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Why dream of collecting needles on female and male dream books and interpretations of basic values

Sewing needles — a great value from ancient times. In the very ancient world, needles were a sign of the genus, an essential tool for survival, difficult because of difficult processing.

Bone needles are still highly valued among many nations.

In addition to the value of a valuable working tool, the usual sewing needle has a second important value — a secret danger. Needles in a dream can have a difficult meaning.

We will try to figure out what the needles in a dream mean by dream books and why needles dream exactly.

Why dream of collecting needles on female and male dream books and interpretations of basic values

Basic Values

  • Collect needles on the main value — about as free shopping. You will have a wonderful period of valuable and useful acquisitions that will cost you absolutely free or at an incredibly low price. You will be able to collect a decent condition and completely arrange your life, thanks to the acquired influence and weight in society. Your opinion will be highly appreciated for the sharpness and insight of the eye.
  • The second value, the hidden danger. In this case, collecting needles in a dream — this means to neutralize traps and shorten long tongues in real life. If you find needles in baking, in the food brought to you, collect needles stuck into the walls and furniture of the house, in the seats of chairs, tabletops, find hidden needles and feel the danger — you have enough enemies in reality. It is possible that the enemies and detractors enter your home under the guise of dear guests and friends at home, but the intentions of these people are not at all friendly.
  • If you find needles in a salad in a cafe, in a pie that your friend has treated, you feel a hidden malevolence. Hold your own language, do not chat with colleagues and imaginary friends. You can “throw needles” yourself by telling inaccurate information, confusing the time of appointments, the names and positions of business partners in a conversation, so that the interlocutor gets confused in inaccurate information.
  • If you had to collect needles in a dream, scattered in a haystack or in bags of cereals — this means painstaking, unpleasant, dangerous and ungrateful work, for which you will receive only ridicule. In this case, the value of the needle in a dream can be considered insignificant, it does not belong to you.

Why dream of collecting needles on female and male dream books and interpretations of basic values

Interpretations of authorities

A female dream book offers many useful interpretations of dreams with a needle, which is not surprising, because sewing was usually considered a woman’s prerogative, and women saw many dreams with a needle. In folk tales, the death of Koshchey lay in a hidden needle. Breaking the needle could destroy the power of the strongest sorcerer.

Collect scattered needles in women’s sleep means to seek the right solution. Despite the fact that the subject of search is small, the value of the found solution is difficult to overestimate.

  • Large needle, sad, darning, to collect large needles in a dream — you are carried away by obvious truths and with pleasure talk about all known facts, offering your opinion as the only true one. Slow down and shut up when you want to teach the minds and minds around again. Nobody listens to your loud teachings.
  • To lose a needle is to unrest, worries, secret fears.
  • If you are looking for needles with a magnet, especially if the magnet is suspended on a string, many envy your ingenuity. You may have to learn to look for more subtle quill.
  • Embroider, to find a needle for embroidery — to great luck.
  • Prick during searches or accidentally stumble upon to fall into another’s trap, become a target for gossip of evil tongues. If in a dream you understand that the consequences of the injection can be serious — the gossipers are poorly prepared and you can easily withstand stupid and rude rumors. If a thin needle goes deep into the finger and breaks — you have to endure treachery and deep disappointment.

Why dream of collecting needles on female and male dream books and interpretations of basic values

Men’s dream books

  • Dream Miller believes that to look for needles in a dream, to collect needles — to useless work with an insignificant result. To be upset about a lost or broken needle is an empty experience and excitement without a serious reason.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation believes that the needle can mean female sexuality. Searching for needles in a dream means finding yourself, discovering in yourself femininity, attractiveness for men, danger and sharpness. Freud’s dream book also assures that the needle in a dream is the pleasure of a woman for the suffering of a man in case of refusal.

Why dream of collecting needles on female and male dream books and interpretations of basic values


If you like to collect needles in a dream, you feel how your own strength and power increase with each needle found, you realize that you can redraw this whole world and sew it in a new way — the value of sleep is positive. A good sign is a dream, a warning about detractors.

It is not too late to confuse ill-wishers and win this round. If you have achieved a lot — do not expect that all of you will love and care for your well-being.

Most people will try to force you out of a convenient place to occupy it.

Try to understand the warning seriously and neutralize the traps in reality. The value of useless and dirty work should also be considered positive.

You do not like the situation and you will be able to change it.

Sleep shows that you do not need to strive for career advancement on a path that is not close to you. Do not become the main or senior collector of other people’s needles in someone else’s haystack, the world is full of more interesting activities.

In any case, a dream in which you had to collect needles is useful and has practical significance.

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