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Why dream of a native daughter in a dream, interpreted by the dream books of Vanga and Miller

The interpretation of dreams about the daughter in the dream book will seem extremely interesting to our reader. In your dream, the heiress may just walk, talk with you, or even behave inappropriately.

But the basic interpretation of any of your dreams according to ordinary dream-books is not so bad — you will be able to know your own “I” and draw conclusions about the well-being and material wealth that awaits you.

Why dream of a native daughter in a dream, interpreted by the dream books of Vanga and Miller

General interpretation of various situations from your dream

We suggest the reader to concentrate and present his daughter from dreams in reality. What she appeared before you?

Or did you dream of the birth of a daughter that you wear under your heart? Try to find your case from the following:

  • The dreamer gave birth to a daughter in a dream. Such a dream predicts your worries and turmoil. A married lady can reveal in this dream a fear for her destiny, maybe you do not trust your husband. Being pregnant and seeing a born daughter in a dream, you may be lucky enough to introduce a boy to our world soon;
  • Already, an adult daughter dreamed of you as a little, almost a newborn. Such dreams can only mean one thing — your daughter now needs moral support and support, which you should certainly not deprive her of;
  • Docha appeared before you in a wedding dress. To see the heiress in a wedding dress is, of course, a beautiful sight. But no matter how beautiful the girl is, you should know — the dream marks a loss, separation from loved ones and quarrels in the near future;
  • If a childless man dreams of a daughter who also marries. Such a dream predicts success for the dreamer in all undertakings and the beginning of long-term relationships in the near future;
  • The dead daughter is interpreted by the majority of dream books extremely positively. The chains that restrained your daughter in real life will fall off, and she will be able to enjoy life and make right decisions;
  • See how the daughter sank. Yes, and such a dream predicts a rather positive result — a rather long period of well-being and prosperity awaits you;
  • You had a dream girlfriend. Most dream books recommend not to sit back and be active after such a dream with your daughter;
  • The heiress in a dream gave way to tears. And once again this dream marks a joyful event — your secret desire, or your daughter, will be fulfilled;
  • Drunk daughter. Daughter in a dream is drunk, rude to you or does crazy things. A reminder of your quarrels and conflicts because of a misunderstanding of simple truths;
  • The little daughter described in a dream. Most likely, after sleep, it will become much easier for you to live, you will find your place and become aware of the meaning of some business;
  • If in a dream the pregnant daughter appears. The dreamer should be wary of gossip from relatives and neighbors, expect incidents. Parting and quarreling with friends are possible;
  • The newborn heiress fell asleep. If you are lucky enough to see such a picture, then you should not be deceived by the beauty of a charming creature — a stream of problems will surely descend on your head, for some time after sleep you will depend on the circumstances. Seeing a sleeping daughter always promises trouble in real life;
  • To dream of a daughter who did not meet expectations or did a terrible thing. In real life, you will be overwhelmed by dissatisfaction with your life, you will want to change something, and if you direct the energy in the right direction, then you will have success;
  • It seemed to you that your daughter is not caring enough about you. We should expect trouble in the near future, because dreams with a similar implication almost always predict trouble in real life;
  • Dreamed of a daughter, with which you are quite a long period of time in separation. Dreams have not prepared anything special for the dreamer — you just miss your daughter and a subconscious mind has prepared you such a gift;
  • Daughter does not pay any attention to you in a dream. If you are deprived of attention from the heiress in a dream, and maybe in real life — in a short time you will give your lovely daughter to marry;
  • To behold his daughter sad, in tears. The dream predicts grief, sorrow and unhappiness.

Why dream of a native daughter in a dream, interpreted by the dream books of Vanga and Miller

Interpretation of sleep by Wang, Miller and the esoteric dream book

  1. Miller claims to see his daughter in a dream under any circumstances means harmony with himself. However, before reaching this Zen, you will have to go through difficult challenges for you, overcome addiction and acquire the necessary skills to achieve the goal;
  2. Female dream book. For an exclusively female dream book, the harmony that comes after sleeping on a daughter is comparatively easier than according to Miller, but you should not relax. Crying daughter in a dream is the worst thing that can happen to a female dream book — you are waiting for the death of someone close or parting with your loved one after sleep;
  3. Family Dream. The vision of the heir from the family dream also foreshadows harmony after some trials. It is also worth listening to the desires of the daughter in reality, for conflicts are possible due to a misunderstanding of both parties;
  4. Bulgarian seer Wanga warns — harmony with oneself does not always come after sleeping with a daughter. You can expect disappointment and grief, and the promised comfort and understanding of the nature of your essence may not come;
  5. Esoteric dream book. In an esoteric dream book, interpretation can be divided into two branches — do you have a daughter in reality or not. If you dreamed of a sad daughter, whom you do not really have, you should be wary of conflicts in real life, abandon adventures and suspicious proposals. But if you had a dream about your real daughter (in any condition), then such a dream hints at you in relations with the daughter, which should be eliminated as soon as possible;
  6. Dream interpretation of the sorceress Medea. According to the dream book of the sorceress, your relationship with the princess in a dream can symbolize your real relationship in reality. But quite such dreams can symbolize the dream of the dreamer to be protected, the desire to find a patron in the face of a man;
  7. French dream book. According to the French dream book, the daughter is interpreted unequivocally — such a dream predicts success in undertakings, honor and increased well-being. And to marry in a dream at your own daughter (for the dreamer — men) means to embark on frivolous adventures that will make themselves known after many years at the most inopportune moment;
  8. Apostle Simon Canon. According to the Apostle’s dream book, the daughter in any situations and circumstances foreshadows only turmoil, troubles, cares, in some cases grief.

Why dream of a native daughter in a dream, interpreted by the dream books of Vanga and Miller

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