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Why dream of collecting mushrooms on the dream book Vanga, Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

An exciting lesson — to collect mushrooms in the autumn. It helps to get rid of heavy thoughts, to distract and relax.

As if all the unsolved problems remained in the city, and in the forest they seem small and insignificant.

It turns out that it is possible to collect mushrooms not only during the day, but also at night in our dreams. Why dream of such a plot, whether it will bring the same positive emotions, ask the well-known authors of dream books.

Mushrooms are looking for — scouring the forest

The ancient interpreters of this occupation is personified with difficulty, with family life, health. More modern authors pay detailed attention to the types and condition of the mushrooms.

Poisonous and wormy — to a greater degree symbolize frustration, betrayal, deception and poor health.

What promises a night hobby for women

Walking in the woods with a close friend is a good sign. Your relationship will become more sincere.

If the young man is more than a friend, wait for the wedding and happy family life.

Why dream of collecting mushrooms on the dream book Vanga, Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

They found a toadstool in the bag — wait for big troubles in love affairs. Beloved man can betray or humiliate you.

If you are single, beware of random obsessive suitor who will try to lure you a large sum of money.

Walking around the forest alone with a basket is an unpleasant sign, this indicates that a woman is wasting herself, men do not take such a lady seriously and treat her frivolously.

They came to the forest, and only white legs are sticking around — this speaks of your excessive suspicion and alertness to your partners or subordinates. Fate can play a cruel joke with you.

Most likely, it is for this reason that you do not make a big deal or do not pass the project in time, thereby losing a large profit.

Borovikov scored a full shopping bag for the family — wait for the addition in the family and, as a result, expensive gifts from loved ones.

What causes the excitement of men in the forest

White mushrooms dreamed up — an excellent reason to prepare a big deal. Many financial benefits are expected, thanks to your work and the right business strategy.

But if you gather by the road — this is a clear call to stop the pursuit of money.

Thirst for excessive financial well-being can lead to poverty and ruin.

The boletus is bent or crooked in a dream, so it is worth paying attention to all the little things in money matters, otherwise there is a danger.

To search in a grove that which has not yet ripened indicates small difficulties and empty efforts.

Another person came across in search of the gifts of the forest — this is a signal that you need to be more active, quick in life and be able to solve your problems yourself, not relying on the help of others.

Go boletus look for someone’s trail and see that all the caps are cut off — means that you will witness the success and ups of your colleagues, your achievements will not be noticed and rewarded.

Why dream of collecting mushrooms on the dream book Vanga, Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

You eat, not knowing which mushrooms, sleep is a watchtower, it foreshadows a disease or severe dehydration.

Go to your old proven places for the forest harvest and see many beautiful hats — in real life you can safely trust your experience and intuition, they do not let you down.

If you cut mushrooms right in your garden — in reality you have a secret experience that torments you and gives you no peace, but you don’t want to share it with anyone.

If you walk for a long time in the forest and your occupation is weary, wait for a lot of small and unprofitable things.

Wolves — girlfriends friends

Mushroom species can tell a dreamer a lot:

  • big and beautiful white — for long life and good luck;
  • many whites — to financial profit;
  • morels promise excellent health or recovery from illness;
  • Russula — to success in solving protracted cases;
  • honey agarics — to sadness;
  • amanitas — a sign that you have gone astray;
  • champignons — a symbol of imitation of others’ tastes and preferences;
  • chanterelles — doubtful acquisitions;
  • waves — to a bountiful harvest in the garden, with a different interpretation — to the desire to save more money;
  • Kombucha — to mistrust and doubt.

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

This hobby is personified with a vicious and unhealthy desire for something forbidden. A dream where you are passionate about finding these forest dwellers is associated with the presence in your life of a lot of harmful habits, addictions and hobbies, possibly contrary to the law.

I dreamed of a glade with white and perfectly beautiful mushrooms — it promises financial gains or large dividends from a recent deal.

Collect them in the basket — an indicator for the correct investment of acquired capital.

But if after a hike you find toadstools, this means betrayal of your partners or close friends.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

You saw how you eat the just harvested crop — a good sign, promising longevity and good health. The process of collecting itself symbolizes hard work, which will definitely be rewarded.

Sigmund Freud

The mushroom personifies the activity of the masculine. Walking along the forest and casually collecting them means that there is absolutely no problem with sex life.

For a girl, such a dream confirms satisfaction with a partner or several partners.

The more food you have in the basket after the walk, the more real-life fans. Your activity and desire for male attention requires a new surge of emotion.

Why dream of collecting mushrooms on the dream book Vanga, Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Dreamed of mushroom pickers, walking on the meadow, — to your excessive interest in other people’s details of his personal life.

And look for a single big handsome man in the forest — get ready for a serious relationship and constancy.


Seen royal boletus in thick often foreshadows quick success and success in reality. In the clearing to see a lot of beautiful hats — they want to deceive you, a dream calls to be careful and rely only on your own strength in the future.

Worm-eaten aspen mushrooms, boletus boletus say about the dreamer soon.

David loff

Collect good edible gifts of the taiga in a dream — to pleasant surprises and surprises. False toadstools in a bag are a sign that you have approached an insincere and unreliable person.

Try to keep your plans and intentions secret.

Yuri Longo

White beauties dreamed — to success in the started business, you are on the right track and in the future expect high incomes. But the amanita seen — to the expectation of trouble.

But you shouldn’t get upset, you will successfully get out of this situation.

Poisonous toadstools intentionally pluck — it means to be hostile to people. And the collection at night — to unpleasant events in reality.

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