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Why dream of fresh flowers in bouquets?

Flowers — a symbol of beauty and fragrance. Flowers decorate our home; no ceremony and celebration can do without them.

Why dream of fresh flowers in bouquets? The interpretation of the dream depends on the accompanying details of the plot.

Consider in detail.

Why dream of fresh flowers in bouquets?

General interpretation

The value of interpretation depends on the type and quality of flowers. Beautiful fragrant flowers in a bouquet — always a good sign in a dream.

Withered or dried flowers are not considered to be so optimistic.

The nuances of interpretation also depend on your actions with colors and their features:

  • indoor flowers;
  • wildflowers;
  • plants from the garden / greenhouse;
  • buy a bouquet;
  • give a bouquet;
  • accept a bouquet as a gift.

A dream in which you were presented with a bouquet of flowers promises the fulfillment of a dream, unexpected joy and success. If in a dream you had a chance to give flowers to an opponent, soon your relationship will change for the better.

A young girl presented a bouquet spells a quick marriage.

Notice what kind of flowers you gave:

  • roses — to a romantic relationship;
  • daffodils and tulips — you will soon be judged according to merit;
  • carnations — your success is envied or admired.

Wildflowers in a dream will tell about the upcoming renewal of feelings with a partner. You will establish relationships, will gain mutual understanding.

A gentle romantic period in life awaits you, filled with beauty and admiration for each other.

If the field flowers were presented to the girl, soon she will be met with the second half and a period of harmonious relationship. Romance, tenderness, gullibility and happiness — this is what the bouquet of wild flowers prophesies.

Red poppy in a dream — to be enchanted by the new meeting.

Garden flowers promise new profits, success in conceived and well-being. Making a bouquet of flowers is an attempt to find like-minded people in your life.

Potted flowers and bouquets in a vase foreshadow family coziness, wealth, harmony of feelings and a quiet measured flow of life. To see the whole house in flowers — to harmony, joy and home success.

The best days for your family are coming.

Plant flowers in a flower bed, look after them, pick them off or water them — to complete success, well-being, joyful events.

Flying through the air flowers — a chance to get a good profit and improve financial situation.

Do not miss the opportunity to change!

Why dream of fresh flowers in bouquets?

Dream interpretation

Dream Miller believes that bright lush bouquets of flowers herald the receipt of an inheritance, and wilted flowers — a disease. A bouquet of wild flowers — to meet with a new sincere fan. Throw a bouquet — to parting with the annoying boyfriend.

Make flowers in a bouquet — to the recognition of the feelings. If the bouquet crumbled — the engagement will not take place.

Dream Vanga warns: prick with thorns from a rose from a bouquet foreshadows separation from the beloved. You have to endure treason and betrayal.

Flowers trampled on the floor warn about enemies who conceal important information from you.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova he interprets a dream with a bouquet unequivocally: to see flowers in a bouquet — to a new pleasant acquaintance, a presented bouquet of flowers — to strong stable relationships.

Muslim dream book interprets a dream with flowers as foreshadowing new opportunities for the realization of goals. See faded flowers — to treason and disappointment.

Sigmund Freud sees in the symbolism of colors the birth of new feelings and emotions.

Bouquets of flowers foreshadow the emergence of a new fan, the development of romantic relationships and the happiness of mutual love.

For girls, flowers in buds may foreshadow the loss of innocence. A large number of flowers can predict an unexpected separation from your beloved, a temporary leg.

Plant flowers, see flower bouquets, buy potted flowers — always a symbol of change for the better. To give and receive a bouquet is for joyful events and happiness.

Tear flowers — to new acquaintances.

Weave wreaths of flowers — to inspiration and creative approach to the situation. However, be on the lookout if the flowers in the bouquet have an unsightly appearance or are completely dried up — this is a warning about future adversity or misfortunes, which can be prevented in advance by your correct actions.

The symbolism of colors is always unequivocal: the interpretation of a dream depends largely on your perception of the plot and actions with colors. Only artificial flowers do not bode well.

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