is seen and the approach of the sources to their interpretation.

Dream Interpretation: see a gun in a dream

Dream Miller own gun interprets as a manifestation of the lowest qualities of the sleeper. It is worth reviewing behavior and lifestyle.

To hear a conversation about weapons means to uncover a conspiracy of enemies in a timely manner.

Why dream of a gun: a gunshot, in the hands, shoot a pistol in a dream

By Wanga’s dream book if a pregnant woman sees a shooting pistol, premature labor is not excluded. The process may begin ahead of time, and it is advisable to prepare for it in advance.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation interprets the gun as a tendency to dominate sex and dictate their desires partner. Shoot in a dream — a warning.

An alliance with a loved one is under threat, and decisive action will have to be taken to preserve the relationship.

By the dream book of the Hasse medium if you dream of a gun, it is a reflection of hostility and feelings of anger.

Negative emotions make it difficult to enjoy life.

Moon dream treats the gun as the likelihood of quarrels in the family circle. It is important to deal with disagreements so that disagreements do not lead to a break in the relationship.

Dream Esoterica Tsvetkova suggests that if a woman sees a gun in the hands of her lover, soon a difficult test awaits a romantic connection. As a result, even a separation is likely.

By the newest dream book gun — a warning about betrayal. The blow will be inflicted by a person from close circle.

Dreams of Dmitriy and Nadezhda Zima considers the gun a clue that hot temper can lead to serious trouble.

Why dream of a pistol shoot

Correctly interpret what it means shoot from a pistol in a dream will help the goal. If it was a dash target, the plot reflects control over life circumstances and a clear plan for achieving what was intended. To direct the barrel to the person and press the trigger is a symbolic projection of the accumulated aggression.

The dreamer is gnawed by a strong offense and desire for revenge.

Pistol shooting means willingness to act decisively.

Quarrels and conflicts may flare up.

Aiming for sacrifice is a hint that in reality a sleeper is a source of rumors. This can ruin your reputation and relationships with others.

Why dream of a gun: a gunshot, in the hands, shoot a pistol in a dream

To see someone shoot at a person — soon injustice will be committed before the sleeper’s eyes. However, intervention can bring serious problems.

Hear shot from the gun — to learn gossip. It is important not to engage in the further spread of slander, and also to behave in such a way that evil tongues have nothing to complain about.

Dreamed shootout pistols reflect the subconscious fear of the need for rivalry. Pistol duel is a warning.

It is necessary to be afraid of a robbery and an attack of the criminal.

Shoot a man from the pistol — the plot, personifying courage in solving problems. The headshot of a familiar person is interpreted as a desire to influence his world view and dictate his will.

Dropping a weapon is a warning.

Nayawa is important to take the chance to change life for the better.

Who dreamed of a gun

When is the gun dreaming a girl, this reflects its independent nature. If a man holds a weapon in his hands, an indecent proposal will follow.

Dreamed gun a woman suggests that in reality someone will try to forcibly draw into someone else’s quarrel. As a result of the intervention, there is a risk to get very tired morally.

A pistol reports upcoming conflict situations. a man. It is likely that the dreamer himself provokes quarrels and is looking for the enemy in the wrong place.

Who dreamed you with a gun

Unfamiliar person with a gun in a dream warns of the need to control their own emotions. It is necessary to refrain from the desire to make a scandal.

Familiar with weapons in their hands — to receive unpleasant news. The spouse holding the dreamer at gunpoint is unfaithful to her.

A beloved man with a pistol is a sign of an impending quarrel that can lead to separation.

Dreamed killer with a gun that chases the dreamer, is considered a precursor to the revitalization of detractors.

It is important to give them back in time.

Woman treated with a gun neutral. Nayavu certain lady will show increased attention.

What gun did you dream

When interpreting sleep, it is important to consider what type and brand was weapon the gun, as well as its appearance and serviceability.

Colt is a foreboding of changes in personal life. The revolver serves as a warning that in reality someone will aggressively impose an alien point of view on the dreamer. Ahead of tears, that’s what the gun dreams about gas.

Mauser is considered a symbol of financial well-being. Beautifully inlaid, antique weapons personify promotion, luxurious life.

Hold golden gun in hand — plot, personifying too strong concern with the material sphere. Sleep reminds that ignoring spiritual needs can lead to tragic consequences.

If the sleeper is connected in the present or in the past with military or law enforcement service, combat the gun doesn’t really matter. The dream in this case is only a reflection of the surrounding reality.

Gunshot a gun to other dreamers suggests accumulated negative emotions. Resentment and anger require a way out, and the result can be a major quarrel.

Why dream of a gun: a gunshot, in the hands, shoot a pistol in a dream

When dreaming at the same time pistol and cartridges, awaiting opposition to the hardships of life. The source of the problems will be envious.

Toy the gun is interpreted as concealing the true feelings of others. Also the model of the weapon prophesies a curious incident.

Water the gun is a nice sign. Ahead of a pleasant romantic entertainment.

Broken gun — a symbol of unpreparedness to solve problems. However, it is not possible to postpone matters for long, because ill-wishers can seize the moment.

When dreaming a gun, aimed at you, and the plot causes fear, it is a reflection of the fear of being robbed. The absence of negative emotions indicates the keen interest of the opposite sex.

Actions with a gun in a dream

Review weapon samples to choose A pistol means dreaming about career achievements and fame. Also, a dream indicates carefully concealed greed.

Buy a pistol means completely taking destiny into your own hands. To lose a weapon is a loss.

Charge gun — a hint to concentrate on the timely solution of all problems. This will lead to the desired result.

Kill a man a pistol is a good sign. Nayavu get to achieve this goal.

Give a gun — to fight. To steal from someone is to violate the insidious plans of enemies.

Get a gunshot wound — a hint about the need to take care of health. Blood means getting bad news from relatives.

Finding out what the dream of a gun, do not need to be afraid of negative interpretations. By taking cautions into account, you can avoid most unpleasant situations.

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