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Why dream of an elephant woman?

The elephant is a symbol of stability, support, reliability and protection. In the Hindu pantheon, there is a deity in the head of an elephant — Ganesh — who is worshiped and asked for protection, good luck in business and the removal of obstacles.

The symbol of the elephant has the opposite meaning — destruction. Raging elephants are dangerous, terrifying. Why dream of an elephant woman?

What does the interpretation of a dream with an elephant depend on? Consider the details.

Why dream of an elephant woman?

General interpretation

A dream elephant can signify many things in the life of a dreamer. The image of the giant symbolizes stability and sustainability in life, confidence in the future and the presence of life experience.

Meeting with an elephant foreshadows the help and support of influential individuals.

But also the image of an elephant speaks of the need to make an important decision, the responsibility imposed on the dreamer. Dream foreshadows and meeting with an experienced authoritative person, whose opinion should be heeded.

The plots of dreams with elephants can be different:

  • see a herd of elephants;
  • ride on the back;
  • feed the elephant;
  • see a baby elephant;
  • raging animals;
  • circus show;
  • see the trunk;
  • colored elephants;
  • elephant figurines.

Herd of animals foreshadows the growth of the welfare of the dreamer, friendly and collegiate support. If the herd looked threatening, you need to postpone the planned business until better times — do not take risks.

You still will not be able to successfully complete your plans due to the lack of support from colleagues and bosses.

Ride on the back of the animal — to promotion, career growth and successful projects. Also, the dreamer expects protection from influential people and understanding with colleagues.

Very good dream.

Travel by elephant — to luck in your career. Your opinion is considered authoritative, they listen to your words, others respect you.

In such circumstances, much can be achieved and increase wealth.

Feed the animal in a dream — to receive praise from high authorities or people who depend on the material situation of the dreamer.

Little baby elephant in a dream, predicts a lie in expectations of financial success. You will receive a significantly lower amount that you expected.

To see a trunk in a dream — to intimate relationships with a man.

The trunk is a phallic symbol foreshadowing a close relationship with a man for a dreamer.

Play with a little elephant — to a young lover, to see an adult animal — to a man of mature age.

To escape from the elephant — to the threat from the authorities. Dreamers expect stressful situations, which endure and willpower will help to survive.

Pregnant women the image of an elephant foreshadows the birth of a healthy and strong boy. Childbirth will take place safely.

Artificial elephant foreshadows the birth of a child, thanks to artificial insemination.

What else is dreaming toy elephant? The picture reminds the dreamer of the mistakes that should be made.

To give a toy elephant — to wish the very best to this person.

Why dream of an elephant woman?

Elephant color

what color was the animal in your dream? Interpretation of sleep will depend largely on this. You saw an elephant with:

  • white skin;
  • black hide;
  • pink skin.

White elephant promises a successful career, an increase in wealth. In addition, you have to replenish intellectual capabilities: broaden your horizons, learn new information.

Black elephant He predicts a loss of credibility and a stable situation in the life of the dreamer. This is possible only under one condition: the dreamer is tempted to go in a roundabout way in order to achieve profit and mercenary goals.

Pink Elephant — a symbol of harmonious relations with others, complete mutual understanding and making new contacts that are useful in all senses.

Circus elephant foreshadows a lot of pleasure and pleasant rest. In some cases, a trained animal can talk about the inner state of the dreamer — the desire to win success and become famous at any cost.

Various plots of a dream

Animals swimming in the pond warn not to commit rash acts and not to be frivolous.

See an elephant in your house — to well-being. However, it is necessary to come to terms with some limitations and inconveniences (an elephant in a room).

See an elephant in a cage — you are bound by certain restrictions that you have imposed on yourself. Do not be afraid of self-actualization in life, you have patrons.

Take a bold step into the future.

Animal with huge ears — for the successful completion of the case you have to learn a lot of new information.

Forward elephant in a dream, prophesies a huge number of cases that you have to cope alone. Do not count on the help of friends and relatives — it is not expected.

Why dream of an elephant woman?

What do famous dream books say?

Freight’s Dream Interpretation predicts a new acquaintance with a charming man. To be friends with an animal, to ride it — an unforgettable sexual sensation awaits you. If it is not a question of changing a partner, the elephant in a dream foreshadows a new page of the novel with a real partner.

An elephant can also warn about sexual harassment by an influential lord.

Dream Miller sees in this story the foreshadowing of wealth and glory for the dreamer. The life situation will develop in such a way that the previously inaccessible will become quite real and possible. To see a herd of animals — to incredible success.

A grazing animal predicts a stable cash income when working hard. A lonely elephant predicts a hard work that will bring a good reward.

Psychologist Loff Considers this image as a symbol of generic memory. The dreamer can find the answer to life’s questions in her ancestral memory. Also, this image in a dream can call for the realization of its potential.

You have enough strength to fulfill your dream. You just need to start to act and not be afraid.

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