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Why dream of being late for a plane?

Movement in a dream symbolizes the subconscious desire for change. Striving upward — the desire to reach the top, to overcome obstacles.

Why dream of being late for a plane? Psychologists say that this dream image reflects the internal unwillingness to change, adherence to the usual attitudes and way of life.

Let us consider in detail the symbolism of sleep.

Why dream of being late for a plane?

The image of an airplane in a dream

The plane is compared with the images of birds and freedom. Rise up — to strive for new heights in your life, to have a high dream and goal.

Respectively, being late for your plane — miss the chance to change life, reach your goal and realize your dream.

Psychologists also compare being late on an airliner with unrealistic goals., who set himself a dreamer, and offer to «return to the ground.» Dreams of the impossible reflect badly on the psyche as a whole, spending nervous energy into emptiness. Take off your rose-colored glasses and look at the world sensibly and critically — set achievable goals.

If you are not distinguished by activity and quickness, late dreams may indicate this quality of character — you need to change it.

Now consider the value of what was seen according to the reasons for being late:

  • summed up the clock;
  • unseen circumstances;
  • interference from outsiders;
  • intentional lateness.

Late due to prevailing circumstances and to be faced with the fact — you made mistakes in the organization of your business, did not take into account important points. The collapse of the case — a consequence of mistakes made by you.

Now we need to wait for changes, do nothing, the situation will improve in the right direction over time.

Deliberately delaying time to miss your flight — your psyche is overloaded with feelings and emotional shocks. Now is not the time to make responsible decisions, you need a rest.

Postpone the scheduled business until favorable times and take a vacation.

Late for flight due to hours — competitors will be faster and intercept your idea on the fly. Try not to advertise your intentions, do not share information and be always on the alert.

Men, this dream can warn of problems with potency.

If a you checked the time on the tower clock and missed the flight, Ahead expects a change in the usual way of life. Something unexpected will burst into your life and make fundamental changes.

Why dream of being late for a plane?

Plots in a dream

  • What other scenes can you dream about in your dream? See delay to the flight due to its own sluggishness — you often miss opportunities because of laziness or slowness.
  • Be late due to the intervention of another person — you spend time solving other people’s problems and pay little attention to yourself and your family. This will eventually bring family problems.
  • See how the airliner takes off — You missed the chance to change the fate or realize your dream. Late on a plane with a group of tourists — friends will help you in a difficult moment, they won’t leave you alone with problems.
  • You are late for the flight and frustrated business trip? This plot foreshadows troubles that will lead to monetary losses.
  • Being late due to traffic jams — Your career success is doomed to failure. Either competitors will interfere, or circumstances will develop unfavorably. Nervous in traffic on the road — get a reprimand from superiors for inefficient work.
  • Cry due to late flight — to the unpleasant period in life, which is to be experienced. If in a dream lateness brought joy, in real life, a person will extract a useful lesson from the circumstances that have developed unsuccessfully.
  • Late for a plane that crashes en route — auspicious sign. The dreamer in real life will avoid trouble, come out of the water dry. But next time, be prudent not to incur trouble.
  • Make a scandal because of lateness for the flight — there will be a conflict with relatives in real life. It can be quarrels with relatives, friends or spouse. Be mentally prepared for this event and try not to incite conflict.
  • You managed to reach the plane and hit the salon at the very last moment? In real life, you will be able to correct mistakes in advance and prevent trouble.
  • Did you remember that forgot important documents, returned for them and late for the flight? In real life, your mistake or bad deed will be documented. This may be revenge colleagues or envy rivals.
  • Missing a flight due to reason loss of own luggage — you will have to go through a series of failures that will result in financial losses.
  • If a you are deliberately delayed and impede your flight — in real life, wait for the machinations of competitors who will make every effort to blacken the reputation. To prevent the malicious actions of enemies, do not trust anyone with important information.

If your friends do not share the disappointment about being late for the flight, in reality you are surrounded by indifferent people. In a difficult moment, you will be left alone with your problems, and no one will lend a helping hand.

Keep this in mind.

Why dream of being late for a plane?

If on the eve of the flight you had a dream late for the flight, it’s sign to postpone the trip. The subconscious mind warns: either the flight will end in a catastrophe, or another accident awaits you.

Pass the tickets for this flight.

A failed flight in a dream may reflect your fear of making a serious decision. You are pulling time, you are afraid to take a step forward — the subconscious determines this state in the manner of a failed flight.

In order not to make a responsible decision, you constantly find reasons for justification.

Psychologists regard this dream as a reflection of emotional tension and mental overstrain. If a you are worried about your career, experiences will not help to move one step higher. Adequately assess the situation, calm down and develop a plan of action.

Otherwise, the accumulated stress can lead to prolonged depression.

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