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Why dream of a scorpion: black, small, scorpion in a dream to a woman

A deadly insect with a sharp sting from the class of arachnids causes an unaccountable fear in reality and in a dream. Interpretation according to different sources basically contains warnings, but when figuring out what the scorpion dreams about, one can come across unusual interpretations.

Dream Interpretation: to see a scorpion in a dream

The dream of Gustav Miller Considers the scorpion as a symbol of treacherous friends. According to the famous author, such a dream calls for caution.

Why dream of a scorpion: black, small, scorpion in a dream to a woman

By Wanga’s dream book, if a scorpion is dreaming, this is a serious warning. You should pay attention to the behavior of the household, then it will be possible to avoid trouble.

A lot of scorpions — the personification of trouble. The more insects, the more difficult will be the approaching period.

By modern dream book scorpions in the house — a negative story. Ahead of the problem, probably one of the relatives will get sick.

Dream Aesop Explains in detail the aggression of the dreamed insects. When a scorpion dreams of biting someone else, in reality you will have to see a sad event.

Probably have to attend a funeral.

If an insect stings a sleeper, ahead is the betrayal of an imaginary friend.

When spiders and scorpions in a dream are a collection of an entomologist, this is a very good omen. All enemies will be neutralized.

According to Sigmund Freud the snake and the scorpion are bright phallic symbols. To see them in a dream is to subconsciously dream of a richer sex life, perhaps even with elements of cruelty.

The interpretation of sleep by the sight of a scorpion

When a scorpion is dreaming, the interpretation largely depends on the color of the dangerous insect.

Fateful change symbolizes the black Scorpio. One should beware of meeting with a mercenary ruthless person, and not trusting one’s own secrets to a new acquaintance.

White scorpion in a dream also calls for caution. On the horizon, an ally may appear, who will assist at this stage, but afterwards he must be expected to betray.

Dreamed green scorpio means that special attention will soon require financial sphere. No need to make risky investments or draw up dubious transactions.

Redhead scorpion warns of danger. Extreme entertainment should be avoided.

Non-aggressive yellow Scorpio is treated positively. Probably, the news will come about a sudden replenishment of the personal budget.

Why dream of a scorpion: black, small, scorpion in a dream to a woman

Positive symbol — gold scorpion in a dream. Fortune will turn its face, and thanks to a lucky coincidence, it will be possible to solve old problems.

If dreamed red scorpion, it is better not to take any active actions in the near future. Own emotions will have to take tight control.

For a correct interpretation, it is also important to consider the size of a scorpion.

Little ones scorpions — a symbol of troubles in the house due to the fact that the dreamer does not have time to pay close attention to relatives. It is necessary to inquire about the affairs of relatives, and if necessary help them.

In addition to threatening danger big scorpion has another original meaning. Soon to be dizzy passion.

Great if I dreamed running away Scorpio. Ahead of a successful period, increases the likelihood to get a job that will bring moral and material satisfaction.

An insect placed in an aquarium or can is a special sign for family and lovers. Soon there will be a rival.

Who dreamed of scorpion

For people born under the auspices of the zodiacal constellation Scorpio, a sleeping insect is a specific symbol. Have a fun weekend.

Scorpio a woman foreshadows the favor of a wealthy man, if the dreamer does not feel horror. Fear means that a lady is afraid to give vent to feelings.

Meeting a charming guy means scorpion for girls. However, the despotic character of the new acquaintance breaks behind the external complacency, and the dream calls for a closer look at the person before finally falling in love.

Plenty of libations should be avoided — this is what a scorpion dreams about. a man. Also, the dream warns that some buddies are not too sincere, and may soon deliver a cunning blow.

If a scorpion on a bed has dreamed of a man or a woman, you will experience vivid emotions from intimate contact. Passion will cover with head.

What dreams of a scorpion bite

Warning Symbol — Scorpion Bite in hand. A person from the inner circle may soon unpleasantly surprise you with an act that will harm the sleeper.

Scorpion bite in finger means that someone is spreading unseemly gossip behind their backs. The insinuations of detractors will not cause much harm, but they can spoil the mood.

Why dream of a scorpion: black, small, scorpion in a dream to a woman

Warning Sign — Scorpion Bite in leg. Ahead of financial difficulties.

When dreaming a scorpion, stung in the face, you must seriously deal with their own health. Chronic afflictions are likely to be activated, and there is also the risk of an acute illness.

Actions with a scorpion in a dream

In order to decipher the plot of sleep, which happened catch scorpions, you need to remember how the process goes. Trying to grab the insect with your hands is a warning that the planned business is too risky.

Use the net — a hint that in the implementation of projects it is desirable to contact friends for support.

Nayawa needs to think carefully about the consequences of his actions if he dreamed to step on on the scorpion.

The dreamer is in danger, and every imprudent step can lead to serious problems.

Crush scorpion means to use against their rivals their own methods. However, the victory in the fight will turn out to be bitter because of remorse for not being honest.

Excellent if dreamed to kill scorpion in a dream. All undertakings, even those that seem dangerous, will have a happy ending.

The unusual plot of a dream with tasting dishes from insects means communication with an unusual person. Relationships will make life more vibrant and rich.

After reading the opinions of various sources about what the scorpion dreams about, you can correct your actions, exercise caution and avoid confusion.

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